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Ifko Pulls A One-Two Punch In The $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix



Thermal, Calif.—March 15

Heading into the jump-off aboard Un Diamant Des Forets Jim Ifko didn’t feel too much pressure. After all, he was already leading the class after a blazing round on his first mount, Celine La Silla. So Ifko let Un Diamant Des Forets loose, and the stallion didn’t disappoint, outrunning his barnmate to finish the day on top with Celine La Silla in second.

“He’s such a competitor; he loves to win,” said Ifko, Foothills, Alberta. “I just let him do his thing, and he’s such a fast horse we ended up where we ended up. I couldn’t change his plan. He lives for jump-offs.

“He’s fast, and he’s careful,” he continued. “You have to try to keep up with him then stay out of his way when he gets to the jumps. If anything at the beginning of the week he can be a little overzealous.”

WEB Un Diamant 0JC_8238

Un Diamant Des Forets and Jim Ifko jumped to the top of the $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. Mollie Bailey Photos

WEB Un Diamant 0JC_7890

Jim Ifko finished first and second in the $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, winning aboard Un Diamant Des Forets.

Ifko has been riding the 11-year-old Selle Français (Diamant De Semilly—Grace Des Forets, Papillon Rouge) for Rachel Cornacchia for five years. Cornacchia, who also owns Celine La Silla, rode her own Valkyrie De Talma in the class as well, finishing ninth.

Though she finished second, it’s possible Cornacchia and Ifko were even more proud of Celine La Silla as it was that mare’s first grand prix with Ifko. They moved up in the order to jump off second.


“I didn’t mind moving up because it wasn’t gong to change our plan anyway,” said Ifko. “I didn’t know what to expect, so I figured we’d test the waters a little bit, and as it turns out she’s fast!”

WEB Celine La Silla 0JC_7679

Jim Ifko and Celine La Silla finished second in their first grand prix together.

web Celine La Silla 0JC_8204

Jim Ifko thanked Celine La Silla for a great round.

The wins tasted especially sweet as it’s just the horses’ second week showing this season as they showed through November in Calgary, Alberta.

“All three horses are getting their feet wet in the [Fédération Equestre Internationale] divisions, and we’re trying to advance our way up the FEI levels,” said Ifko. “This was a good start.”

Because of their late start this season Ifko and Cornacchia are opting out of this Sunday’s AIG $1 Million Grand Prix, the feature class of the HITS Coachella circuit, instead setting their sights on the Blenheim Spring Classic II (California) where they will contest the FEI divisions.

3 WEB Ali Ramsay Casino 0JC_7972

Ali Ramsay and Casino slotted into third.

4 WEB Bert Mutch 0JC_8192

Bert Mutch and Killossery Kuidam jumped to fourth.

5 WEB Castalano Katharin Gualtieri 0JC_8222

Castalano and Katharin Gualtieri picked up the white ribbon.

6 WEB Kerri Potter Ayma De La Demi Lune 0JC_8232

Keri Potter parted ways with her first ride but bounced back aboard Ayma De La Demi Lune to take sixth.

7 WEB Beth Underhill Count Me In 0JC_8009

Beth Underhill and Count Me In earned seventh.

9 WEB Valkyrie de talma Rachel Cornacchia 0JC_8050

Rachel Cornacchia rode her own Valkyrie De Talma to ninth.

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