As It Happens: Land Rover Kentucky CCI**** Show Jumping Live Updates

Apr 29, 2018 - 12:56 PM

Lexington, Ky.—April 29

The show jumping phase of the Land Rover Kentucky CCI**** begins at 1 p.m., and we’ll be posting live updates as each round finishes.

Oliver Townend is your new Land Rover Kentucky CCI**** winner!

Top 10 Results

1. Oliver Townend/Cooley Master Class
2. Michael Jung/fischerRocana
3. Marilyn Little/RF Scandalous
4. Phillip Dutton/Z
5. Lauren Kieffer/Vermiculus
6. Lynn Symansky/Donner
7. Oliver Townend/MHS King Joules
8. Sharon White/Cooley On Show
9. Christopher Burton/Nobilis 18
10. Buck Davidson/Copper Beech

Find the full results on the Land Rover Kentucky CCI website.

2:57 The rider we’ve all been waiting for: Michael Jung on fischerRocana. And they’ve had the triple bar down (5)! Oliver Townend has won! The game mare is a three-time Kentucky winner, but this won’t be her year.

2:55 Chris Burton and Nobilis 18 are in the ring. The leggy bay isn’t known for his show jumping prowess. He takes the triple bar down at 5 and then knocks the middle fence in the triple combination (6B). Chris won’t be in the top three, but he pats his horse and waves to the crowd on his way out.

2:52 Oliver Townend seriously puts the pressure on the leaders with a clear round on Cooley Master Class. He’s hunting for the Rolex Grand Slam, since he won the Land Rover Burghley CCI**** last fall.

2:50 Lynn Symansky and Donner take to the Rolex Arena, and the pair is sitting tied for fourth after cross-country. This off-track Thoroughbred romped around the course yesterday. He looks plenty fresh, but he just gets a little bold to the vertical at 11 and takes it down. That means Marilyn Little will be the best-placed U.S. rider.

2:45 Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous are in the ring. Little was in this arena on Saturday night aboard show jumper Clear Water, and this grand prix rider is totally comfortable in this phase. “Kitty” is jumping in beautiful form for Little, and they chalk up a classy clean round.

2:42 Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg just drift right in the triple combination and have the last fence down (6C), but this little horse is full of try in his first four-star.

2:41 Phillip Dutton is back in the arena with Z, his second ride. This is the horse’s first four-star. Dutton is giving this leggy horse a masterful ride, and he clears the fences by a mile. Another American double clear!

2:37 Lauren Kieffer returns on her second horse, Vermiculus, who is a full sibling to her first four-star mount, Snooze Alarm. “Bug” is an Anglo-Arab, and he’s a shiny, bouncy ball of a horse. A clear round and a big, big hug for Bug from Kieffer.

2:34 Cooley On Show jumps like a show hunter for Sharon White. “Louie” is a big scopey horse, and he makes the clear round look easy!

2:32 Buck Davidson is in the ring on his last horse, Copper Beech. “Sean” jumps a lovely clear, and Buck has big pats of praise for his longtime partner.

2:30 Tamra Smith and Wembley just tap the C element at 6, but it stays up, and then the last fence on course falls (13). Smith won’t be disappointed in this talented gray’s first four-star attempt.

2:26 Polish rider Pawel Spisak takes to the ring with his spicy Thoroughbred Banderas. This chestnut does everything with exuberance. They take the liverpool oxer at 10 down. They also add 1 time fault to their score.

2:23 Now it’s Will Coleman and French-bred off-track Thoroughbred Tight Lines in the ring. This lovely gray was full of running yesterday, and he still shows Coleman he has plenty of opinions with a few head tosses. They rattle the vertical at 11, but it stays up, and this pair finishes with a fault-free round.

“I’ve been on the wrong side of that luck many more times!” Coleman said. “The horse put in a great effort.”

2:21 Great Britain’s Oliver Townend heads into the ring with MHS King Joules, a horse that absolutely dragged him around cross-country yesterday. They just catch the middle fence in the triple at 6B.

2:19 Irish rider Tim Bourke and Luckaun Quality catch the back rail of the oxer at 4. “Obie” had one of the fastest cross-country clears yesterday, and he looks like he’d be happy to do another lap of the Kentucky Horse Park. Bourke also gets 6 time faults as the price of containing his exuberant mount.

