Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023

2015 ASPCA Maclay Finals Commentary

We're here in Lexington, Ky., yet again for the ASPCA Maclay Finals, where 153 of the country's top junior riders aspire to win one of the most elusive equitation titles.

We'll try and post every 10 riders or so, with updates on how the course is riding, who has done well, who hasn't, etc. Please don't expect an account of every rider's trip, but we'll try to keep you up to date!! Scroll down to see the most recent posting.



We’re here in Lexington, Ky., yet again for the ASPCA Maclay Finals, where 153 of the country’s top junior riders aspire to win one of the most elusive equitation titles.

We’ll try and post every 10 riders or so, with updates on how the course is riding, who has done well, who hasn’t, etc. Please don’t expect an account of every rider’s trip, but we’ll try to keep you up to date!! Scroll down to see the most recent posting.

Disclaimer: We’re providing this as a service to those who are interested, and we’re just recording our observations. We’re not judges, just reporters who have watched the Maclay Finals in their entirety for many years. You may not agree with our notes, and that’s fine—we’re not putting them out there as the authoritative word, but as information for those interested.

That said, read on! We have the order of go, course and all the other essential information here.












Check back soon for more coverage from the class!

The judges have decided NO FURTHER TESTING. We’ll have results here as soon as they announce them!


RHIAN MURPHY’s track is overall smooth, she gets a quiet one stride to three strides in the “triple line” (it’s numbered as 3AB and 4). The skinny oxer at fence 12 goes well for her. Just a few small rubs, and no other major mistakes. SHANNON ECKEL and her mount disagree over the distances to the ASPCA wall, which is an oxer today. Otherwise her trip goes smoothly. She has a nice bending six strides to the skinny oxer and finishes well. VIVIAN YOWAN gets the nice bending four strides from headed into the 3AB/4 line. Her mount swaps off just before the skinny Calumet rails, and she has the rail at the skinny oxer at 12. Her last few fences are very nice.

EMMA KURTZ is next, and she’s riding Patrick. She has a nice ride through the “triple” line; that second three strides from the vertical to vertical looks like it comes up fairly tight, but she’s smooth about it. Everything else comes up just right for her. KENDRA GIERKINK has a light rub at the first fence, an oxer headed right towards the in-gate. She gets a little of a long spot heading into the one-stride to three-stride. This courses uses two bending lines heading into combinations, and you can see the riders need to be very decisive about the tracks of those lines. YASMIN RIZVI gets a little tight jumping out of the three-stride after the one-stride, and her horse takes a big leap over the brush ASPCA fence. She has the front rail of the skinny oxer at 12, but she finishes over the final oxer with panache. 

LILLY HIGGINS’ horse swaps off before the first fence and then again before fence 2, the Calumet rails. They have a mishap over the distance at the ASPCA oxer after the line, and her horse stops. The rest has no major mistakes. CARLY ALDER has a bold jump over 1, and she gets just a smidgen tight to 2. She has the rail at 12 after riding a beautiful double and “triple”. COCO FATH, 10th to go so far, has the horse with the really adorable ears. She does the five into the outside one-stride to three-stride line, which ends up just a tiny bit short, but the one-stride line goes well for her. She gets a little deep to oxer at 12, and the front rail falls.  

NINA VOGEL’s round is overall very smooth. She gets a beautiful and bold forward step over the last oxer. MADISON SELLMAN has a good ride into, through and out 3AB and 4, nice bold pace through it, even with having to collect for the three in that line. No major mistakes. MICHAEL WILLIAMSON has the front rail of the oxer at 12 and a few light rubs but otherwise no major mistakes. DAISY FARISH has a great and decisive ride through the first half of the course, especially the bending line from the Calumet into the one-stride. She also has a beautiful and forward ride into the last fence. That was overall very polished. 

ASHTON ALEXANDER has another very well-executed trip, and she ends with a great forward step into the final oxer. Lots of cheers for her! JORDYN ROSE FREEDMAN has to hurry just a bit coming into the one-stride, which makes the three-stride right after come up just a hair short. A little rub at fence 12, but a nice jump out over the final oxer. EMILY PEREZ has a quiet ride into fence 1. She executes the set of 3AB, 4 and 5 beautifully. The rest is smooth, no major mistakes.

