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Late Results-Nov. 6

The Chronicle Of The Horse/USEA Eastern Adult Team Challenge & Virginia Horse Trials
Lexington, Va., Oct. 30-Nov. 1



The Chronicle Of The Horse/USEA Eastern Adult Team Challenge & Virginia Horse Trials
Lexington, Va., Oct. 30-Nov. 1

Adult team challenge winners included: preliminary—CDCTA Ladies In Red (Sandy McCormack/Aphrodite, Ann Baumgardner/ Mick Dreamy, Yvonne Lucas/Dakota, Gigi Carter/Inka Dinka Doo, 116.2); training—New England 4Mation (Annika Lipsky/ Karoo, Barbara Fitch/Irish Heartbeat, Diane Thompson/Back In Boston Again, Suzanne Lavoie/Heaven In My Hat, 107.5); novice—Magic Beans (Lisa Burnett/Winston, Pat Martin/Dashing Jeeves, Raymond Venoski/ Back Street Girl, Heidi Brueckner/ Inquisitive, 106.4). James Madison Univers-ity (Mazetto/Ashley Kehoe, Sirrahsta/Tyler Frey, Longfield Dougal/Samantha Reinbold, Ride The Trend/Anna Temple, 111.1) won the college team challenge. Other winners included: open intermediate—Russian Roulette II (Sharon White, 32.4); intermediate rider—Winning Facts (Laura Vello, 41.4); young rider intermediate—Wil’ya Love Me (Courtney Sendak, 44.3); open preliminary—Happy Valley (Douglas Payne, 33.0); preliminary championship—Com-balache (Paige Garson, 27.4); preliminary rider—Vitesse (Hillary Irwin, 44.7); junior/young rider preliminary—Pop Star (Lizzie Snow, 31.6); preliminary horse—Likolina (Wendy Masemer, 40.3); ATC preliminary—Inka Dinka Doo (Carter, 38.6); ATC training—Back In Boston Again (Thompson, 29.5); open training—Caesar (Ryan Wood, 27.5); junior training—Miford (Olivia Hurt, 29.5); divisions of training horse—Fanciful Miss (Vello, 31.5) & Fern-hill Frolic (Payne, 35.5); senior training rider—Eragow (Mary Clare, 27.0); divisions of ATC novice—Newtown Pippin (Kiki Osborne, 31.5) & Inquisitive (Brueckner, 32.0); open novice—Uno (Catherine Hanagan, 29.5); junior novice rider—On Center Stage (Ashley Beale, 28.5); divisions of novice horse—Kaiko Jana (Vello, 30.5) & Kind Of Blue (Karl Rohrer, 31.0); senior novice rider—Koublet (Sabine Desper, 35.5); senior beginner novice rider—Gogo (Courtney Pine, 37.5); junior beginner novice rider—Bantry Bays Devon (Katie Wohl, 27.5); divisions of beginner novice horse—Denver’s DaVinci (Laura Crump, 35.5) & Maren (Justine Dutton, 32.5).

Galway Downs International Three-Day Event & Horse Trials

Temecula, Calif., Oct. 29-Nov. 1

Corner Street (Kristi Nunnink, 54.7) won the CCI** over Bubbles At Bricky (Tamra Smith, 55.5) & Mar De Amor (Leigh Mesher, 57.2). Clark Kent (Tamra Smith, 54.7) won the CCI* without steeplechase over True Avenue (Karen O’Neal, 57.2). Landioso (Mackenna Shea, 40.0) won the CCI* with steeplechase over Sound Prospect (Tessa Beckett, 56.5). Other winners include: open intermediate—Gin & Juice (Hawley Bennett-Awad, 33.5); open preliminary—Bee Hive (Kelly Prather, 32.5); preliminary rider—Texaco Dillon (Gay Osborn, 33.8); junior training rider—Kaptain Jak (Gab-riella Schlesinger-James, 37.9); open training—Roxabelle (Erin Kellerhouse, 31.1); senior training rider—Candy (Paul Swart, 39.0); training horse—High Times (Jennifer McFall, 32.1); junior novice rider—Camberley Z (Natalie Kuhny, 30.5); novice horse—Artesian (Robyn Fisher, 29.5); open novice—Elliott Of Leeds (Frederic Bouland, 30.0); amateur novice—Miss Tattletail (Elizabeth Miller, 29.5); senior novice rider—Wave Edition (Kim Spero, 39.0); divisions of training three-day event—Isengart (Fiona Graham, 30.1) & Patronus (Gina Miles, 29.5).

Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament & National Horse Show
Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 28-Nov. 1
Trade Winds Farm’s Obelix (Darragh Kenny, 0-0/36.24) won the $100,000 Budweiser CSI-W over Hillary Dobbs’ Quincy B (Dobbs, 0-0/36.45) & Candy Tribble’s Vegas (Christine McCrea, 0-0/37.50). Zazou Hoffman won the ASPCA Maclay Championship over Chase Boggio & Morgan Hale. Hunter champions included: regular conformation and green conformation—Francesca (Pony Lane Farm); green—Kid Rock (Bright Star 158 LLC); regular working—Rock Star (Bright Star 158 LLC); small junior, 15 & under—Safari (Caitlin Ziegler & Artisan Farms); large junior, 15 & under—North Country (Blantyre Farm LLC); small junior, 16-17—Red Panda (John Ingram); large junior, 16-17—Vida Blue (Elm Rock LLC); amateur-owner,18-35—Nijinski (Darby Toben); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Invincible (Ellen Toon).


Brownland Farm Autumn Challenge
Franklin, Tenn., Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Agneta Currey’s Cenzo (Christian Currey,0-0/38.45) won the $25,000 Franklin Country Grand Prix over David Jennings’ Marcus Aurelius (Jennings, 0-0/39.00). Hunter champions included: green conformation—Charmed (Amanda Holstein); first year green—Formality (Sandy Gregory); low amateur-owner—Four Iron (Sarah Ingram); junior—Rio (Rebecca Hunter); medium pony—Champlain Charade (Katie Ramsey); large pony—Kiss For Luck (Kaitlyn Alsup); adult amateur, 18-35—Country Fair (Joan Violin); adult amateur, 36-49—Overseas (Mindy Wurzburg); adult amateur, 50 & over—Took One Look (Marianne Murphy); children’s, 14 & under—San Diego (Kimberden Inc.); children’s, 15-17—Quaker Vale (Rosina Hey-wood); children’s pony—Elite Honeybee (Christian Currey). Jumper champions included: children’s—Lannegan (Lara Van Der Heiden); adult amateur (tie)—Colonia (William Woods University) & Get In Line (William Woods University); low junior/ amateur-owner—Cassini’s Pleasure Ride (Ketcham Farm At Cream Ridge LLC); high junior/amateur-owner—Lucy Lectric III (Oxford Holding Co. LLC).

Sacramento International Welcome Week

Rancho Murieta, Calif., Oct. 27-Nov. 1
Jumper champions included: children’s—Gobi Good (Christine Atkinson); adult amateur—Kalifornia Dreamin (Grace Kam-phefner); low children’s/adult amateur—Sotnia (Isabelle Nolden); low junior/amateur-owner—Toetsie (Peggy Munk-dale); high junior/amateur-owner—Car-thageno (Jan Humphrey). Hunter champions included: regular working—Quite Simply (Kiki Van Acker); junior—Luciano (Haley Webster); amateur-owner—Double Eagle (Sue Sadlier); adult amateur—Winter (Avery Hellman); children’s—Ramsey (Bay Rose LLC); green—Woodstock (Hellman).

Dallas Harvest
Tyler, Texas, Oct. 28-Nov. 1
MTM Farm’s MTM Centano (Tracy Fenney) won the opening $25,000 Grand Prix of Dallas over Martien Van Der Hoeven’s South Bound (Van Der Hoeven).Shannon Reid’s Curtain Call (Courtney Calcagnini) won the $10,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby over Top Line Sporthorse International Inc’s Clooney (Fenney) and Eva Bisso’s Westview (Peter Pletcher). Hunter champions included: regular working—Celano (Cassandra Shipp); green—Dubari (Gayle Cox); green conformation—Castlewellan (Susan Bradley); amateur-owner—Dress Up (Patrick Rodes); low amateur-owner—Fun One (Emily Woodall); small junior—Holiday (Laura Beckworth); large junior, 15 & under—Neander (Jackie Watkins); large junior, 16-17—Primetime (Shadyside Farm); small pony—Pashmina (Jordan Coyle); medium pony—Woodland’s Blue Haze (Jackson Brittan); large pony—Siddhartha (Maggie DiVecchia); adult amateur, 18-35—All In (Lazzari Carly); adult amateur, 36-49—After All (Lori Mathews); adult amateur, 50 & over—Rasputin (Merrilee Braley); children’s, 14 & under—Unicon (Jamie Richardson); children’s, 15-17—Cognac (Blain Lewis); children’s pony—Crystal Acres Chocolatier (Silver Oak Farms LLC). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—St. Regis (Alexandra Lindley); high children’s/adult—Nikita (Shannon Garding); low junior/amateur-owner—Sweetness (Jan Beavers); pony—Skys The Limit (Kayla Briel).

Pennsylvania Hunt Cup
Unionville, Pa., Nov. 1
Magalen O. Bryant’s Erin Go Bragh (Paddy Young) won the $35,000 Pennsylvania Hunt Cup timber stakes. Other winners included: amateur highweight timber—Mary Flem-ing Finlay’s Dr. Ramsey (Diana Gillam); allowance timber—Arcadia Stable’s Delta Park (K. Fritz Boniface); training flat—Calvin Houghland’s Pierrot Lunaire (Brittany Trimble).




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