Saturday, Jun. 3, 2023

As It Happens: 2016 Rolex Kentucky Cross-Country

Rolex Kentucky cross-country begins at 10:00 a.m. this morning. Follow along with our live commentary here all day! 

Check out scores and ride times, or read all of the Chronicle's Rolex coverage



Rolex Kentucky cross-country begins at 10:00 a.m. this morning. Follow along with our live commentary here all day! 

Check out scores and ride times, or read all of the Chronicle’s Rolex coverage

2:54 p.m. Be sure to check back at for full reports from the day, plenty of photos and quotes from the riders!

2:52 p.m: Allison has brought Arthur home with that stop and plenty of time. 

So with that result for Allison, Michael Jung will of course be first, and then Phillip Dutton will hold both second (Fernhill Fugitive) and third place (Mighty Nice). 

2:50 p.m. Arthur and Allison get a glance off at the C of the coffin at 24. What a bummer for her! 

Karen O’Connor on the livestream just said, “Arthur, it’s not your first ditch!”

2:49 p.m. Allison and Arthur clear the angled hutches. Arthur appears to be going well for her, though they’re a bit slow at the moment. 

2:47 p.m. Dutton and Happy are over the last, and they’re done! They’ll have a bit of time, about 10 seconds, but a super round for them. That’s three clears for Phillip today over this track. 

2:46 p.m. Arthur looks good through the angled brushes. Mighty Nice is thorugh the final water complex, and they’re galloping for home now. The horse is still galloping well. 

2:45 p.m. Arthur and Allison clear the HOTL with ease. Phillip is at 9 minutes on his course, and he’s just a little bit behind the time. 

2:44 p.m. Allison and Arthur through the second water complex. She’s riding very strongly! Phillip and Happy are over the giant tree and then the water complex at 19ab with no issues. 

Arthur hesitates at the ditch-and-brush there, but she gets him over. 

2:42 p.m. Just the two last ones out on course now. PHillip’s through the angled brushes. Allison is over the first water complex. 

2:41 p.m. Allison Springer is in the box. She’s our last of the day to start AND she’s in second place right now. Meantime PD and Mighty Nice easily through the HOTL. 

2:40 p.m. Boyd is over the last! He’s just about 10 seconds off the time. 

2:39 p.m. Phillip and Mighty Nice have cleared the first water. Boyd is so close to home on the back part of the course… We just have Allison and Arthur left to start. 

2:36 p.m. Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice will head out on course next, and they’re over the first couple of fences. 

Boyd’s clear the coffin. 

2:34 p.m. Jessica Phoenix has withdrawn Pavarotti, meaning there are just two pairs left to start here. Jessie didn’t run any of her three horses on cross-country today. 

Boyd and Blackfoot Mystery still cooking along; the horse is looking strong, though he’s a few seconds behind right now. 

2:32 p.m. There are just three pairs left to start, including Allison Springer, who’s in second after dressage with Arthur. 

Buck’s home with Sean, and that’s a super clear with just time for that horse’s first four-star. 

2:31 p.m. So far Boyd having a great trip with his third horse of the day, and they’re through the first two waters. 

Buck and Sean are very nearly home. 

2:30 p.m. Boyd’s cleared the first several with Blackfoot Mystery. Buck still clear, but he’s going to pick maybe as much as a minute of time. They’re over the coffin at 24abc. 

2:28 p.m. Buck and Sean have a harried jump over the Hollow, but they stay clear there as Buck makes a last-minute smart decision to jump the right brush instead of the left. 

Toddy gets his horse home still looking fresh. They’re about 30 seconds slow but a super round. You would expect nothing else from Mark Todd. 

2:27 p.m. Buck and Sean clear the angled brushes, and they press on. Mark Todd’s horse still galloping pretty well as they clear the coffin and head away. 

Ryan and McLovin finishing with 20 time penalties. 

2:25 p.m. Ryan Wood is home! He has some time, but that was another clear jumping trip for him. 

