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Behind The Tackroom Curtains At The Menlo Charity Horse Show



Held at the Menlo Circus Club, the Menlo Charity Horse Show, a U.S. Equestrian Federation Heritage Show, features top hunter and jumper competition in Atherton, Calif. This year’s show was held Aug. 8-13.

For the last decade, the show has hosted a popular tackroom judging contest. Displays are judged on six criteria—appearance, organization and planning, safety, practicality, condition and innovation. Barns take pride in the annual contest, and thanks to photographer Alden Corrigan, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at some seriously fancy setups.


This year’s winner was Benson Carroll’s Ventana Farm, located in Carmel Valley, Calif.

All photos by Alden Corrigan Media.

1Ventana Farm

Ventana Farm’s setup featured gorgeous leather chairs, a basket of oranges, and a dog enjoying his bed under the table.

Ventana Farms 2

Ventana Farm

1Bridgeport Farms

Judges walk through the shaded aisle of Bridgeport Farms.

1Champagne on ice at Crystal Image Farms

Champagne anyone? Crystal Image Farms has you covered.

1Crystal Image Farms

Crystal Image Farms displayed lovely gray tones and white flowers.

1Enchantment Farm 2

Enchantment Farm’s display featured shiny wooden tack trunks and meticulously hung halters.

1Enchantment Farm's logo'd pillow

You could have a nice nap at Enchantment Farm’s tackroom if needed!

1Judges cards

The judges’ clipboards ready to go.

1Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian

Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian

1Northern Run 2

A past winner of the contest, Northern Run had a fancy sign at the entrance to their stables.

1Northern Run's tackroom

Northern Run’s tackroom

1Sandhaven Farm

Sandhaven Farm had a framed jockey’s silk to add a nice touch to the gray and blue theme.

1Sonoma Valley Stables

Sonoma Valley Stables had tack trunks for every occasion.

1Tackroom Judges at Brookway Stables

Judges walk through the barns.

1Waldenbrook Farm

Waldenbrook Farm looks ready to host a party at any moment.

1Daily words of wisdom at Charlebois Farm

Charlebois Farm speaks the truth!




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