Monday, Sep. 25, 2023

Hungry To Improve

Greetings everyone!
We're getting ready for the big trip to compete in the Richland Park CIC*** (Mich.)!



Greetings everyone!
We’re getting ready for the big trip to compete in the Richland Park CIC*** (Mich.)!

Everything was in full swing this week because the team training sessions came to us at True Prospect Farm. It was great to ride my horses with Mark Phillips again, and I am pleased at how well both Cooper and Cambalda did. Cooper is really learning to take the contact and press into the bridle, and all the flatwork seems to be truly progressing. My jumping lesson with Cooper was great once he got over his intial spooking at everything, and he really put out a lot of effort.
Cambalda, whom I am growing more and more excited about, got a chance to be under Mark’s eye as well, and he really was awesome. My flat lesson was great, and Mark really got him moving well and me thinking about exactly what I need to work on to train the horse(s) well. Ping really jumped amazing as well—this young horse can seriously jump. He had me working on really being able to balance the horse while keeping him active and Ping was jumping to the top of the standards.

I have to say that being able to get some serious training with Mark this year has helped me so much, and I hope that it shows this fall. Everytime I ride in a session I come out of it hungry to improve and pumped on what I am doing with my life. I am so so lucky to have these two amazing horses!


Now we are all packed and ready to go to Richland. Nate Chambers, Kelley Merrett and I leave tommorow evening to drive through the night. It should be an interesting trip and weekend considering Emma has to stay behind because she leaves for Burghley on Sunday!!!! So many things happening. I wish Emma was coming, but Burghley obviously is the number one priority.
So here we go….

I will keep everyone up to date.

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