Cross-Country Play-By-Play

Apr 30, 2011 - 12:54 PM

Cross-Country Play-By-Play

Read Lisa Slade’s report on the horses on the top of the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** leaderboard. See how Jimmy Wofford’s predictions for this year’s Rolex riders are holding up in the Chronicle’s Rolex Preview Roster. Want to see those jumps? Check out Jimmy Wofford’s course walk.

Allison Springer and Arthur were having a great go round until the offset brushes at 26 when Arthur stumbled on landing and Springer fell off. Both walked away.

Parker And James Alliston had no jumping penalties and picked up just 2.8 time faults.

Fernhill Eagle and Phillip Dutton ran out at the narrow brush at the second element of the Land Rover Hollow. He took the long way around to and picked up 8.8 time penalties as well.

Mary King and Kings Temptress had a positive, fault-free go around, and Kings Temptress finished looking strong.

Jessica Phoenix and Exploring had a stop jumping into the first water, then again at the second element, a narrow brush in the water. She retired later on course.

Icarus and Michael Pollard stopped at the narrow brush of the bottom of the Land Rover Hollow and picked up 23.6 time penalties.

Kate Brown and Mojito lost their line coming through the ducks in the Head of the Lake. Mojito tried to jump the head of the second duck, and Brown took a tumble into the water. Both horse and rider walked away.

Twizzel and Will Coleman were having a confident trip till the double corners at 15 where Twizzel hung a knee at the corner and fell. Both Twizzel and Coleman were right to their feet.

Ballinakill Glory and Kelly Prather had a run-out at the narrow brush at the bottom of the Land Rover Hollow and another at the Normandy Bank, so she took the long way around to finish with 57.6 time faults as well.

Gaelic Marriage and Martha McDowell were eliminated at the Normandy Bank.  

The Alchemyst and Debbie Rosen stopped at the first element of the Land Rover Hollow. The Alchemyst got a bit hung up on the jump, and after he untangled himself Rosen retired

Boyd Martin and Remington XXV had a confident ride around the course with no jumping penalties, and 12.4 time faults.

Shiraz and Colleen Rutledge had a great around the course with a few scrappy jumps, but Shiraz finished full of run with just 6.8 time penalties.

Kim Severson and Tipperary Liadhnan jumped all the fences clearly, completing the course with no jumping and 14 time penalties.

Slate River and Heather Morris picked up 20 at the coffin and 34.4 time penalties.

High Society III and Jessica Hampf had a run-out at the second of the double corners. She regrouped and finished with another 21.6 on the clock.

Kilrodan Abbott and Peter Barry ran out at the narrow brush at the Land Rover Hollow, then picked up 29.6 penalties on the clock.

Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch stopped at the second element of the coffin, then picked up 23.6 time penalties.

Subway and Olivia Loiacono had a gutsy ride with no jumping penalties on course. Loiacono—the youngest rider here—picked up just 12.8 time penalties.

Hollywood and Kelly Sult ran out at the second element of the Land Rover Hollow, then picked up 21 points when she broke the pins at one of the double corners at 15. She added 29.2 time penalties.

St. Barths and Hannah Sue Burnett logged a confident double clear cross-country round. She was held just before the double corners while officials replaced the pins at that element, but galloped on boldly after that

My Sedona and Jil Walton missed her line to the narrow brush at the Land Rover Hollow, then took a tumble at the big table at in of the Farm Yard at 24A.

Riddle Master and Rebecca Howard had a great positive round with no jumping faults and 12.4 time penalties.

Ringwood Magister and Tiana Coudray suffered run-outs at the Ariat Brush Water Challenge and the narrow brush of the Land Rover Hollow, then took a tumble at 24A, the big table in the Farm Yard.

Quintus and Karen O’Connor had a gutsy go round with no jumping problems on course. They finished with 14 time faults.

ODT Sonas Rovatio and Oliver Townend had a brilliant cross-country trip, picking up just 2.4 time penalties.

Grass Valley and Mark Todd were having a lovely go till that horse ran out at the first of the offset brushes late on course. They added 11.2 time faults to their score.

Be My Guest and Clayton Fredericks had a scrappy ride around, with no jumping problems and just 2.8 time faults.

Our Questionnaire and Heather Gillette had a stop at the 7ABC, the coffin, then retired at the Sunken Road four fences later.

Prowler and Susan Beebee stopped at the top of the Normandy bank, then picked up another 13.2 faults on the clock.

Snip and Joe Meyer made it through with no jumping faults, adding just 17.6 time penalties to his score.

R-Star and Kristi Nunnink fell at the first of the double corners, 15A.

Sandhills Tiger and Hamish Cargill had a pair of run-outs at the Land Rover Hollow, then were held for about five minutes while the medics carted off Kristi. They also added 28.4 time penalties

Sinead Halpin and Manoir De Carneville had a confident round with just 4.4 time penalties.

Critical Decision and Missy Ransehousen had a strong go with no jumping faults and just 26 time penalties.

Destination Known and Allison Springer had a sliding refusal at the second element of the Land Rover Hollow, and then another at the double corners. A third refusal at the Normandy Bank eliminated the pair.

Jumbo’s Jake and James Alliston stopped at the rails at the Head of the Lake, then cleared on the second attempt. They picked up another 20.8 time faults.

Fernhill Urco and Mary King had a great clear go round, with King opting for the long route late on course to give her greener mount a positive ride. They added just 8 time penalties.

Exponential and Jessica Phoenix jumped brilliantly and clearly to finish the day on their dressage score.

Wonderful Will and Michael Pollard made it over all the questions with no problems. They added just 12.4 time penalties.

Neuf Des Coeurs and William Fox-Pitt had an textbook ride, coming in just over the time allowed to earn 0.8 time penalties.

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