PATRICIA GARRETT gets that “just oh so slightly long” spot into the first one-stride, but it still goes well for her jumping out. This horse has a huge step, and he gets close to 12 and has the front rail down. She also gets close to the last oxer and has the front rail of that down. KELLI CRUCIOTTI has a rub coming out over 4, just a tiny bit tight. She also gets just a smidge to the Calumet, but then she does the bold six strides into the double at 10AB. Most are doing seven there. Overall nice, just those minor mistakes. 

SAMANTHA VALONE goes for the four strides from the Calumet into the double at 3AB (most are doing five there), and she has some rubs in the line and then gets tight jumping out the three-stride after that. She also has the rail at 12. Last oxer is lovely. ALEXANDRA LADOVE does a very smooth five strides into the 3AB/4 line, and it goes great for her. She’s carrying a nice pace but looks very much in control of everything. Aw but she gets tight to the final oxer and has that rail! Otherwise lovely trip. SYDNEY HUTCHINS’ trip is overall extremely well-executed. She exits to much applause. 

AILISH CUNNIFFE has a rub at fence 1. Most are doing four from fence 4 to 5, and it’s a little long for her after having to sit down for that tight three-stride line right before. Otherwise a polished round. SOPHIE MICHAELS’ trip really flows through everything, and she does the bold six into the double at 10AB. Maybe just the tiniest (very tiny!) bit tight into the final oxer, really nice overall though. KATHERINE STRAUSS (who was competing until 11 pm last night in the U-25 jumpers!) gets a few rubs through 3AB and 4, very light though. She does the seven strides into 10AB. Her horse swaps off just before the final oxer. 

KATHERINE BUNDY gets a great pace going before 1, and her horse jumps it boldly. She does the five from fence 2 to 3AB; only a very few have chosen the four there. She also does the seven into 10AB instead of six. Great jump over fence 12, which has been tough for some, and her final oxer was lovely. Polished trip for her. ALI TRITSCHLER gets a hard rub at fence 1, and she’s a little tight jumping out fence 4. Overall a stready trip for her. LUCY DESLAURIERS (another jumping at 11 last night—and winning!) has a great ride into 1. She’s carrying pace but with control. Really nice trip overall. 

MADISON GOETZMANN gets just a bit tight into 3AB, but her horse jumps that line great still. Otherwise polished and professional trip for her. She did the bigger numbers (five stride and then seven) heading into those two bending lines as most have. Final rider…MCKAYLA LANGMEIER’s trip is smooth, no major mistakes; she just maaaybe the slightest bit close to the oxer at 8, but that’s being very, very picky. Now we’ll see if the judges will request further testing… 


All 30 will return to jump over the second round. They are coming in this order, which is reverse order of preference.

7 Rachel McMullen

40 Rhian Murphy

73 Shannon Eckel

123 Vivian Yowan

105 Emma Kurtz

49 Kendra Gierkink

81 Yasmin Rizvi

58 Lilly Higgins

91 Carly Alder

104 Coco Fath

71  Nina Vogel

48 Madison Sellman

50 Michael Williamson 

76 Daisy Farish

18 Ashton Alexander

10 Jordyn Rose Freedman

20 Emily Perez

92 Patricia Garrett

119 Kelli Cruciotti 

135 Samantha Valone

137 Alexandra Ladove

51 Sydney Hutchins

22 Ailish Cunniffe

47 Sophie Michaels

134 Katherine Strauss

4 Katherine Bundy

14 Ali Tritschler

143 Lucy Deslauriers 

116 Madison Goetzmann

1 Mckayla Langmeier 

And here’s the course map for today’s track:



And a picture of the how the ring looks set up. 



The first group is in the ring, and they start out with a posting trot and then go to a sitting trot with collection. And then they do a little extended trot before halting, and then they’re asked to go straight into the counter-canter. In front of the judges’ booth they’re asked to do a flying change. Then they walk and change direction. 

Back to the counter-canter from the walk on this new direction. They repeat the same “flying change in front of the judges’ booth” thing this direction. From the canter they go back to the walk. Now they’re asked to back 4-5 steps before moving off in sitting trot. They go to posting trot next and then lengthen stride in trot. One final halt, and then the riders are released. No riders had any major problems with those movements. Interesting they didn’t include any lateral work. 

 Group 2! They also start out at…the walk. They follow the same basic pattern as group 1. Nothing dramatic happens in Group 3, everyone looked overall very strong. We’re now waiting on the list of riders who’ll go on to jump today’s course. We’ll also have the course map soon. 

