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At the Aiken Horse Park, our view of Hurricane Matthew was better than most!

It is what Bruce would have wanted!

The generosity and level of humanity we saw was truly inspiring. 



It is what Bruce would have wanted!

The generosity and level of humanity we saw was truly inspiring. 

Sandi Vogus and Phillip Merry and their team at Hutson Etherredge Companies supplied so many snacks, water and carrots for all of our evacuees.

Amy and C.P. at  Aiken Saddlery was there for us delivering for the first arrivals and donating hay.

JP and Megan Goddard of Equus Events had a pizza party the first day, then  Kay Raymer and Jimmy Johns , brought enough lunch to feed everyone on the property the next day.

Our neighbor Mary Long brought donuts. 

Nancy Bell helped us set up the stalls, while John Maldonado and Randy Hannold worked well beyond their hours to make sure everything was in order.


Josee Riviere was there in the office for long hours to help and direct people with any of their needs.

Shawna Dietrich of Dietrich Insurance also jumped in and helped out.

Tiger Kneece of South Carolina Shavings was there at a moments notice when we needed bedding.

Jeff & Jan Bentley from Portable Services provided their service the campers at no cost. Unbelievable!

We are sorry that anybody had to evacuate, but what we experienced and saw was a community of friends, neighbors and business associates that came together and made a bad situation, the best it could be, and we could not be happier at what transpired on the grounds because we know that it is exactly what Bruce would have wanted, and he would have been right in the thick of it helping everyone!

Best wishes to our evacuee’s, we enjoyed hosting you and sincerely hope you find your homes and family well on your return. And thanks to all who came to the Aiken Horse Park and volunteered or helped in any manner to insure that our guests felt at home.




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