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Fellers Expected To Enter Plea, Serve Time In Federal Prison



Nearly two years after his arrest on four counts of sexual abuse involving a minor student, Olympic show jumper Rich Fellers is expected to soon enter a plea in Oregon federal court.

Although the details of the plea are unknown, Fellers is the subject of a federal case involving the same victim as the Washington County, Oregon, case that led to his June 7, 2021, arrest, his attorney told a Washington County (Oregon) district judge during a January hearing, according to audio records from the hearing. Fellers initially pleaded not guilty to all four counts in 2021.

Fellers’ attorney, the Washington County district attorney’s office and the U.S. attorney’s office have reached a resolution that will involve Fellers entering a plea in federal court, being sentenced there, and then “likely” entering his plea on the state charges from a medium-security prison in Sheridan, Oregon, his attorney said. He still has a jury trial scheduled for Aug. 1 in Washington County, but that is not expected to go forward, with the federal case taking precedence.


Fellers is still awaiting his first federal court appearance.

In the meantime, his wife, Shelley Fellers, filed for divorce on March 23. Both Rich and Shelley Fellers, as well as their son Chris Fellers, all of Oregon City, Oregon, have been suspended by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Rich was ruled ineligible in July 2021 for having a criminal disposition for sexual misconduct and a criminal disposition involving a minor. Shelley was suspended in September 2021 for abuse of process, retaliation and failure to report. Chris was suspended in August 2022 for having an “intimate relationship involving a power imbalance,” abuse of process, failure to report and physical misconduct.




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