Britt-Leon’s Horse Of A Lifetime Pulls Through At Upperville

Jun 12, 2021 - 8:46 PM

Upperville, Va.—June 12

To take the turn, or not to take the turn? That is the question.

But for Michael Britt-Leon, there was no question before entering the ring for the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show (Virginia). He had to do the inside turn whether he wanted to or not.

Samantha Schaefer pulled through in her classic fashion in the handy round aboard In The Know, upping the ante. Many had tried before her, and many had failed. Coming off a big oxer, the riders had the choice to track wide and trot down the chute of trees (yes the horses jumped trees later on the course!) to the trot fence or instead go in front of the trees and track parallel to the jump before taking one step towards it. And then it was a hope and pray situation on whether the horse understood the question. In The Know understood, and so in order to catch the pair, Britt-Leon and Private I needed to follow suit.

21Upperville_Michael Britt-Leon_Private I_LauraUPP_8905
Michael Britt- Leon made his first trip to the Upperville Colt & Horse Show a winning one with Private I. Laura Lemon Photo

“For me, I was very busy at the other rings, so I was a little bit rushed to get in,” said Britt-Leon. “So I didn’t have a lot of time to walk the course, which was a little nerve-wracking for me. But what I find at this horse show, it’s filled of greatest of greats, and my peers were super helpful out on the course and helping me learn where to go and what the tracks were going to be.

“The handy was going to be quite tough,” he added. “I think Samantha headed it off doing the inside so well to that trot jump that we were all very nervous about. I knew at the beginning Hunt [Tosh] was going to try that [behind me in the order], which meant I had to do it. Which freaked me out a little bit.”

21Upperville_Michael Britt-Leon_Private I_KimberlyUPP_8848
Private I jumped out of his skin in the handy round for Michael Britt-Leon. Kimberly Loushin Photo

But Kelly Sims’ Private I lived up to his reputation as Britt-Leon’s horse of a lifetime, and didn’t put a foot wrong. And their base scores in the 90s reflected that.

“He’s such a special horse for me,” he said. “I got him just out of the pre-green ring. Did him as a first-year horse and then a second-year horse, and now he’s a high performance horse. He tries so hard whether we’re here at Upperville or at home trying to school and practice.

“He’s a performance animal,” he added. “He’s a little cocky around the barn, and I appreciate that because so am I. We have very similar personalities that way. I think it’s quite special to have a horse that can do the professional divisions and the amateur divisions well. He tries every time he goes in the ring to win, and the jump height never seems to matter.”

21Upperville_Cannon Creek_Hunt Tosh_LauraKAL_7956
Hunt Tosh piloted his young mount Cannon Creek to second. Laura Lemon Photo

The pair’s score held up when Round 1 leaders Tosh and Cannon Creek came just 3 points shy of catching them.

“He’s one you have that bond with,” Britt-Leon said. “No matter what I do I know he’s there to back me up. Whether I’m making a mistake or doing it right, he’s got me. And that’s a pretty great feeling.”

21Upperville_In The Know_Samantha Schaefer_KimberlyLRK_8211
Samantha Schaefer piloted the 2019 Upperville derby winner In The Know to third. Kimberly Loushin Photo
21Upperville_Caristo_Samantha Schaefer_KimberlyUPP_8520
Samantha Schaefer also took fourth with Caristo. Kimberly Loushin Photo
21Upperville_Nottingham_Scott Stewart_Laura_KAL_7933
Nottingham was picture perfect on his way to fifth with Scott Stewart. Laura Lemon Photo
21Upperville_Laffite De Muze_Amanda Steege_LauraKAL_7916
Crowd favorite Lafitte De Muze was sixth with Amanda Steege. Laura Lemon Photo
21Upperville_Michael Britt-Leon_Private I_LauraUPP_8881
Say Cheese! Private I hammed it up for the camera during the awards. Laura Lemon Photo
21Upperville_Hunt Tosh_Cannon Creek_KimberlyLRK_8425
Hunt Tosh gave Cannon Creek a pat on their way out of the ring. Kimberly Loushin Photo
21Upperville_In The Know_Samantha Schaefer_KimberlyUPP_8819
Samantha Schaefer gave In The Know a pat at the end of their handy round.
21Upperville_Amanda Steege_Scott Stewart_LauraUPP_8871
Amanda Steege (left) chatted with Scott Stewart during the awards. Laura Lemon Photo
21Upperville_Nottingham_Scott Stewart_LauraKAL_7643
Scott Stewart’s new derby mount Nottingham is a looker. Laura Lemon Photo
21Uppeville_Michael Britt-Leon_Private I_LauraKAL_7804
Michael Britt-Leon and Private I. Laura Lemon Photo
21Upperville_Alexa Lignelli_Cervino_KimberlyUPP_8734
Junior rider Alexa Lignelli rode Cervino to seventh. She was the only non-professional to make the handy. Kimberly Loushin Photo
21Upperville_Radio City_Evan Coluccio_LauraLRK_8152
Radio City has his best face on as he cantered around the ring to eighth with Evan Coluccio. Kimberly Loushin Photo

21 Upperville derby results


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