The 30 riders go in three groups for the flat phase. Here are the groups:



Emily Perez

Samantha Valone

Michael Williamson

Carly Alder

Kendra Gierkink

Nina Vogel

Rachel McMullen

Shannon Eckel 

Yasmin Rizvi

Madison Sellman


Katherine Bundy

Patricia Garrett

Katherine Strauss

Kelli Cruciotti

Emma Kurtz

Daisy Farish

Coco Fath

Lilly Higgins

Vivian Yowan 

Rhian Murphy  


Mckayla Langmeier

Lucy Deslauriers 

Ali Tritschler 

Jordyn Rose Freedman 

Madison Goetzmann 

Sophie Michaels 

Sydney Hutchins

Ailish Cunniffe

Alexandra Ladove

Ashton Alexander


Here is today’s final standby list, indicating which riders will return tomorrow for flat phase. They are listed in numerical order and are not yet ranked. Scroll down below to read more about how each rider’s trip went. 


1 McKayla Langmeier 

4 Katherine Bundy

7 Rachel McMullen

10 Jordyn Rose Freedman

14 Ali Tritschler 

18 Ashton Alexander

20 Emily Perez

22 Ailish Cunniffee

40 Rhian Murphy

47 Sophie Michaels

48 Madison Sellman

49 Kendra Gierkink

50 Michael Williamson

51 Sydney Hutchins

58 Lilly Higgins

71 Nina Vogel

73 Shannon Eckel

76 Daisy Farish

81 Yasmin Rizvi

92 Patricia Garrett

104 Coco Fath

105 Emma Kurtz

116 Madison Goetzmann 

119 Kelli Cruciotti

123 Vivian Yowan

134 Katherine Strauss

135 Samantha Valone

137 Alexandra Ladove

143 Lucy Deslauriers


(Kelli Cruciotti is one rider who will return for tomorrow’s flat round. Photo by Ann Glavan.)

MCKAYLA LANGMEIER, first in the ring, comes in with a confident and forward trip, just a rub at fence 9, which is a vertical heading towards the in-gate. Overall a lovely trip that should give riders watching a good idea of how it can be done. ALEC TOLLE’s horse wants nothing to do with fence 2, the ASPCA wall, the first time, but he gives him a strong ride to clear it on second attempt. They finish up with more confidence. TAYLOR ST JACQUES gives her horse a lovely ride on that line from fence 1 to 2. That sets the tone for a very sleek rest of the course.  

KATHERINE BUNDY is next on a lovely grey horse, and they put in a finessed and smooth round. NATALIE BENSON’s mount is looking a little sassy in the ring this morning, he kicked out at her leg and then cross-cantered through a change. They end with a nice final line though. BETHANY GARRISON and her horse fall into the first fence, which is a triple bar. The horse stays on his feet, and she stays on. She gives him a strong ride to clear it the second time. The horse looks backed off by the ring, and they have a rail later, but they finish up with some nice jumps. 

RACHEL MCMULLEN gets seven in the first line from 1-2, which most who are really riding forward are getting. They had a nice trip with no mistakes. MARTHA INGRAM has a steady trip with a few swaps off before the fences. CAROLINE JONES has some swapping issues and a brief cross-canter, and they disagree on the distance to fence 11, a swooped, skinny gate. JORDYN ROSE FREEDMAN puts in a bold and flowing trip with her keen looking horse. Her bending lines are well-executed.


COOPER DEAN has a rail at the out of the in-and-out at fence 4. Otherwise no major mistakes. HANNAH PATTEN gets a tad deep to 1. They quickly get in a groove though, and the rest is tidy. PHOEBE BACKMAN has a rail at 3, a skinny vertical with natural-colored rails. They finish well. ALI TRITSCHLER has a lovely turn from 3 to 4ab. She also bends 8 to 9 to 10 beautifully. Only minor mistake is a swap off before one oxer. KATIE SCHELL has a disagreement with her horse about his lead before 3. They have a rail heading into the triple after getting quite deep, and then the rail at 7 right after. Their last jump is beautiful. 

CELESTE P. PURDOM’s horse is a bit spooky about 2, the ASPCA wall, and he swaps off before. They pick up a stop at 11, but she gives him a nice ride to the last. NINA ROTONDO has a rail at 9 but otherwise no major mistakes. ASHTON ALEXANDER have a very nice trip, no mistakes. KRISTA TAYLOR’s horse backs off to fence 2 and swaps leads a few times. He’s looking a little spooky the rest of the way around, but she gives him a confident ride, and they finish well. EMILY PEREZ’s mount has a lovely big step, and she gives him a bold trip through with no major mistakes. 

