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Galeno Tyme Accelerates Mosier’s Breeding Plans

Having trained for several years in Canada, first with Cindy and Neil Ishoy and then with Evi Strasser, Jennifer Mosier returned to the United States six
years ago to start her own business on a 100-acre family farm in Abilene, Kan. She originally purchased her stallions to produce young horses herself instead of going to Europe for them. She eventually plans to have a larger breeding operation with several stallions.


Having trained for several years in Canada, first with Cindy and Neil Ishoy and then with Evi Strasser, Jennifer Mosier returned to the United States six
years ago to start her own business on a 100-acre family farm in Abilene, Kan. She originally purchased her stallions to produce young horses herself instead of going to Europe for them. She eventually plans to have a larger breeding operation with several stallions.

She got a real asset to her business plan when her 5-year-old Galeno Tyme won the 100-day stallion testing at Paxton Farm in Batavia, Ohio, Nov. 11-14, with the highest score in the history of the United States–155.87 points overall, in spite of a five-point deduction for his age.

Galeno Tyme is an Oldenburg by Granulit out of Geranda and was bred in Germany by Alfons Schrandt.

The testing was conducted by the Stallion Testing Federation, LLC, a joint venture between International Sporthorse Registry and Oldenburg Registry of North American and the American Hanoverian Society, under the auspices of the Federation of North American Sport Horse Registries. In North America, the ISR/Oldenburg Registry established the first 100-Day Test in 1986, and has organized a test every other year since. This year the test was judged by Dietrich Felgendreher, Manfred Lopp and Cord Waffman at the Paxton Farm, which is now the permanent site of the 100-day test.

Mosier, who has ridden Grand Prix, started and trained the horse and plans to train him to the upper levels of dressage. She will leave his jumping training to Canadian rider Karen Cudmore. Eventually she will send him to someone else to compete, but she has not made definite plans yet.

“What makes him special is that everything is just easy with him,” she said. “Breaking him was just a matter of climbing on and going for a ride.”

She laughingly recounted a story of riding him on the longe line at first. When the person longing the horse thought she said “go” instead of “whoa,” and cracked the whip, Galeno Tyme started to piaffe. “He should have dumped me!” she said with a laugh. “He’s very solid, kind and patient; he never bites, and he is in-credibly personable. A perfect example of his temperament was the first time that he saw the lawn mower; he didn’t spook but stretched his nose into the stream of grass to eat.”

The stallion scored 152.19 in jumping and 144.54 in dressage. Without the five-point deduction that penalizes horses 5 years and older, he would have scored 160.87. “[A score of] 130 would have been fantastic but 160 is ridiculous!” said Mosier.


“There won’t be anything like him for a long time,” said Nancy Ferebee, whose pony FS Daily Hero was approved in the pony testing. “He had a whole fan club there.”

The testing consists of a 100-day training period and the final performance test. The testing evaluates character, temperament, ability and willingness to work, as well as jumping and performance abilities. In the final testing, the stallions are judged for their basic gaits, their jumping ability both free and under saddle, and for their performance while ridden cross-country.

Mosier, who didn’t consider her horse mature enough for the testing as a 3-year-old, trained Galeno Tyme according to the German system. The 100-day training period, in which the horses were left at Paxton Farm until the test, started Aug. 6.

“He was started well as a young horse,” said Mosier. “He has a six-acre pasture to live in at home. It’s worth doing everything right with him; even a great horse handled improperly won’t reach its potential.”

Still, she does not plan to keep him in a padded stall now that he has some acclaim. “I have to carry on with him like he’s a horse,” she said. “Not necessarily any horse–he deserves to be successful in the elite levels–but that doesn’t change the training procedure. At shows you just see the result of consistent training at home.”

Borden Dominates Short Test

Ken Borden’s Ubilee (Opus–Dionysus, Orpheus) earned the short test championship. In the short test, the owner does the training himself, according to the registry’s guidelines. The stallion then must come to the testing site for a final training period of 30 days prior to the final testing. The requirements to pass the short test are the same as for the 100-day test.

Ubilee, whose parents are both owned by Borden, is out of a star Dutch mare by Orpheus, who competed with Jessica Ransehousen at the 1988 Olympic Games, and the mare is one of only 26 foals by the moderately fertile stallion. Borden liked the cross so much that he has produced Ubilee 1, Ubilee 2 and Ubilee 3.


But it is Ubilee’s granddam, J. Adelian, on his sire’s side who most impresses Borden. She is a former U.S. Dressage Federation Horse of the Year, winner at Dressage at Devon (Pa.), and has produced all premium foals. Three of her offspring are approved stallions, and Borden thinks that there would be more of them if a few had not been gelded.

Ubilee scored 7 to 9 on all phases except cross-country. “This horse is not a phenomenal mover,” claimed Borden, of Little Bit Farm in Wilmington, Ill. “But he had the best brain at the test. He has a nice canter and he is easy to ride.”

Two years ago Borden’s horse Raymeister won as a 3-year-old. He said, “I swore I would never do another 3-year-old, but Ubilee was mentally ready for it.”

