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I handwalked him nearly every day for most of his stall rest but the last few weeks he was leaping in the air like a giant, angry rabbit—and one wearing steel shoes, to boot—so I decided to put the kibosh on further outings due to fear of re-injury (him) or maiming (me).

Now Steve’s steel shoes are swapped out for fancy French therapeutic fronts, he’s aquatreading fit to beat the band, and I’ll just wait. When he is ready we’ll work our way back to the ring, eventually. Right now, I just miss my little red horse and I can’t wait to have him home again.

We’ve all been there, right? Good luck to everyone dealing with horse injuries—keep your (collective) chin up, we will make it through this, one way or another. And to everyone else who is out having fun with your horses—save a post-ride cider for me, I’ll be joining you guys again soon!




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