ADDISON HOWE is on a big rangy mount with an adorable white snip. They disagree about fence 7, and she jumps the wrong side of it, and they are eliminated. AILISH CUNNIFFE puts in a polished trip, just a rub at an oxer at 8. ELLE YOUNG has a big chip at 3 on her horse who’s looking backed off in the environment. Their last line is nice. CATHERINE STAFFORD has a bit off the top of the ASPCA wall. They disagree over the distance at 4a and have a rail at 7. KATHERINE BENARD gets deep to 1, and then her horse isn’t crazy about 2. They pick up momentum over the second half of the course.

MEGAN HILTON gets a rail at 3 on her very cute dark bay horse. They get in a good rhythm to finish well. MARY ELIZABETH CORDIA has a few rubs but no major mistakes. SARA MCCLOSKEY adds in the first line as her horse is a little look-y. The rest of the ride is lovely, nice and bold and flowing. EVE JOBS’ horse cross-canters to fence 3, and she finishes with a confident trip. BAILEY IMBUS has a bit of a miss at 3, but she gets the rest of her distances.

VICTORIA PRESS has the rail at 3, which a lot are pulling. Otherwise a polished trip. PHOEBE ALWINE has a stop at fence 2 two times, and she’s eliminated. ALEXANDRA PIELET (fun fact: she’s riding former four-star eventer Trading Aces!) adds in the first line and has a cross-canter to 7. Their bending line at 10 to 11 is very nice. RANSOME ROMBAUER’s trip looks professional, and she just has a swap off before the oxer at 8, which several have had. CAMILA CONESA gets a little deep at 4a, but the rest is smooth. CASSIE CROTTY has a nice trip, no major mistakes. JANELLE HENNINGSEN has a brick off the wall at 2. A miss at 4a, but they salvage it to jump out nicely. She jumps the middle part with only one stirrup after the mishap at 4!

NICOLE LIEBOWITZ is a bit deep to the first fence, and her horse spooks badly and stops at the ASPCA wall. He jumps it no problem on a second attempt—deep again to the vertical and into the one stride. The triple is tough for them, a stride left out on the way in, but she makes it out fine and clocks around the next three fences well, ending on a light rub. DEVON MACLEOD is forward and bold to the first two fences and they work out well for her. She’s really hitting everything out of stride quite nicely until the skinny vertical, which she finds long. She ends on a very nice fence. RHIAN MURPHY has a nice rhythm and clocks around the first forward part of the course no problem—her horse is very bright and perks his ears nicely all the way around. She’s a bit deep to the swoop gate, but ends on a great final fence for an overall very solid round, which the crowd appreciates. 

ANNA BILLINGS’ horse is not crazy about this ring, and he tries to stop at the first two, but she rides him very assertively and gets it done. He finishes with much more confidence. PAIGE MATTHIES picks up a stop at 2. The rest is nice! JORDYN HECHTER has a very spooky ride to 1, 2 3 and 4. They get a groove by the last two lines. BRIANNA MENTLE’s horse also doesn’t want much to do with fence 2. They have a rail at 6a, the start of the triple. Her last line is confident. SUMMER HILL’s trip is extremely polished over the first half, just a small rub at 3 and then she has a rail at 7. Her last two lines are excellent. 

HAYLEY IANNOTTI had a nice ride, no major mistakes. SOPHIE MICHAELS’ trip is professional and nicely forward, all good distances, expect we’ll see her again. MADISON SELLMAN has a rail at 4b, but the rest is smooth. KENDRA GIERKINK has a tight distance and is a little slow to 3, but then she kicks on, and the horse picks up pace. She has the rail at 9 and finishes with a good last line. MICHAEL WILLIAMSON is on a big, handsome horse. They have the rail at 7, the natural skinny vertical, but are otherwise without major mistake. 

SYDNEY HUTCHINS nails the first line and the turn to 3. The rest is great too! We’d expect to see her back. ELLYN FRITZ has a nice ride, no major mistakes. Now we’re on a drag break! 

GRACE BOSTON is first after the drag break. She has the rail at 3, and then her horse is a bit spooky about jumping into the triple. They finish with a beautiful spot to the last. JOHN PORTER has a smooth round with no major mistakes. TAYLOR MASTERS has a sticky ride to 1 and then a stop at 2. Her very cute horse just looks a little backed off. They finish on a nice line. ALISON MACDONALD is another rider with a stop at 2. And her horse stops again, and rears!, but she kicks him on. They are eliminated after clearing the fence.