Boyd Martin is next to leave the box on Blackfoot Mystery. 

2:23 p.m. Ryan Wood is still clear, and he’s through the very last water. Mark Todd has cleared the Hollow. 

Buck and Sean are having a nice go as they head towards the HOTL 

2:20 p.m. Buck Davidson is next to leave on Copper Beech, this horse’s first four-star. He’ll have a plenty experienced pilot in Buck. 

Mark Todd is through the HOTL easily. Buck and “Sean” are over the first three. 

2:19 p.m. Toddy gets a rough ride over the big brush at 5, but he gets it down. The first water rides perfectly for him. 

Ryan Wood is clear the Hollow. 

2:17 p.m. Ryan has cleared the HOTL and the angled brushes at 14. Toddy is over the first three. It is just dumping rain now. 

2:15 p.m. Eventing legend Mark Todd’s about to head out on NZB Campino. Could he deliver the first double-clear trip?

2:13 p.m. Ryan Wood is out of the box with McLovin now. They’re over the first three easily. 

We just have about seven left to start after him. 

2:12 p.m. Lauren finishes! That’s a jumping clear for her, her second of the day, but she’s picked up about 17 seconds of time penalties there. 

2:10 p.m Veronica through the coffin clear, but she’s about 20 seconds slow right now. 

She’s the only one out there right now. 

2:08 p.m. Lauren Kieffer and Veronica through the fourth water with a giant jump in. It looks like Tim Bourke is finished, but we don’t know his time yet. 

It HAD stopped raining, but now it’s pouring again. 

Next out of the box will be Ryan Wood on McLovin at 2:12. Emily Beshear and Shame on the Moon withdrew before cross-country. 

2:06 p.m. Veronica going super for Lauren through the HOTL and the angled brushes. Meanwhile Tim Bourke and Obie easily through the coffin. This horse looks like he still has plenty of running left. 

Tiana and “Finn” have picked up a stop at the first element of the first water. It looks like she’s going to retire there. 

2:04 p.m. Tim Bourke gets a little deep to that corner out of the fourth water, but they get it done. 

Next out of the box is Tiana Coudray with Ringwood Magister. 

Anthony Patch and Laine are home! She’s giving him tons of pats. 

2:02 p.m. Lauren’s over the first few fences with Veronica. Bobby Meyerhoff has cleared the last fence, and he will have some time, but he’s had a really solid round! 

Tim and Obie are clear the angled brushes at 14. Lauren Kieffer and Veronica are through the first water with a really bold trip. 

2:00 p.m. Bobby clears the coffin. He’s having a nice time around today though he will have some time penalties. Laine and Al are clear at the Hollow. 

Tim Bourke’s mount has his ears forward, and he’s running strongly forward. 

1:58 p.m. Laine clears the HOTL and the angled brushes at 14. We can see Lauren Kieffer and Veronica getting ready to start. 

1:57 p.m. Luckaun Quality and Tim Bourke will leave the start next for Ireland. Horse looks very strong as he leaves the start. 

Barb Crabo is HOME! That’s a clear for her except for the 11 for breaking the pin and some time. 

1:55 p.m. Anthony Patch clear the first two waters. 

1:54 p.m. Laine and “Al” have cleared the first several. Barb Crabo drops the frangible pin on the A element of the coffin at 24. We’ll see if those 11 penalties will stay on her score. 

1:52 p.m. Next up is Laine Ashker on her very popular OTTB Anthony Patch. 

Allie Knowles finishes clear with just a little time. Meanwhile Bobby Meyerhoff has a nice ride through the HOTL. 

1:49 p.m. Bobby Meyerhoff and Dunlavin’s Token have left the box. He’s over the first three fences. 

Barb Crabo’s clear over the angled brushes. Allie and her mount easily clear the coffin at 24abc. Bobby jumps the second water easily with Dunlavin’s Token. 

1:47 p.m. Barb Crabo is through the first two waters. She’s really looking for a completion here this year with her longtime partner. 

