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UPDATED: Land Rover Kentucky CCI5*-L Withdrawals



The draw order has been set, and the countdown is on to the Land Rover Kentucky CCI5*-L,  with the first horse set to jog for inspection on Wednesday, April 24, in Lexington, Kentucky.

We’ll update this page with withdrawals as they happen.

Boyd Martin and Long Island T and Ray Price

Martin withdrew both horses on April 22. He will still ride Tsetserleg.

“Ray Price ended up feeling a little bit too green for this year’s Kentucky, and I’ll aim him for Bromont [CCI4*-L,]” said Martin. “[Long Island T] hyper-extended a front leg during his final cross-country schooling and is just a tiny bit off. Unfortunately not enough time to get him perfect and not really worth the risk in running him. He needs just a couple of weeks rest, and we’ll be back at it and will aim him for another big one in the near future.”

Buck Davidson and Carlevo

Davidson had four horses entered, but is only allowed to ride three, so he chose to withdraw Carlevo.

“It’s Kentucky time and I’m in a very fortunate position to have 4 horses fit, sound and entered at KY,” wrote Davidson on his Facebook page. “I have chosen to ride Park Trader, Jak My Style and Copper Beech. Carlevo was intended to go to Luhmuhlen [Germany] in mid-June but due to the owners’ unbelievably smart children they have been excepted to an Ivy league schools summer program, (There are only 15 ) which starts during the German 5*. Therefore they would not be able to attend. The fun is all of us being together. I did not feel it was fair to Carlevo to get bumped up 6 weeks to run at Ky. We are in the process of figuring out what works for Carlevo first and foremost and also his owners. He will run at [Jersey Fresh] as originally planned.”

Lynn Symansky and Under Suspection

Lynn Symansky announced she was withdrawing Under Suspection on her Facebook page on April 20.


“While ‘Pippy’ is sound and fit and ready to go, she unfortunately developed a large fluid filled pocket directly under her girth area, preventing Lynn from being able to comfortably secure a saddle onto her,” Symansky wrote. “Pippy’s welfare is paramount, and running Kentucky without a saddle is not the most viable backup option.”

Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo

Kieffer withdrew the gelding on April 19. She will still ride Vermiculus and Paramount Importance. Kieffer said her plan was always to ride two horses, so “Patrick” will go to the Mars Incorporated Bromont CCI4*-L (Canada) in June.

“A lot of time fate decides that for you, but luckily I got to pick which ones will go to Kentucky, so Patrick drew the short straw,” she said.

Clayton Fredericks and FE Ophelia

Fredericks and FE Ophelia withdrew on April 18 after the mare was injured.

“She’ll be fine; she just got an injury that’s going to stop her from going to Kentucky, unfortunately,” said Fredericks. “I’m disappointed, but it’s the way it is I’m afraid.”

Allie Knowles and Sound Prospect

Knowles withdrew Sound Prospect on April 18. She explained that she and “Sounder” haven’t had an ideal preparation this spring—she haven’t completed an advanced-level event with the 17-year-old Thoroughbred since March of 2018—so she’ll be looking towards another big goal later in the year.

“We’ve done a lot together, and I know him better than anybody, and I just don’t feel like it’s right this year, so we’re going to reroute and do something different and see where it goes,” she said. “He’s a bit older now, but he’s completely sound and uninjured. We don’t have forever left together, so I want to make it count when I feel like it’s going to be successful. I was honest with myself, and it just didn’t feel like it was the right set-up this year.”


Ryan Wood and Woodstock Bennett

Emily Beshear and Silver Night Lady

Beshear posted on her Facebook page that “Silvy” has incurred a minor injury.

“This sport is filled with highs and lows, and we are sad to share that Silvy has sustained a minor injury that will keep us from the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park this year. It was a hard decision, but these horses give us 110% every day, and we put their health and safety first. We are looking forward to the next event and may still be there to support on Friday or Saturday! Huge thank you to our family, friends, and sponsors that support us. This would not be possible without you!”

Caroline Martin and The Apprentice

The Apprentice was recently sold to Argentinian rider Javier Rawson as he seeks to compete at the Pan American Games (Peru) in July.

Frankie Thieriot Stutes and Chatwin

Stutes posted on her Facebook page on April 15 that Chatwin had incurred an injury at his last outing, the advanced combined test at Twin Rivers (California).

“Our final prep for Kentucky seemed to be going great this weekend at Twin after slipping at Galway, and I felt confident that with the help of Erik [Duvander], [Tamie Smith] and everyone who so strongly stands in our corner our mental game was back on track to have a strong showing in the Blue Grass State. Unfortunately, Chat raised his hand in time before we boarded our flight tomorrow, and it became clear he had sustained an injury that will keep us from going.”




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