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4 Horses Test Positive For EHV-1 At Spain’s Mediterranean Equestrian Tour



On Feb. 22 four horses tested positive for the equine herpesvirus in Oliva, Spain, the site of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour show jumping series, prompting the cancellation of the final week of competition.

Ten horses that were stabled in the same tent at the venue went into isolation on Feb. 21 after six became febrile. The following day their swab tests returned: Four were positive for EHV-1; four were negative, and two were inconclusive. None of the horses have neurological symptoms.

All 82 horses stabled in that tent must remain at the venue for at least one week. They were all tested on Feb. 23 and will be tested a week later. The horses that were stabled in different tents are free to leave the venue, barring a pre-departure veterinary check-up to show that they aren’t febrile or have other symptoms. Those horses must return home, and all horses—nearly 1,000—who participated in the series from Feb. 7-Feb. 22 are blocked in the Fédération Equestre Internationale database from competing, including those that already left the show to compete at other events.


Meanwhile, at an FEI show in Lier, Belgium, a horse showing EHV-1 symptoms over the weekend was immediately isolated, and after testing positive for EHV-1 that horse and another 25 horses deemed to be in close contact were blocked from the FEI database.

In February of 2021 a Spanish EHV-1 outbreak resulted in the deaths of 18 horses and confirmed related cases in 10 countries, prompting the cancellation of international events in 10 European countries for March. In 2022 the FEI published a three-part report on that outbreak and how future EHV-1 outbreaks should be handled.




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