Allie still having a great trip towards the end. 

Sinead is clear the last complex. Tate is REALLY looking tired, but they’re headed to the last! She’s home about 20 seconds over. 

1:46 p.m. Allie Knowles clear the HOTL easily and then the double of angled brushes. Sinead and Tate out over the coffin. Tate’s looking a bit tired at this point. 

1:45 p.m. We have just about an hour left of cross-country action now. 

Sinead and Tate clear the giant tree at 18, and then the water complex at 19ab. Now out of box is Eveready and Barb Crabo. 

1:43 p.m. Allie Knowles and her mount through the first water. She’s really galloping at this start. 

Sinead is on her time at minute 6. 

1:42 p.m. Sinead and Tate have a great trip through the HOTL, and they’re away from there. 

Ah bummer! Kim gets a glance off the last part of the coffin at 24c. She’s retiring there. 

1:39 p.m. Liz Halliday-Sharp is through the coffin at 24abc. Kim is clear the Hollow. 

Sinead and Tate easily over the second water complex. 

Next out of the box is Alllie Knowles on Sound Prospect. Kim is still on her time at minute 7. Can SHE make the time today? So far no one has!

1:38 p.m. Tate is well over the first 3. Sparks is clear the HOTL and now the angled brushes at 16. 

Tate’s really going forward here in the beginning. Can she be the first to make the time today?

1:37 p.m. HHS Cooley going along well, and they clear the giant tree at 18 and the water at 19ab. Hannah Sue is over home with about 30 seconds of time! 

Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville are next out of the start box. 

1:35 p.m. Harbour Pilot is galloping really great torwards the coffin, and he skips through that. She’s carrying those 11 frangible pin penalties for now, but those could still be removed. 

Blyth Tait did pick up 20 penalties at the Curved Brushes, but they’re nearly home now. 

Kim Severson is over the first water with “Sparky.”

1:33 p.m. Hannah and Harbour Pilot through the Normany Bank question, and they’re at about 8:45 right now with the horse still looking strong. 

1:31 p.m. Hannah and Harbour Pilot make the Hollow look like an equitation round. She’s getting a great shot at everything so far. 


Next out of the box is Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless. 

1:28 p.m. Hannah Sue gets a steep jump over the table before the HOTL, but they make it over that and through the HOTL just fine. 

Liz Halliday-Sharp is over the first several on her big grey horse. 

1:26 p.m. Hannah Sue’s Harbour Pilot drops the back rail of the frangible oxer at 3. Not sure yet if those 11 penalties will stay with her score. 

They’re clear the first two waters now though. 

Next on course is HHS Cooley with Liz Halliday-Sharp. 

1:23 p.m. Matt Brown is home with a jumping clear and some time! You know he has to be happy with that as his horse’s first four-star effort. 

1:21 p.m. Daniela clear the double of angled brushes. Blyth having a good rider over the first several. Matt Brown clear the coffin at 24abc. 

Next out is going to be Hannah Sue Burnett with Harbour Pilot. Matt is through the final water, and he’s heading for the last few looking like he still has some horse left. 

1:19 p.m. Mexico’s Daniela Moguel is on course now with Cecilia, and they’re clear the first two water complexes.

New Zealand’s Blyth Tait is heading out next on Xanthus III. Blyth of course a veteran rider with many championships and medals under his belt.

Matt Brown still getting a nice trip around the track. Sally Cousins is home with Tsunami! 

1:17 p.m. Lisa Marie is home with time and that one stop but otherwise clear. Matt Brown is clear the HOTL. Tsunami still galloping easily as she clears 23. 

1:15 p.m. Holly Payne is over the last and home. Matt Brown meanwhile through the first two waters. Sally’s Sue looks like she’s eating up the ground, not bothered by the mud or the rain. 

1:12 p.m. Sydney Collier has apparently broken a frangible earlier on course, and that’s the hold at the moment. But Holly is off galloping again now. 

Sally Cousins and “Sue” clear the first several. Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF are out of the start box now. 

