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Behind The Scenes: It’s Been A Wild Ride For South African Gretha Ferreira



Mill Spring, N.C.—Sept. 14

This is South African dressage rider Gretha Ferreira’s first major international championship, and she came to the FEI World Equestrian Games with her jumper convert mare Lertevangs Lavinia. (You can read about Ferreira’s journey to the WEG.)

“It’s been unbelievable,” Ferreira said. “This is of course my first big games, and it’s Lavinia’s first big games, big show. This is her eighth Grand Prix ever, so I’m super proud of he,r and she was really handling the atmosphere in there really well.

“We had a mistake in the twos, and there was a few little mistakes. I feel things that with experience with her, the more I compete we’ll be more and more settled. I’m really happy, and I’m loving it here. It was being really good that the summer in Europe –– because I’m based in Europe completely the last two years –– have been so warm, so the horses are handling everything. The only difference is I think the humidity; I’m also like I feel way too hot all the time, but I’m ecstatic; I’m so happy about this experience.


“I was watching Aachen [Germay] this year, and I was really impressed with Kasey Perry-Glass, her piaffe, passage to me was flawless, and of course there’s a lot of U.S. riders that are on top of their form. Of course the Germans are always amazing to watch; Great Britain, there’s even the Swedish, there’s so many [top competitors]; I don’t even know how to start picking [who I’m most excited to watch,]so it’s going to be a really exciting field.”

Ferreira has been sharing photos of some of her behind the scenes experiences since arriving in Tryon with the Chronicle, so that you can take a look at what it’s like at the WEG.


Thurs, Sept. 6: Lavinia uses the Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug before her training session with Gretha Ferreira. Photo courtesy of Patrick Hausmann.

Gretha Ferreira spends quality time with Lavinia before their early morning ride. Photo courtesy of Patrick Hausmann.


Friday, Sept. 7: Chef d’equipe meeting. Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.


Americanisms! Photo courtesy of Patrick Haussman.


Sat, Sept. 8: Gretha Ferreira and Lavinia took their first ride in the main arena at TIEC. Photo courtesy of Patrick Hausmann.

Sun, Sept. 9: Who needs coffee when you can take an early morning roll?! Photo courtesy of Patrick Hausmann.

Mon, Sept. 10: Gretha Ferreira fills up Lavinia’s water buckets to start the morning off right. Photo courtesy of Patrick Hausmann.


Family time after riding Lavinia. Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.


Tues, Sept. 11: It’s show time! Gretha Ferreira before attending the FEI jog with Lavinia.


Lavinia passed the vet inspection! Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.


Gretha Ferreira and her boyfriend Patrick Hausmann are all smiles with Lavinia after the FEI jog. Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.


Gretha Ferreira and her mother Elmaré Ferreira. Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.


Gretha Ferreira’s brooch of the Protea, South Africa’s national flower. Photo courtesy of Gretha Ferreira.

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