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Behind The Photo: Eek! A Jump! The Crossrail Edition



Who doesn’t love a horse over-jumping a small fence? Throw some chrome in, even better. Add four feet of clearance? Then you must be looking at Cashetta, better known as “Cece,” in one of her first attempts over a comically small crossrail.

This video still made the rounds on social media when show jumping professional Danica Meyerhoff posted it on her Facebook page.


Her husband, eventing professional Bobby Meyerhoff, was shooting a quick video clip for Cece’s sale video when the mare made this rather extraordinary effort. “Cece’s idea of crossrails” was the caption, and utter disbelief was the reaction it garnered while collecting more than 2,000 likes and 3,000 shares from Danica’s Facebook page.

“I had just popped her over a couple crossrails on a previous day out on the grass, like her very first ones, and that day I wanted to just take her over a couple in the arena,” Danica said. “I asked Bobby to video and I trotted up thinking nothing of it, and that’s what happened!”


Cece is a 2014 model by the KWPN stallion Lupicor out of a mare named Brilliant W. Danica had only put 30 days on the mare before this jump effort, so it’s safe to say the mare has a good bit of natural talent.

“She’s one of ours that was bred and raised on the farm here in Statesville, North Carolina,” Danica said. “We bred with one in mind for Bobby for eventing and one in mind for me for jumping, and she’s everything that I thought she’d be, she’s just a little bit small.”

Her mighty jump picture is deceiving—the mare is actually only 15.1.

“I think I’ll sell her to somebody who’s going to have a blast on her,” Danica said. “She’s just a cute little package!”

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