1:10 p.m. Sally Cousins and Tsunami are on course now. Lisa Marie gets a run-out at the second of the angled brushes at 14. She gets it on the second try. 

Holly Payne has been stopped on course. We don’t have any details yet if they’re working on the course, or if she’s done something wrong. 

1:08 p.m. Lisa Marie going well over the first several. Holly Payne gets a run-out at the second element of the water in 19ab after she falls forward at the jump in. 

1:06 p.m. Holly Payne clears the HOTL easily. Next out of the box is Lisa Marie Fergusson on Honor Me. You can read more about her story here

Bunnie’s had her frangible penalties removed from her score. 

1:04 p.m. Cisko is clear through the giant tree and water 19ab, and they gallop away strongly. AP clears the last with a jumping clear! He’ll have about 14 time penalties.

1:02 p.m. AP is clear the final water. Santino going great for Holly out there on the first part of the track with a massive stride. 

1:00 p.m. Holly Payne is leaving the box on her next horse, Santino. AP still going well for Leah out there, as is Cisko. 

AP galloping with his ears forward as they approach and clear the coffin at 24. 

12:58 p.m. AP Prime through the HOTL and the angled brushes. We’ve just heard that Bunnie and Ecko got 11 penalties for breaking a frangible pin. 

Cisko clear the first water and away. 

12:56 p.m. Bunnie and Ecko are over the last, and they’re home! She’ll have almost a minute of time but that’s clear for them. 

Syndey Elliot and Cisko A are over the first few fences. 

12:54 p.m. AP Prime galloping well the first part with Leah. She’s giving him plenty of pats after these first few fences. They’re clear the first two water complexes. Bunnie and Ecko meanwhile clear the last water. He’s maybe tiring slightly but still going well for her. 

12:52 p.m. Bunnie is still going very well with Ecko! They’re clear the giant tree and 18 and then the water complex at 19ab.

AP Prime is out of the box! They’re clear the first few.  

12:51 p.m. Demi is looking quite tired with Marilyn on course now. Getting ready to start is Leah Lang-Gluscic and AP Prime. 

And Marilyn has actually had a fall with Demi. We don’t have details on her yet, but she’s up as is the horse. 

12:48 p.m. Avery is clear the last and home! Marilyn and Demi galloping strongly, and they’re over the giant tree. 

Bunnie and Ecko having a good trip so far, and she’s out of the HOTL and away!

12:46 p.m. Marilyn Little clear the HOTL. Avery still going great, and her horse is galloping really strongly! She’s clear the coffin. 

We’ve just heard that Marilyn was penalized for leaving the box 53 seconds late. She needed to take more time to get ready, and she did, and we’re expecting she’ll protest that. 

12:45 p.m. Bunnie Sexton and Rise Against are on course now! Bunnie a rider who did her first Rolex in her 50s, and this is her second four-star here. 

12:44 p.m. Avery getting a great trip around here so far. She’s the youngest rider in the field at just 22. 

Panda Christie finished with just time penalties, and Doug Payne is now jumping the last several. 

12:40 p.m. Panda Christie is clear the coffin at 24abc, with a very tired-looking horse. 

Marilyn Little and RF Demeter are heading out next. Theyr’e through the first several. 

12:38 p.m. Avery Klunick and In It To Win It leave the box next. She’s over the first several and looking strong.

Doug Payne and Vandiver are clear through the Hollow. The time is so far proving much more influentail than the fences today.

12:36 p.m. Buck and Petite Flower are clear the last comobination. And they’re now clear the last fence just outside the time, 18 seconds over! 

12:34 p.m. Flower’s a little down on the time, but still galloping and jumping well. They clear the coffin.

Vandiver is clear the first several. Panda has an iffy jump into the first of  the angled brushes and she chooses the long option from there. 

12:32 p.m. Panda’s clear the first few complexes, a couple of hairy moments as they find their rhythm out there. Looks like they’ve got it now.