MORGAN DICKERSON has an overall nice ride with just a single rail down. LILLY HIGGINS has another good ride with no major mistakes, just a couple of rubs. MAYA NAYYAR puts in a polished trip and finishes up to lots of cheers. She must have a lot of fans here! HUNTER HOLLOWAY, who’s had such an amazing indoors season so far, is in next. She just jumps the wrong side of fence 3, and she’s off course and eliminated! Shocking. 

SUNNY DRESCHER gets a little deep to 3 and has the rail at 4b, but she finished nicely. EVIE JAECKLE and her mouth have a disagreement about the distance to 5, but the rest goes well for them. RACHAEL DAVIS has a sticky trip into 2, then several rails after that. ELIZABETH ADELSON has a very bold trip with good pace, but she has the rail at 6a of the triple combination and also 7 down. 

HANNAH JANSON has a stop at 2 like so many before. She puts that behind her for the rest of the course and finishes well aside from a chip at 11. T.J. O’MARA’s trip is lovely and professional, just a swap right before jumping the over at 8. HANNAH WICKHAM gets a smidge long to 1, but then the distance to 2 comes up really easily. She has a big miss at 7, and the horse trips through the fence. She gets her composure back for the last few!

ALLISON ZIMMERMAN is a little deep to 1, and she breaks to trot before 5. He gets a rough distance to the last element of the triple and slides into it. Zimmerman gives him a pat for reassurance. She has a stop at the first element of it the second time, and she’s eliminated. KAYLA LOTT has a stop at 2 but her mount jumps it easily the second time. The rest of their trip is really nice. 

HALEY GIDDINGS’ horse tries to stop at 2, but she rides him assertively over. She has a couple of rails after that, and then she’s called off course and eliminated. NINA VOGEL has a super ride from 1 to 2 to 3. She takes the rail at 5, but they finish up with boldness. AVERY HINSON has a little bit of a disorganized ride to 3, but the rest is lovely. SHANNON ECKEL gets tight to 3, but the rest of her trip is nicely polished. She has a big grin at the end. AVA STEARNS gets a stop at fence 2. She has several rails after that. FRANCESCA DILDABANIAN has a sticky trip in the first line and gets eight strides, but they pick up the pace after that. She gets a long spot to the 7, and the horse goes through the top rail. DAISY FARISH has a panel off the wall at 2 and then gets a bit deep at 10. The rest is lovely, so we’ll have to see how much those mistakes hurt her. 

KIRSTEN OSTLING gets a few rubs across the course and the rail down at 10, and she then gets deep to 11. BAILEY TIMS has the rail at 3. That’s a very light rail! She finishes nicely. PEYTON WARREN picks up a stop at 3. Her horse looked very startled by it. She gives him a strong ride over the rest. KASSIDY KEITH’s grey horse is super cute, and she has a nice, bold trip with just a small rub at 7. 

YASMIN RIZVI another one on an adorable grey horse who’s easily stepping over these fences. She pulls the rail at 7, but she ends on a nice line. TYE DONALDSON’s horse is sticky to 2 but she gives him a nice ride for the rest of the track. ELIZABETH VANDERWALDE is having a bold round until she has a run-out and puts in a circle before 11. MADISON MITCHELL pops in a massive jump over 2! She sticks with him nicely. He looks impressed with the fences and puts in big efforts all over the course. 

DOMINIQUE GONZALEZ’s horse cross-canters and backs off to fence 2, and they also have a sticky ride and rail through the triple. CLAIRE MCKEAN is also not crazy about fence 2 and they have a rail heading into the double. Her horse also backs off fence 7, but she finishes with a nice last jump. LILLIAN KIRBO adds in the first line and then has a sticky trip through the triple. She also picks up a stop at the skinny gate at 11. She collects herself and finishes. LEXI RAY has a sticky first fence, but then she picks up the pace and has just a mistake jumping out of the triple for the rest of the course. 

ANNABEL REVERS has a nice and bold first line, and they get just a tiny bit deep to 3. Her last two lines are super! MISTY REDD guided her beautiful chestnut horse smoothly over the first three fences before an unfortunate stop going into the one stride, accidentally steeping on his fake tail and pulling it out. The horse was a little behind her leg for the duration of the trip, perhaps frazzled from the stop and tail pull, but they made it through the course without further incident. 

