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Greased Lightning, Pirates, Lady Liberty, Oh My!



Washington, D.C.—Oct. 25

It was the most-anticipated night of the year: the Washington International Horse Show Barn Night! The $35,000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume Class packed the stands full of fans young and old alike, excited to see their equestrian idols battle for the win while decked out in creative costumes. The 15 riders in the class earn points for each fence jumped and have the option to jump the Joker fence for 20 extra points if they make it over—but the loss of 20 points if they knock the rail.

Brian Moggre, 17,  wasn’t intimidated by the fact that he was the youngest rider in the class. He rode an electrifying round aboard MTM Flutterby to win in a “Grease”-inspired costume. Catherine Tyree rode Catungee to second place, trailing by 0.27 seconds, and Andrew Kocher and Quarto Mail closed out the podium in third.



Brian Moggre gave MTM Flutterby a hug after taking over the lead in the $35,000 Accumulator Costume Class. Photo by Tori Repole.


Devil on your shoulder? Catherine Tyree and Catungee launched into reserve with a blistering round. Photo by Emily Stakem.


Before winning the Best Costume Award, “She Pirate” Andrew Kocher finished third in the $35,000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume class with Quarto Mail. Photo by Tori Repole.

Amanda Derbyshire and Cornwall BH displayed their red, white and blue in the costume class as Miss Misfit. Photo by Emily Stakem.


“Chef” Beat Mändli and Dibatsja rode to fifth place in the $35,000 Accumulator Costume Class. Photo by Tori Repole.


Shane Sweetnam brought the luck of the Irish to the Capital One Arena, where he finished sixth in the $35,000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume Class with Don’t Touch Du Bois. Photo by Tori Repole.

New York City-native Georgina Bloomberg dressed as Lady Liberty, while Paola sported the city’s skyline. Photo by Emily Stakem.


Would it be safe to say that McLain Ward is a fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team? Or maybe he was just gunning for some local support. Ward rode Queen Jane to eighth place in the in the $35,000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume Class. Photo by Emily Stakem.


Who knew the Cookie Monster could jump a horse?! Mattias Tromp and Eyecatcher made an appearance in the $35,000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume Class. Photo by Tori Repole.


Why have one Statue of Liberty when you can have two? Katherine Dinan and Tarioso Manciais joined Georgina Bloomberg and Paola in celebrating the USA. Photo by Tori Repole.


Molly Ashe Cawley and Apollo channeled the New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady in the Capital One Arena. Photo by Tori Repole.


Kelli Cruciotti and Hadja Van Orshof came dressed for the occasion as the tortoise and the hare. Photo by Emily Stakem.


Devin Ryan and Florida masqueraded as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Photo by Emily Stakem.


Erynn Ballard and Quantico were the second pirate combination to take to the arena. Photo by Tori Repole.


Kama Godek flew into the Capital One Arena aboard Air Force One. Photo by Tori Repole.

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2018 Washington International–Barn Night And Costume Class

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