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Chronicle’s 2018 Holiday Pets Gallery



They’re a big part of our life, so it’s only logical that they take part in our holiday cheer. Every year readers submit photos of their pets celebrating the season, so we’ve compiled all of them for you.


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(From left) Daisy Mae, Koda (dog), Khemo Khesha+/, Lauren Bates, Elekhtric Toi DRA, all owned by Lauren Bates. Photo Courtesy of Sherry Bates

Abigail Savannah Keating _Cynthia Brewster-Keating 2

Abigail Savannah Keating, owned by Cynthia Brewster-Keating. Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Brewster-Keating

Alexa Anastasio

Chippy, Violet, Rosie, Gina and Peek a Boo with Alexa Anastasio. Photo Courtesy of Ann Anastasio

Annie Patterson_Maple and Gibbs

Gibbs (horse) and Maple (beagle), owned by Annie Patterson. Photo Courtesy of Annie Patterson

Ariel_Aspen Mickelson

Aspen Mickelson and Ariel. Photo Courtesy of Sue Mickelson

Ariel_Aspen Mickelson_after

The aftermath of Aspen Mickelson and Ariel’s photoshoot. Photo Courtesy of Sue Mickelson

Bernie_Rachelle Barstow

Bernie, owned by Rachelle Barstow. Photo Courtesy of Rachelle Barstow

Brenda Tananbaum

Bert and & Ernie (Jack Russells) and Quito, owned by Brenda Tananbaum. Leslie Newing Photo

Cheri Manning

Brody (chestnut) and Max (gray). Photo Courtesy of Catherine Swinson

Cindy Davis

Investment Art with Kendyll Taylor (4), Lexi Wisniewski (5), Riley Wisniewski (7) and Jordyn Taylor (9). Photo Courtesy of Cindy Davis

Clark Gable_Mary Mulcahy

Clark Gable, owned by Mary Mulcahy. Photo Courtesy of Mary Mulcahy


Franklin Square, owned by Veronica Finkelstein. Niamh O’Connell/Hoof Woof Images Photo

Elissa Hattemer

Emma Hattemer and Little Paddocks Amadeus. Photo Courtesy of Elissa Hattemer

Gulfstream_Susan Kelly 2.jpeg

Gulfstream, owned by Susan Kelly. Photo Courtesy of Susan Kelly

Harlow Sparkles_Brooke Schneider

Harlow, owned by Brooke and TJ Schneider. Photo Courtesy of Brooke Schneider

Holiday High

Holiday High, owned by Jill Spencer. Maddie Delgado-Carlsen Photo

horses Christmas 2016 017

Brooks Robinson and Curry. Photo Courtesy of Sherry Lukens


Millie, owned by Katie Petronelli. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Adler


Ciaran, owned by Joscyln Pearson. Neighland/Lynlee Dutton Photo


Kitty (horse) and Bella (dog), owned by Amy Perlow. Photo Courtesy of Amy Perlow


Dontpokethecobra, aka Chaz, owned by DeeDee Hutcherson. Photo Courtesy of DeeDee Hutcherson


Arlo, owned by Louisa McGarty. Photo Courtesy of Louisa McGarty

Jake Jones185

Leeza (pony), Tater Tot (mini), Ace (dog) with Jake Jones. Photo Courtesy of Em Jones

Jill Alchorn.jpeg

Mavis (dog, fostered by Jill Alchorn) and Colin (horse, owned by Jill Alchorn). Photo Courtesy of Jill Alchorn


Air Force One (horse) and Mini Cooper (mini), owned by Kama Godek. Photo Courtesy of Kama Godek

Kathy Pinera

Corrina, Cutty, Myrlie, owned by Kathy Pinera. Photo Courtesy of Kathy Pinera


Kleary’s M&M and breeder/owner Lucinda A. Romero. Photo Courtesy of Karen E. Young

Lazy J Silver Bail

Lazy J Silver Bail, owned by Emma Monroe. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Monroe

Lionel_Maynard_Trish Madonia

Lionel (donkey) and Maynard, owned by Trish Madonia. Photo Courtesy of Trish Madonia

Lucky Charms_christina moutray

Lucky Charms and friends. Photo Courtesy of Christina Moutray

Lynn Witmer_Poco and Pyro

Poco (left) and Pyro, owned by Lynn Witmer. Photo Courtesy of Lynn Witmer


Dakota (left) and Sweetie, owned by Maddie Delgado-Carlsen. Photo Courtesy of Maddie Delgado-Carlsen

Maggie Cowling

(From left) Bart, Maggie Cowling, Peanut (dog), Vanna, and Lillie (mini horse), owned by Maggie Cowling. Photo Courtesy of Baylee Pitts

Mary Bacon

Molly (pony) and Fiona, owned by Mary Bacon. Photo Courtesy of Mary Bacon

Momma Squirrel in Santa hat

Momma Squirrel. Photo Courtesy of Allison Howell

Nicole Dumas_Ryder and Corduroy

Ryder and Corduroy, owned by Nicole Dumas. Photo Courtesy of Nicole Dumas

Patty Davis

(from left) Gypsy Time Traveler with J.R. Lattimer and Gigi (owned by Patty Davis) with Hannah Kray. Photo Courtesy of Barbara Kray

Peggy Kline

Peggy Kline and The Graduate. Photo Courtesy of Treena Hall

Pounce the Grinch

Pounce, owned by Allison Howell. Photo Courtesy of Allison Howell

Puck_Juliana Jacquemin.jpeg

Puck, owned by Juliana Jacquemin. Photo Courtesy of Juliana Jacquemin

Rêverie de Darco_Victoria DeMore Heil

Rêverie de Darco, owned by Amy Nelson. Victoria DeMore Photography Photo

Rip_Jayne Sonntag

Rip, owned by Jayne Sonntag. Photo Courtesy of Jayne Sonntag


Maggie, owned by Veronica Finkelstein. Photo Courtesy of Veronica Finkelstein

Scooter_Emley Ditamore

Pasha Nariya, aka Scooter, owned by Emley Ditamore. Photo Courtesy of Beth Fisher

Severn Savannah,

Severn Savannah, owned by JudithAnn Hartman. Photo Courtesy of JudithAnn Hartman

Sharon Hirsch_Sweet Coraline

Sweet Coraline, owned by Sharon Hirsch. Photo Courtesy of Sharon Hirsch

Sophie_Julie Griffen

Sophie, owned by Julie Griffen. Photo Courtesy of Ashten Sfarnas


Spock, cared for by Mary Cookingham. Photo Courtesy of Alexis d’Auria

Tanya Poepsel_Bling and Patsy.jpeg

Bling (dog) and Patsy (cow), owned by Amber Viera. Photo Courtesy of Tanya Poepsel

Tricia Costa

Stella, owned by Tricia Costa. Photo Courtesy of Tricia Costa

Ty and Nicolas Velasco.jpeg

Nicolas Velasco and Ty. Photo Courtesy of Shannon Velasco


Wizard, owned by Victoria Wymer, leased/loved by Elizabeth Rouse. Neighland/ Lynlee Dutton Photo

Yvonne Bright.jpeg

Farnley Chorus Girl, aka Bella, owned by Yvonne Bright. Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Bright




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