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Janne Rumbough Wins Draper Equine Therapy Sponsored Class

Janne Rumbough Wins Draper Equine Therapy Sponsored Class at Gold Coast Fall Fling 2009 Show



Janne Rumbough Wins Draper Equine Therapy Sponsored Class at Gold Coast Fall Fling 2009 Show

West Palm Beach, FL (November 10, 2009) – Janne Rumbough and her P.R.E. gelding JR won the Fourth Level Test 1 class at the Gold Coast Fall Fling 2009, the Gold Coast Dressage Association’s kickoff show at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center. Draper Equine Therapy, makers of therapeutic horse and rider products featuring the innovative “smart fiber” textile Celliant™/Holofiber®, sponsored Rumbough’s class held at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

“My ride was wonderful and my horse was wonderful and I am so excited that Draper sponsored it,” Rumbough said, adding that she was thrilled with the saddle pad she won from Draper. “From now on I will be riding JR at Fourth level, and hopefully higher.”

Rumbough rides with trainer Jon Brons and is often found in the winner’s circle on the Adult Amateur dressage circuit. Rumbough shows her 7-year-old. 17-hand, dappled grey JR out of her MTICA Farm in Wellington. JR is a Pura Raza Espanola, or P.R.E., which are Pure Spanish Horses that have been linked to the culture of Andalusia for thousands of years.


“We’re excited to be a sponsor of this class and offer Janne our congratulations,” said Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager of Draper Equine Therapy. “It’s wonderful that the Gold Coast Dressage Association kicked off their winter dressage season. South Florida is the place to be during the winter months, and Draper is thrilled to be supporting the amazing talents that attend the shows.”

Draper Equine Therapy produces products for horses including saddle pads, indoor and outdoor blankets, bandages and wraps. Products for riders include T-shirts, socks, blankets, joint support sleeves/wraps, and back belts. In addition, they offer a line of home therapy and spa products including bedding, eye pillows, shoulder wraps and blankets.

“Draper products are made of Celliant™/Holofiber® which is a polyester based fiber that contains a blend of microscopic optically responsive particles. Holofiber/Celliant has been clinically proven in three double blind studies to help reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance overall body temperature,” Wojtylak said. “These inorganic natural minerals work with the energy released from the body and are designed to recycle this energy back to the body to improve health and overall well being of the wearer.”

Draper products increase oxygenation which has been known to reduce swelling and fatigue, increase strength and build endurance, as well as aid in healing and faster recovery from physical exertion. Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to make it more efficient and can be used continually. For more information on Draper Equine Therapy, visit their website at




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