Petite Flower clear the footbridge at 20. Flower still galloping very strongly. Next out of the box is Doug Payne on Vandiver. 

12:30 p.m. Ryan is HOME. Now out of the box is England’s Panda Christie. 

Flower’s just cooking along out there. She’s through the angled brushes at 14, giving his mare lots of pats. This horse was bred by Buck’s dad, so it’s a cool story. 

12:28 p.m. Ryan really nursing his horse home. Flower going super with Buck on the early part of the course. 

Lillian’s also still having a good go as she’s through 19ab. 

12:26 p.m. Buck Davidson leaves the box on Petite Flower. Lillian and Barnaby clear the HOTL, made that look pretty easy. 

Buck and Flower have an easy trip through fence 4abc. Ryan Wood’s mount looking officially a bit jumping tired as they clear the coffin at 24abc. 

12:24 p.m. Ryan Wood still clear out there through fence 18, the giant tree. He gets a stop at the next water though, 19ab. Boyd is home clear but with some time. 

12:22 p.m. Boyd clears the coffin with Shamwari, and they’re headed for the last few. Lillian and Barnaby are clear through fence 5. 

12:20 p.m. Phillip is home on a tired-looking Cuba in 11:33, so just a bit of time for them too. Next out is Lillian Heard on LCC Barnaby. 

Boyd and Shamwari still going well. Ryan Wood clears the HOTL. 

12:18 p.m. Ryan Wood and Fernhill Classic on our course now and clear the second water on a bit of a wing and a prayer. 

Boyd and PD still on course, both still clear and going well. 

12:16 p.m. Shamwari galloping great for Boyd, and they’re clear the HOTL, though they have a little bit of a sticky jump out the bounce bank!

Phillip and Cuba still clear, they’re through fence 23. 

12:14 p.m. Phillip and Cuba clear the HOTL and angled brushes at 14. I know we keep saying it’s raining, but it’s REALLY raining now. 

Boyd loses a stirrup at 5, but he gets it back for the second water at 6ab. 

12:12 p.m. Jock is home with a jumping clear but some time. Boyd Martin is away on Shamwari 4, his 2014 WEG partner. 

12:10 p.m. Philliip’s through the first several, and Jock is clear the coffin. He’s not going to make the time today, but his horse still looks fairly strong. 

Phillip clears the first two waters. The horses are jumping in very steep at the first element of the second water. 

12:08 p.m. Mikki gets a bummer of a glance-off at the last element of 24, and she’s chosen to retire there. Jock is the only one out there right now until Phillip starts in just a minute with “Cuba.”

12:06 p.m. Eli McPhail finishes looking THRILLED with her horse. Lots of pats and fist pumps. She had just those 20 late on course and some time. 

12:05 p.m. Jock clear the HOTL. Next out will be Phillip Dutton on Fernhill Cubalawn.

Mikki’s still going well with Rubens! 

12:03 p.m. Jock’s clear the first two waters. His chesnut horse has a HUGE step. Eli McPhail picks up 20 penalties at fence 23, which is a corner. They’re now clear the complex at 24abc. 

12:01 p.m. Eli McPhail and RF Eloquence still going well on the latter part here. Jock Paget’s through the first complex at 4. 

Mikki looks to be going well still through fence 14ab, the angled brushes. Her horse is galloping easily. 

11:59 a.m. Mikki is clear the first two waters. Michael’s talking about his ride now. “It’s a great mare. She always trust you and believes you.” 

Clip Clop is defintely tired here at the end, and Joe is getting some iffy jumps, but they’re almost home now. Next out on course is going to be Jock Paget on Clifton Signature. 

11:57 a.m. Mikki Kutchta heads out now with Rubens d’Ysieux, and they clear the first few. 

RF Eloquence is clear through the HOTL. Eli McPhail takes the long route through the angled brushes at 17. 

11:55 a.m. Eli McPail clear the first water. Donner still clear towards the back of the course. RF Eloquence very careful jumping through the second water, clear there. 

