A Thoroughbred Sets A Record, The Start Of WEF, And Classic Hunters: The Best Of Throwback Thursday In 2016

Dec 29, 2016 - 5:33 AM

The Chronicle has been in print for more than 75 years, and we love bringing the history of the sport to light. In Throwback Thursday posts, we get the memories behind a great photo or video.

These are the top 10 most-read Throwback Thursday posts of 2016, with three entries penned by George H. Morris, some spectacular horses from the past, and nostalgia to spare…

#1  That Time When Will Simpson Jumped 7’5″ On A Thoroughbred

 The year was 1976, and 2008 Olympic team gold medalist show jumper Will Simpson was then a teenager riding a 15.3-hand Thoroughbred. 

At an exhibition at Arlington Park (Ill.), the two cleared a massive fence and jumped into the national spotlight. “It was a lot of fun for me at that stage and one of those things where it propels you. It was one of those successes along the way that keeps you coming back for more,” Simpson said. 

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#2  When WEF Was Young

In 1984, the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Fla., was still just starting. Touch Of Class and Joe Fargis tuned up for their individual Olympic gold medal later in the year be winning on the turf in Florida.

Margie Engle and Leslie Howard were still riding hunters and Molly Ashe Cawley was on ponies. Check out this peek into the past.

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#3  Watch The 1948 Olympic Show Jumpers In Training

 World War II had just ended, and the U.S. show jumpers aiming for the Olympic Games went to Europe to train for the Games. The National Sporting Library unearthed some amazing video footage of their training sessions.

Col. Frank Wing rode the famous U.S. team mount Democrat, Capt. John Russell rode Air Mail, and Col. Andrew Frierson rode Rascal.

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#4  Finding And Making Time To Ride

Denny Emerson’s column from a 2011 issue of COTH on how spending time in the saddle is an essential element of riding success has a timeless appeal. 

Someone who wants to become a great pianist plays the piano. A rider rides. It’s just a cliché for all sorts of developable skills and abilities.” 

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#5  Guess Who 3.0

The grand prix riders of today on ponies, wedding photos of top stars, the early days of a World Cup Finals winner, and more!

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#6  Classic Hunter Daily Nip Lives On In Cissy Webb’s Memories

“You can’t see, but I’m smiling and laughing as I talk about all this,” said Celeste “Cissy” Mohlman Webb as we chatted about her days showing Daily Nip back in the 1960s.

 When we found this classic photo of amateur rider Webb and her horse of a lifetime Daily Nip, we had to find out more.

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#7  Hacking Out—It’s More Than You Think

Denny Emerson’s columns definitely strike a chord in readers, and this one from a 2009 issue of COTH about the benefits of riding out of the ring and why it’s not done as much anymore.

“Trainers who really do take the time to put in the hours and miles on the trails and up the hills will create new levels of strength and endurance in their horses that in turn open doors to peaks of performance that most riders have never felt.”

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#8  The Steinkraus Hermès—The Saddle Of Champions And My Personal Love Story

The Steinkraus Hermès saddle became an iconic piece of tack for decades, and author Marianne Taylor can still recall lovingly ioling and cleaning hers. 

“It was beautifully balanced—it didn’t throw me forward or backward. I never had to use a pommel pad or a bump pad. I could feel every breath a horse took and make adjustments on the flat and over fences with a simple squeeze of my lower leg or slight change of my seat.”

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#9  Embrace The Suck

Every now and then, readers rediscover a blog that speaks to them and it pops back up into news feeds and in our analytics. They found this 2015 blog entry from Lauren Sprieser and it became popular all over again.

“I forget how we got on the subject, but one told me that there’s a saying that goes around Marine basic training: “Embrace the suck.” It’s boot camp, preparing you for life as an elite warrior—it’s going to suck. And the sooner you accept that it’s going to suck, the easier things get.”

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#10  Ask The Experts—How And Why Should We Ride Without Stirrups

For No-Stirrups-November, we re-posted this classic collection of George Morris’ advice about the benefits of riding without stirrups.

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