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All U.S. Horses Pass First Pan American Eventing Horse Inspection



Lima, Peru—Aug. 1

Forty-six horses presented at the first inspection for the Pan American eventing competition, including five U.S. combinations.

Three horses were held: Jhonatan Fabian Rodriguez’s Caipirina from Colombia, Carlos Villarroel’s Quilano from Chile and Ricardo Jequier’s Barbecho from Chile. Caipirina and Quilano passed upon re-inspection and Barbecho withdrew. Chile presented five horses in total, so will still have four horses competing. Mexico’s Romana (Fernando Parroquin Delfin), the reserve rider for Mexico, did not present. All other horses passed.

Forty-two horses will compete on dressage day tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from the trot-up.


WEB Boyd Martin Tsetserleg PAN_4865

Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg came to the Pan American Games fresh off a win at the Maryland International CCI3*-S. Mollie Bailey photos

WEB Boyd Martin Tsetserleg PAN_4754

Boyd Martin shared a moment with Tsetserleg before the trot-up.

WEB Collen Loach FE Golden Eye PAN_4377

Canada’s Colleen Loach and FE Golden Eye looked ready to go.

WEB Doug Payne Starr Witness PAN_4833

Championship rookie Doug Payne presented Starr Witness to the ground jury.

web Karl Slezak Fernhill Wishes PAN_4352

Karl Slezak brought Fernhill Wishes to Peru.

WEB Liz Halliday-Sharp Cooley Quicksilver PAN_4709

U.S. reserve rider Liz Halliday-Sharp flew Cooley Quicksilver over from England for the Games.

WEB Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play PAN_4804

Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play will represent Team USA.

WEB Mississippi Dana Cook PAN_4402

The lovely Mississippi and Dana Cook will ride for Canada.

WEB Pavorotti Jessica Phoenix PAN_4328

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti will be competing in their third Pan American Games together.

WEB Tamie Smith Mai Baum PAN_4738

The other championship first-timer on Team USA is Tamie Smith with Mai Baum.

WEB Americans PAN_4246

There were plenty of U.S. supporters on hand during the jog.

WEB Argentina Remonta San Jorge Ignacio zone PAN_5013

Many competitors are members of the military, including Argentina’s Remonta San Jorge.

WEB Chile Puerto Octay Luis Alfonso Larrondo Muñoz PAN_5428

Chile’s Puerto Octay showed off some antics while jogging with Luis Alfonso Larrondo Muñoz.

WEB Onzieme Framoni Ecuador PAN_4977

Ecuador’s Nicolas Wettstein lost his hat while jogging Onzieme Framoni.

WEB Violento Jose Alan Triana Martinez Mexico PAN_4460

The stallion Violento got a final rubdown before the jog with Mexican rider Jose Alan Triana Martinez.

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