Horse News Of The Weird: Special Dancing Horse Edition

Nov 21, 2011 - 9:36 AM
Though Blue Hors Matine can't grace us with her stunning freestyles anymore, she has a new fan base thanks to a hip hop rendition of a 2006 test. Photo by Sara Lieser.

The Youtube video of Blue Hors Matine performing at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany, dubbed with a Lil’ Kim song, made the blog rounds last week.

The video made the leap onto mainstream sites, including New York Magazine and Buzzfeed, confounding blog writers who: 1. Didn’t know horses could “dance” so well, and 2. Clearly had no idea the original performance wasn’t set to Lil’ Kim. Below are some of our favorite blog comments about “Hip Hop Dressage.” (And we’d like to add one of our own: Can backwards passage please be added to future Grand Prix tests?)

Warning: Video contains language that might not be safe for work.

“It’s highly unlikely this video is real, but who cares? Its sheer awesomeness makes authenticity totally irrelevant.” From The FW

“If there were a way to make rhythmic horse dancing and the wearing of top hats any cooler — spoiler alert: THERE ISN’T — this was it.” From Guyism

“And to think, before the Internet you had to walk three miles each way in the snow to watch a dressage routine set to Lil’ Kim’s ‘Lighters Up.’ ” From That Media Hut

“I’m a big fan of the Lipizzaner horses, mostly because horses look so funny when they dance.” From g4TV

“Apparently there is an equestrian event for horse dancing. And this horse is dancing to Lil’ Kim. No, really.” From Eat Some Cheese

“I didn’t even know we were training horses to dance, much less they could perform like this.” This comment was made about the original video from 2006, but it was too good to leave out. From Centripedal Notion

It’s worth noting that the number of hits for the remix (currently just under 340,000) doesn’t come close to the number for Matine’s stunning original performance with its 10,810,040 views. The original has been around a lot longer, but even a hip hop rendition doesn’t seem like it can beat the real thing.

Does this mean almost 340,000 new dressage fans? We can only hope.


Chronicle staffer Lisa is looking for all the weirdest horse news out there. Have you spotted any equine-related oddities in mainstream media? Email her at


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