January Means Cross Training And DerbyCross

Jan 12, 2012 - 7:11 AM
West Coast show jumper Lane Clarke visited True Prospect Farm to help Jennie Brannigan and her students in the off season.

Well, things are starting to heat up here at True Prospect Farm, as we’re getting ready to head down to Aiken. 

I was lucky to have a clinic recently with show jumper Lane Clarke, who flew out to help me and all of my amazing students last weekend as a good kick-off to the 2012 season. We were all impressed with the level of enthusiasm and attention to detail that Lane had when coaching all of us, and he helped me on all my horses, from a 4-year-old up to my advanced horses.

It’s amazing to me how much you can get out of a clinician when they’re truly dedicated to helping you. I’ve always said that it really pays to seek the help of someone who truly wants to help you improve, more than just going with someone because they’re a big name.

I’m looking forward to flying Lane out on a consistent basis to help my students and me. I think we can really learn a lot from the attention to detail show jumpers have—how even the smallest unwanted move or action can really affect a horse’s jump. Lane also really helped me with my flying lead changes, especially on Indie. I’ve been really been working on his method, and it seems to be paying off!

On a sadder note, the past couple weeks were was painful for our entire barn after the loss of Lee Lee Jones’ Model Cadet. I can say without a doubt that Lee Lee is one of the most appreciative, sweethearted kids I’ve been around, and she’s become a good friend of mine since I have been at TPF… She’s a little sister to me.

Losing a horse that’s so close to your heart is a very difficult and painful thing for anyone to go through, but at 17 it’s even harder, and my heart breaks for her. But like everyone at TFP, she’s strong and talented, and I know she will be back on top soon. 

Back to happier things—I’m really looking forward to PRO DerbyCross coming up in Wellington, Fla., which takes place on Jan. 20 in WEF’s main grand prix arena. I’m thrilled to be on a team with my boss man P. “Dutty” Dutton, Boyd “Marto” Martin, show jumper Jeffery Welles and polo player Nic Roldan.

From what I hear, Jeffery is an amazing rider, and Nic Roldan is not only an 8-goal polo player but also a model. So… yeah… I’m just sayin’, that’s pretty cool! I’ll be riding Nina Gardner’s bareback high jumping champion No Objection, who after his recent tune up with Lane should be in top form! 

So come on out and support PRO and the watch some of the best event riders, show jumpers and polo players in our country compete against each other in a race against the clock to win glory and fame! Check out the website at derbycross.com and come watch and cheer us all on! 


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