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All U.S. Show Jumping Horses Pass First Horse Inspection



Lima, Peru—Aug. 4

Fifty-six horses were presented at the first show jumping horse inspection here at the Pan American Games. All five U.S. horses—Charlchen W (Alex Granato), Venue d’Fees des Hazalles (Eve Jobs), Breitling LS (Beezie Madden), Hester (Lucy Deslauriers) and reserve Quirado RC (Richard Spooner)—passed.

WEB SLIDER Lucy Deslauriers and Hester DHS_7449

Lucy Deslauriers presented Hester today for Team USA. Mollie Bailey Photos

WEB Beezie Madden Breitling LS DHS_7544

Beezie Madden will be riding her FEI World Cup Finals champion partner Breitling LS.

WEB Carlchen DHS_7572

Alex Granato has had a long partnership with Carlchen W.

WEB Eve Jobs DHS_7696

Eve Jobs will be making her championship debut with Venue d’Fees des Hazalles.

WEB Quirado RC DHS_7491

Reserve combination Richard Spooner and Quirado RC are ready to compete if needed.

Eight horses were held for re-inspection: Guatemala’s d’Artagnan (Wylder Francisco Rodriguez Silva), Guatemala’s Magnolia Mystic Rose (Juan Andres Rodriguez Silva), Paraguay’s Quinn 33 (Stieven Barwind), Mexico’s Babel (Patricio Pasquel), Uruguay’s Liborius (Martín Rodriguez Vanni), Brazil’s Chacciama (Rodrigo Lambre), Venezuela’s G&C Virko Minotais (Gustavo Arroyo) and Mexico’s Big Red (Salvador Oñate).

D’Artagnan, Quinn 33, G&C Virko Minotais and Big Red passed on re-inspection, while Magnolia Mystic Rose, Babel, Liborius and Chacciama will be re-inspected tomorrow.


Competition kicks off Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 11 a.m. Central.

WEB Lisa Carlsen Parette DHS_7259

Canada’s Lisa Carlsen will be showing Parette.

web Mario Deslauriers Amsterdam 27 DHS_7347

Mario Deslauriers will be showing Amsterdam 27.

WEB Quabri de L Isle DHS_7788

Pedro Veniss’ Quabri de L’Isle showed off his spunky side while waiting to jog.

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