Clip Clop jumps through the Hollow clear. Lynn has finished in 11:22, so that’ll just 2.8 time for her. 

11:53 a.m. Eli McPhail and RF Eloquence on course. The rain is just PELTING down now. 

Clip Clop a little slow through the HOTL, but they make it through. 

11:52 a.m. Joe picks up a stop at the out of the second water with Clip Clop. Looks the horses are sliding around quite a bit out there.

Elisa Wallace is galloping home, and she’ll have some time, but it’s a jumping clear! 

11:50 a.m. Donner clear the curving brushes at 14ab. She’s on her time right about halfway through. We just saw a shot of Michael smiling at the finish. 

11:49 a.m. Clip Clop over the first few. Donner a little hairy through the HOTL, but they’re through that. Donner’s looking strong!


11:47 a.m. Jordan’s home jumping clear but with 24 time. Donner going well thorugh the first part of the course. Elisa Wallace clear the Hollow. 

Clip Clop and Joe Meyer are going out on course next. And Michael is kicking for home! Will he make it within the time? He’s just 2 seconds over! Amazing. The fastest round of the day and never in doubt. 

11:46 a.m. Sometimes you think, “How does Michael win so much?” And then you watch him ride, and you get it. He’s clear through 24abc and still on the time. 

11:44 a.m. Lynn Symansky is going to be next out on Donner. Elisa Wallace is clear fence 7; she’s looking great so far. 

Michael Jung is 8 seconds down on the clock at minute 8. 

11:42 a.m. Jordan clear through the coffin at 24abc. Michael meanwhile looking like he’s cantering a novice horse trials through the Hollow. 

11:40 a.m. Michael Jung has about a 5-point lead over Allison Springer, his closest challenger. He has an amazing and smooth trip through the HOTL, just textbook. Elisa Wallace over the first three fences. 

11:39 a.m. Michael and Rocana perfect through the second water, really amazing to watch him ride. Capato clear the Hollow. Next out will be Elisa Wallace on Simply Priceless. 

11:36 a.m. Michael Jung clear the first three. Jordan clear the HOTL with Capato. 

11:35 a.m. Dressage winner Michael Jung heads out now on fischerRocana FST. We’ll follow them closely as they head around! 

Katie Ruppel is heading for home, just a few to go for her. Jordan going well the early part of the track. 

11:33 a.m. Kurt Martin through the HOTL. Katie Ruppel and Houdini still jumping around; they picked up a stop out there, but they’re clear on this latter part of the course. 

11:32 a.m. Maya Black is HOME and clear, just a few seconds slow for her. 

Jordan Linstedt is about to leave the box with Revitavet Capato. 

11:29 a.m. Kurt Martin and Delux Z are out on course now. 

Maya’s going well through fence 23! 

11:25 a.m. Katie Ruppel and Houdini are on course and clear the first few. Maya’s clear the Hollow, again very easy for them. 

Lauren Kieffer and Holly Payne Caravella are the fastest from the morning so far; they both got 2.8 time. 

11:23 a.m. Madison Park definitely looking tired as he jumps the last few, but he’s CLEAR, and he’s home. Tons of pats from Kyle for his longtime partner. Defiintely some time for them.

Doesn’t Play Fair is going super; they’re through the HOTL with ease. 

11:22 a.m. Doesn’t Play Fair comes out looking fresh. Madison Park is still going well, though slowly, through the coffin at 24abc. 

11:21 a.m. Ellen Doughty is home with a jumping clear! Some time, but an otherwise clear trip. Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair are on course now. 

11:20 a.m. Nilson clear the first water, still a bit hairy out there for him. Kyle Carter clear the Hollow. Nilson falls at the second water. He’s looking fine, as is the horse. 

Kyle and Madison Park are still going well through fence 19ab. 

11:17 a.m. No one’s made the time out here yet. Nilson has a near-miss at fence 2, but they’re clear there. Sir Oberon’s galloping easily towards the end. Courtney Cooper is home with just that one stop and plenty of time! She must still be thrilled with her homebred.