2:15 Kelly Prather and Truly Wiley are in the ring. Kelly has had this Thoroughbred since he was 2. They topple 8A in an otherwise foot-perfect round.

2:12 Canada’s Colleen Loach takes to the ring with Qorry Blue d’Argouges. They just tip the back rail of the B element in the double combination at 8.

2:10 Phillip Dutton is in the arena with the first of his two mounts, I’m Sew Ready. “Jackson” takes the vertical down at 2 and stretches to jump across the triple bar. They also have 2 time faults.

2:07 Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo are in the ring. They have the vertical down at 3, and then he pulls the back rail of the triple bar at 5, and he catches the vertical at 11 with his hind feet as well.

2:04 Buck Davidson returns to the Rolex Arena with Carlevo. He clucks at the liverpool at 10A, but Carlevo rubs the front rail, and it comes down, as does the vertical at 11.

We’re on a break until 2 p.m.

1:31 Lillian Heard is back in the ring with Share Option. They have the second fence down. “Whitey” jumps like a pure show jumper though, and they have no further issues.

“I didn’t do everything the way I wanted to this weekend, but I finished it the way I wanted to,” said Heard. “Whitey normally jumps clear, but I normally jump him first. After riding Barnaby, I rode Whitey a little bit like I ride Barnaby and had [fence] 2 down. Then I was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa!’ It was my rail. Barnaby jumped clear, and he’s never jumped clear here.”

1:29 Savannah “Woodge” Fulton and Captain Jack are competing in their second Kentucky CCI****. They take the verticals down at 2 and 3. The front rail on the double also falls (8A) for 12 jumping faults.

1:26 Canada’s Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me start with the first and second fence down, but they recover nicely.  They take the first part of the double down (8A) and the liverpool oxer at 10 for 16 jumping faults plus 1 time fault.

1:24 Caroline Martin and Spring Easy are in the ring. Martin jumped around clean cross-country despite riding with a broken foot and walking the majority of the course on her crutches. Clear jumping round, but she incurs 3 time faults.

1:20 Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless take to the Rolex Arena. They knock the second fence down and take the rail at the liverpool (10) and the vertical at 11 for 12 jumping faults and 5 time faults.

1:18 Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border are in the ring. The make the course look like child’s play with a beautiful clear round.

“It’s the first time I’ve been able to go in that ring and really enjoy being in that ring,” Severson said. “He’s such a good show jumper, and there was no pressure. I had fun with it.”

1:16 Sara Gumbiner and Polaris are the only four-star first-timers in the field. They have the vertical down at fence 2, the middle fence of the triple down behind (6B), and the second part of the double down (8B), and 3 time faults, but she’s still very pleased with “Larry.”

“It feels really good,” said Gumbiner about finishing her first four-star. “I’m relieved that it’s over. He was fresher than I thought he was going to be. I thought he was going to be a little bit more dead, so I felt like I had to rev him up. Then when he was reved up it got a little bit messy, so I had to hold him together, and we had a few rails.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” she added. “I’ve been working really hard for this for a really long time. I’m really excited that it’s over. I felt really focused, and then right as I was about to go in I could hear the crowd cheer for the horse in front of me, and my horse spooked at it, and it made me laugh.”

1:14 Ashley Johnson and Tactical Maneuver have the first fence down in the triple (6A), the Rolex oxer at 7 and the first rail of the oxer in the double (8B) down. They also add 4 time faults to their score.

1:11 Andrea Baxter and Indy 500 are in the ring next. They take the middle element of the triple combination down behind (6B) and a rail at the second element of the double at 8B as well for an 8-fault round.

1:08 Buck Davidson has three horses in the show jumping, and he’s starting with Park Trader. They knock the liverpool at 10 and add 6 time faults to their score as well.

1:05 Canada’s Waylon Roberts horse Kelecyn Cognac struggled a bit, knocking the first fence, the first two verticals in the triple combination at 6, and the vertical at 11 for 16 jumping faults.

1:01 p.m. We’re under way with Lillian Heard on the first of her two horses, LCC Barnaby. And she jumps a clean round with 1 time fault! What a great way to start the show jumping!


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