Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023

A Jog Like No Other: Roller Skates, Blow-Up Unicorns And No Pants



Ah, jog day of a three-day event, when riders get the opportunity to show off their inner fashionistas rather than the standard uniform of breeches and boots. But with all of the spring five-star events canceled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been missing out on watching immaculately prepared horses, paired with their spiffed-up humans, trot down jog lanes.

But today eventing fans got to enjoy a little bit of the fun they’re missing out on thanks to the 2020 NAF International 5* Event, a virtual fundraising event put on by Rachel Wakefield. Riders from 11 countries donned their most creative jog outfits for the first portion of the five-day event that’s being livestreamed May 6-10 on, and no one’s going to want to return to a standard jog attire again.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite outfits from the festivities.



First down the jog strip? A pair of unicorns. We’re told it’s Australia’s Warren Lamperd with the unflappable Silvia. (Seriously, this mare trotted down the strip like it’s normal to be led by a floppy unicorn.) Photos Courtesy Of Virtual Eventing


A man who roller skates down the jog strip is a brave man indeed. Tom Rowland presented Very Good Tempo.


It’s only natural that Joe Exotic (Meg Kepferle) came out to represent the United States with trusty horse Anakin.


William Fox-Pitt’s nurse outfit was unique to say the least, but 20-year-old Cool Mountain is also looking stellar.


“…. and the home of the brave!” Wait, were we not supposed to be singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” when Boyd Martin presented Tsetserleg?


“No pants? No problem,” was apparently the motto of Sebastien Cavaillon, who is riding Sarah d’Argouges. Let’s be honest, how many of us have put on pants in the past month anyway?


Ireland’s Joseph Murphy is hoping his leprechaun outfit will bring him the luck of the Irish. He’ll be riding Cesar V.


Sumo wrestler Katie Preston presented Templar Justice to the ground jury.


It’s hard to say who’s having a better time, Gemma Tattersall or Quicklook V. Though Tattersall’s second unicorn also looks like a cheerful fellow.


Superwoman Katherine Coleman seems to have found a patriotic unicorn in Global Ex.

Dressage takes place Thursday and Friday with pre-recorded tests, and cross-country and show jumping will include a series of unmounted challenges.

Riders are raising money for various healthcare-related charities. You can donate here:

For those interested in seeing the full jog:




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