11:15 a.m. Brazil’s Nilson is out on course next with Muggle. Kyle Carter clear the first two waters. Courtney Cooper clears the coffin with no problems.

11:14 a.m. Courtney Cooper is still galloping along with Who’s A Star looking fresh; they’re just carrying those 20 penalties from earlier. 

It’s now REALLY raining. Madison Park is over the fifth. 

11:12 a.m. Parker is home just 9 seconds over the time. 

Kyle Carter and his 18-year-old partner Madison Park are on course now. Ellen clear the HOTL. 

11:10 a.m. Courtney Cooper gets a run-out at the Curving Brushes (fence 14), but they’re through the second attempt. Parker still going well. He should be home soon. 

Ellen has a harried trip through the second water, but she stays clear. 

11:09 a.m. Ellen Doughty-Hume is now on course with Sir Oberone and clear the first few. Courtney Cooper takes the long way through the HOTL but clear there for them. 

Parker still clear and heading for home. Ashley Johnson has finished with some time!

11:08 a.m. Parker looking strong through the Hollow. Katherine Coleman is home with just that one stop and some time but an otherwise super trip. Courtney Cooper is clear the ditch-and-brush at 9. 

11:06 a.m. Parker clear the HOTL and curving brushes at 14. 

Courtney Cooper is out on the track with her homebred Who’s A Star.

11:04 a.m. Katherine picks up at a stop at 24a. The horse just slides into it, but he’s OK. Looks like they maybe just got a bit of a bad spot; horse was running past her. Bummer as they were having a great trip!

11:02 a.m. Katherine Coleman is having a GREAT trip so far. She’s smiling and patting her horse as she goes. James Alliston is through the early part of the course. Parker’s going easily with a good gallop now. 

11:00 a.m. James Alliston and his cross-country machine Parker leave the box. Ashley Johnson goes the long way through the HOTL; the first time we’ve seen that. But she’s clear through it. 

10:58 a.m. Ashley Johnson’s clear the first water. Katherine Coleman gets a little bit of a harried trip through the HOTL, but she’s clear there!

10:57 a.m. Ashley Johnson and Tactical Maneuver are out of the box. Katherine Coleman’s having a nice trip early in the course.

Colleen falls from Escot 6 late on the course, but she’s OK. 

10:56 a.m. Mackenna is over the last, and she’s home clear! Not sure about her time yet, but she must be thrilled to finish this course. 

10:54 a.m. Colleen and Escot have a clear trip through the Head of the Lake. Angela is home with plenty of time and those two stops, but you know she’s happy to have finished!  

Katherine Coleman is out of the start box with Courage Under Fire. 

10:52 a.m. Colleen’s clear the first two waters; Mackenna’s clear the Hollow. Angela gets a glance off at 24c, but she takes the option and continues on. 

10:49 a.m. Colleen Rutledge and Escot 6 are out of the start box now. 

Mackenna has a clear ride through the HOTL and then through the curving brushes at 14ab. 

10:47 a.m. Mackenna having a nice trip through the early part. Bango hangs a leg at the second-to-last and just pops Tim off! They both look fine but wht a bummer. 

10:45 a.m. Mackenna was having a lovely trip last year until a fall late on course, so she’s obviously hoping for a clear this year! Angela clear the HOTL, Tim Price clear the coffin at 24abc.

10:42 a.m. Angela has a runout at 4 C with Novelle, but she’s clear the second attempt. Mackenna Shea and Landioso are heading out next. Tim Price and Bango are going well with just a few minutes to go on course.

10:40 a.m. Angela Grzywinski heads out on her OTTB Novelle next. Tim Price has an easy and clear ride through the HOTL. That’s riding well for everyone so far. 

Angela G. is clear the first three. 

10:39 a.m. Bango is clocking around the early parts of the course. Lauren’s clear with jumping, though she’ll have some time, and she’s home!