Borden also brought two other horses to the testing: Masterpiece and Rubicon Z. “Rubicon Z was one of the best jumpers,” he said. “Masterpiece’s brain was fried, and he had scratches so he was a little sore, and he did not do as well, but I think that he is the better horse. In fact, two Olympic riders have expressed interest in him. The test is a boot camp, there’s no doubt. It’s a learning experience, and Ubilee is excep-
tional for a 3-year-old.”

100-Day Test

Long Test
Horse/Owner Total Dressage Jumping
Index Index
1. Galeno Tyme*/Jennifer Mosier 155.87 144.54 152.19
1999 Oldenburg (Granulit–Geranda, Barsoi xx)
2. Caleb*/Ellen White 132.28 129.33 128.67
1998 Oldenburg (Florian*–Glorieta, Columbus)
3. Drachen Herz*/Margaret Goodell 114.33 106.68 120.34
1999 Hanoverian (Donavan–Kay’s First, First Albert)
4. Conrad I/Judi R. Gerhardt 113.29 104.44 122.20
2000 Oldenburg (Contucci*–Rocka, Renaldo)
5. Weltanzer*/Jane Epperson 113.12 121.63 98.42
1999 Hanoverian (Weltmeyer–Bewitched, Bolero)
6. Palladio*/David & Andrea Clibborn-Anderson 111.97 108.10 116.26
1997 Dutch Warmblood (Caletto I–Jorinde, Samber)
7. Where’s Waldo/Bonnie Watrous 111.13 128.43 86.43
2001 Hanoverian (Waterford–SPS Warkonda, Warkant)
8. Landchampion*/Lisa DeVito 104.33 100.01 106.90
1999 Oldenburg (Landcapitol–SPS Kalla*, Furioso II)
9. Devon Heir/Terry Mason Esteban 103.93 105.04 102.53
2001 Hanoverian (De Niro–Ribana, Rubinstein I)
10. Donnerstein/Deborah Stone 102.32 106.79 90.03
2000 Hanoverian (Donnerhall–SPS Wakajama, Weltbuerger)
11. Iconicus/C. Berg-Redmond & John Redmond 98.86 85.56 122.63
2000 Oldenburg (Idocus–Ofelia, Rambo*)
12. Donnersohn/Leslie Peik 94.30 97.71 91.38
2000 Hanoverian (Donnerhall–SPS Angelina, Archipel)
13. Isaiah*/Laura & Tom Patterson 91.29 85.61 100.58
1999 Oldenburg (Ideal–Fleur de Lis, Fatalist B.)
14. Warcloud/Marsha Anderson 90.80 95.39 92.90
2000 Hanoverian (Wolkentanz–EM Ballone, Bolero)
15. Sea Accounts*/Cynthia DeBracy 90.19 85.22 97.84
1999 Thoroughbred (Sea Hero–Dance Account, Private Account)
16. Addison/Jennifer Hallmann 89.98 82.11 98.40
2000 Belgian Warmblood (Branco–Dancer’s Suprize, Dewdle’s Dancer xx)
17. Donnerkoenig/Maryanna Haymon 76.46 82.41 82.72
2000 Hanoverian (Donnerhall–SPS Comtessa, Contender)
18. Arts Aero/ April Wayenberg 66.00 58.18 81.39
2000 Oldenburg (Art Deco–Darea, Daring)
19. Waterford/Kathy St. Martin & Jos Mottershead 61.76 57.45 76.44
2000 Oldenburg (Werigo–Mata Hari, Manhattan*)

Short Test
Horse/Owner Total Dressage Jumping
Index Index
1. Ubilee/Ken Borden Jr. 130.53 138.97 117.25
2001 Dutch Warmblood (Opus–Dionysus, Orpheus).
2. Masterpiece/Ken Borden Jr. 99.74 104.01 98.47
2000 Swedish Warmblood (Master–Miss Nickel Annie, Call Me Penny)
3. Cathalido*/Hans De Groot. 95.22 81.75 114.10
1999 Holsteiner (Calido I–Ilona, Carthago)
4. Rubicon/Ken Borden Jr. 89.16 87.68 103.31
2000 Swedish Warmblood (Robin Z–J. Adelian, Admiral Ferdinand)
5. Fal Turro/Lucy Meyer. 78.64 93.25 78.77
2000 Hanoverian (Walldorf–EM Very Best, Varus)
6. Rivano/Patricia A. Sullivan 77.04 78.13 85.54
2000 Holsteiner (Riverman–Vermell, Capitano)

Pony Test
Horse/Owner Total Dressage Jumping
Index Index
1. FS Daily Hero/Nancy Ferebee 76.25% XX XX
1999 German Riding Pony (FS Don’t Worry–FS Pascalina*, FS Pavarotti*)
2. Art I Decked Out/Cathy Wyckoff 66.33% XX XX
2001 ISR Pony (Llandefalle Better By Far–All Decked Out, Art Deco)

* Age handicap (5 points) for stallions of 5 years and older




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