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Hilltop Bio Sees Continued Success With Regenaflex-RT And Regenaflex-M




By Hilltop Bio
February 13th, 2023

Please note: this article contains images of wounds that some readers may find graphic

Hilltop Bio is pleased to see continued success throughout 2022 and into 2023 in the equine health market. Hilltop Bio produces the most technologically advanced, convenient, consistent, sterile, and ethically-sourced room-temperature regenerative therapies available today. Its star products include Regenaflex-RT for soft tissue injuries and regional limb perfusions and Regenaflex-M for wounds. Hilltop Bio’s products can be purchased by veterinarians with new products for horse owners coming later in 2023.


The regenerative therapy industry has seen rapid changes in the last two decades. Technological and scientific advancements have empowered veterinarians to provide better care for their patients. Hilltop Bio CEO, Amanda Drobnis, commented, “Most veterinarians are familiar with and using stem cell, PRP, IRAP, and ProStride options for soft tissue injuries. What we’re seeing in the scientific literature available today is that it’s not just the stem cells that fix these injuries, rather it’s the exosomes within those stem cells that have the proteins, growth factors, and cytokines as well as the cell-signaling power already available in the horse’s body. At Hilltop Bio, we’re focused on being the leader in the most technologically advanced regenerative therapy market.”


Evolution of Orthobiologics

The evolution of Orthobiologics available for treating soft tissue injuries in equine patients.


Drobnis continued, “We’re harnessing these exosomes and concentrating them into our formulations to work with the body’s own cell-signaling power to say ‘Houston, we have a problem, send in the immune system’s cavalry.’ Our products work naturally with the horse’s own immune system to up-regulate its healing power and fix itself with minimal scar tissue, reduced inflammation, minimal risk of infection and reduced re-injury rates. We’re also offering a more consistent product in terms of proteins and growth factors compared to other modalities available on the market today.”



Regenaflex-RT Packaging Photo

Regenaflex-RT is used for soft tissue injuries.


Dr. Tim Ober Testimonial

Top veterinarians like US Show Jumping team vets, Dr. Tim Ober and Dr. Heather Sherman of John R. Steele & Associates, have been using Hilltop products for a number of years. Dr. Ober states, “We have been using Regenaflex-RT to treat suspensory ligament and check ligament injuries for the past three years. We are seeing consistency in the healing response with good quality repair, and a much more consistent return to performance than with other regenerative approaches we have used.”

Dr. Heather Sherman has also seen positive results using Regenaflex-RT in soft tissue injuries. She recently used Regenaflex-RT on an 18yo pony with a Left Front Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon Lesion.


Series of ultrasound images showing nice healing of a LF Inferior Check Ligament injury. Photos courtesy of J.R. Steele & Associates.

Ultrasound 1

Ultrasound 2


Ultrasound 3

Ultrasound 4

In addition to Regenaflex-RT, Regenaflex-M is Hilltop Bio’s membrane product which is suitable for wounds that are difficult to suture or those that have been difficult to heal. Regenaflex-M sterile membranes have been shown to promote faster healing on severe wounds, reduce the development of scar tissue and inflammation, and provide antimicrobial and anti adhesion properties for use in surgical applications.
Dr. Emily Hood treated a Deep Hindlimb Avulsion with Exposed Cannon Bone wound with 2 membranes one time. She has seen consistent healing with no complications on the wound.

Dr. Hood Use Case


Dr. Marty Tanner of Tanner Equine treated a wound that had previously not healed after several weeks of bandage changes and standard-of-care treatment. The wound was later treated with Regenaflex-M membrane and saw results in 3 weeks.

Tanner Equine Wound Membrane
Regenaflex-M can also be used inside wounds that can be sutured closed. The following are a series of photos of a laceration below the ear where Reganaflex-M was tucked into the laceration and sutured over. The horse is healing well after about 6 weeks with hair starting to grow back.

Eye Wound Membrane1 - May 18  Eye Wound Membrane2 - May 18  Eye Wound Membrane3 - June 6  Eye Wound Membrane4 - July 7  Eye Wound Membrane5 - July 7
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Hilltop Bio is a veterinary biotech company developing innovative regenerative therapies focused on identifying key inflammatory diseases in horses and companion animals and providing targeted regenerative therapies to help reduce inflammation and normalize damaged tissue function. Hilltop Bio has developed a strong pipeline of innovative therapies across many therapeutic classes, alongside cGMP, cGTP manufacturing capabilities and a developing intellectual property portfolio. Hilltop Bio is dedicated to providing targeted therapies that help horses and companion animals regenerate damaged tissues, and that will assist in restoring them to their full athletic potential and long-term health. For more information, visit


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