10:38 a.m. Tim Price leaves the box on Bango. Lauren’s having a good trip with Monte Carlo in his first four-star, and they’re clear the coffin at 24 abc.

10:36 a.m. Holly is home just 7 seconds over! Her horse looked like he never got even a bit tired.

10:35 a.m. Holly Payne is up on her time right now, and it appears she still has plenty of horse left. Lauren Kieffer’s still clear through fence 18, the giant tree. 

10:32 a.m. Lauren K. has a perfect trip through the HOTL with Monte Carlo. Holly’s horse is still strong through the coffin! He looks like he’s still pulling her around. 

10:30 a.m. Holly Payne’s horse has this massive gallop, and he is just booking it. They’re having no issues so far through the Hollow. Lauren K. is over the first several clear.

10:28 a.m. Lillian is HOME. She’s over the time by almost a minute but clear. Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo are out of the box.

10:26 a.m. Share Option’s going pretty slowly towards the end here; she’s definitely going to be over the time, but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled if she can get a jumping clear. Holly’s horse is still FULL of running as they negotiate fence 7. 

10:25 a.m. Lillian’s still having a great trip with Share Option. Holly Payne Caravella and Never Outfoxed have left the box! Outfoxed looks STOKED to be out on course. He clears 2 with a huge leap and tries to run off after that. 

10:23 a.m. Ryan’s clear at fence 6, but he falls at the second water! At the first element. He’s up and walking, and the horse looks just fine.

10:20 a.m. Lillian’s through the HOTL. Ryan Wood is out of the box on his first of the day, Frankie.

10:19 a.m. Lillian’s having a good trip so far with Share Option. She’s over the first two waters. 

10:17 a.m. Boyd gets a glance off at fence 23, the Fox Den.

10:15 a.m. Next out is Lillian Heard on Share Option. Boyd looks like he’s still having a great ride with Steady Eddie. Buck is home with some time and those 20 penalties from fence 6. 

10:14 a.m. We’re hearing Buck picked up 20 with Park Trader at fence 6, the first water at the Creekside cabin. They had a glance off there. 

10:13 a.m. Steady Eddie very bold through the HOTL, and they do that easily. This is the horse’s first four-star, but so far he’s making it all look pretty easy.

10:12 a.m. Steady Eddie’s just skipping over the ground so far. He didn’t have the best go in dressage, but he looks like a great galloping Thoroughbred.

Buck’s clear through the Hollow, and PD’s through the finish! He’ll have some time penalties on this one. He was 11 seconds over optimum.

10:09 a.m. Park Trader jumps the ditch-and-brush nicely. Boyd Martin’s out now with his first of the day, Steady Eddie. Phillip’s having to kick torwards home now with FF, but he’s still clocking around clear at the double of corners. Buck has a clear ride through the HOTL. 

10:06 a.m. PD and FF still clear leaving the Hollow. Buck Davidson looks like he’s have a good trip with Park Trader so far, and they’re clear the first and second waters. 

10:04 a.m. Phillip and FF are clear through the Head of the Lake, and Buck Davidson and Park Trader have left the box and are over the first few. 

10:00 a.m. Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive are off! 

They’re over the first four fences, which includes the complex at 4abc, and the massive table there.

9:55 a.m. Chronicle reporter Lindsay Berreth took a course walk with designer Derek di Grazia yesterday. You can check out some of the highlights from that here. There are FIVE water complexes on the course this year. 

9:50 a.m. We have a few riders who’ve withdrawn before cross-country. They are:

Liz Halliday-Sharp on Fernhill By Night (they were fourth)

Jessica Phoenix on Abbey GS (39th)

Jessica Phoenix on A Little Romance (45th)

Selena O’Hanlon on Foxwood High (30th)

Lillian Heard on FYI (70th)

9:45 a.m. Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive are going to be the first pair out at 10. It’s not raining…right now. The forecast doesn’t look great though! That green blob is moving our way, and today it definitely appears going early in the order is going to be a benefit.






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