CARLY ALDER had a smooth round with no major mistakes. PATRICIA GARRETT’s horse has a nice big step, and she’s riding with impulsion. She lets out a tiny bit of a smile afterwards, no major mistakes. SAMANTHA WIGHT is on an elegant chestnut horse. They have the rail at 3, but the rest of their course is very nice. ANNALISE REED’s horse spooks coming around the corner before her first fence, and she unfortunately comes off. She gives him some pats walking out of the ring.

ABBIGALE GERRISH adds in the first line, and then her horse stops at 7 the first time. And he stops the second time, and she’s eliminated. GENEVIEVE MEYER gets a little long at 3, but she still makes it look smooth. Overall polished trip. 

ADELE MCKENNA has a nice forward trip, though she does have the rail at 7. CAMILLE LEBLOND gets a swap off before the double at 4 and is a tiny bit deep at 7, but the rest goes well for her. LIA SCRENCI’s horse is a little backed off by the first few fences, but she rides him very assertively and gets it done. KATHERINE SARGENT has a brilliant first line, and then the rail at fence 3. They have an awkward jump through the triple. SOPHIE LENIHAN has a very classy first half of the course, and then she has the rail at 7. Their last two lines are good. 

SAMANTHA COHEN nearly picks up a stop at 2, but she perseveres. They have the rail at 7. She finishes with a great ride to the last fence. REBECCA KOZMA’s horse has a run-out at 2 twice, and she is eliminated. COCO FATH’s mount is adorable, and his ears are super pricked, but he’s not acting spooky. They have a lovely round! We’re now on another ring drag break. 

Alright we have a standby list from the first two groups! They are in numerical order, not ranked:































EMMA KURTZ is first after that second drag break. She puts in an overall lovely trip aboard the well-known equitation horse Patrick. ALEXANDRA WORTHINGTON’s horse puts in a huge effort over the first, and then they have a rail at 3. Big efforts from her horse all over the course! 

CAROLINA CROSSFIELD and her mount have a smooth round, a few rubs but no other big mistakes. VICTORIA ORLIN has a stop at the second fence, she finishes the course with strength. HAYLEY MAIRANO’s horse tries to stop at fence 2, and then he coaches through the wall. He hops on three legs for a few seconds, but she elects to continue on with her course, and they finish with some strong jumps over the last few. 

HANA BIELING gets close to 3 and has the rail. They also get close to 7 and have that rail. DEVAN GRAHAM’s horse spooks, seemingly unrelated to a fence, and she falls off. She’s being attended to in the ring. She’s up now! She walks out with assistance. 

LILLIAN WAGNER gets close to 3 and has that rail. The rest goes smoothly for her. VIRGINIA INGRAM gets just the slightest rub at 3, and that rail comes down. We’ve said it before, but that’s a very light rail! The rest of her trip is very polished. ELLIE FERRIGNO is yet another with the rail at 3. Just a light touch on it as she gets a bit deep. They finish strong over the last two lines. MADISON GOETZMANN has a super bold and nice trip, just a few very minor rubs. Expect we’ll be seeing her again. 

KELSEY ALLEN’s horse stops at 3, and she takes a hard fall. But she’s up right away, and she gives her horse a pat. JORDAN ALLEN is on a really elegant grey horse. He stops at fence 2, but they get it the second time. They also have the rail at 3, but they end with panache. KELLI CRUCIOTTI is up next. She’s fresh off a win at the Pessoa/USEF Medal a few weeks ago. She nails the first four fences…and the triple…and everything else. Well, that looked as good as it can get from over here!

BRETT BURLINGTON’s horse swaps off before fence 2, the ASPCA wall, and they counter-canter to fence 7. She rides the rest nicely and finishes well. MIELA GROSS has the rail at 3 after backing off at fence 2. Her last two bending lines go great. ISABELLE SONG and her mount have a miscommunication about leads before fence 4ab and then a few rubs after that. VIVIAN YOWAN’s round has a few very small rubs but is overall super. ELIZA MONTH has the rail at fence 3 (so many rails at 3!), and then he stops at B of the triple combination. They have a beautiful ride through the second time. 

RACHEL ROTHENBERG have a smooth round with no major mistakes. LOLLY MC LELLAN’s horse has an adorable white face, and she gives him an overall professional ride. They disagree about the distance to fence 9, and he runs through that a bit. Shame because otherwise that was a lovely trip! BAILEY SMITH’s horse isn’t sure he wants to play in this ring, and he tries to exit before his turn to start. He stops at fence 2, but they get it the second time. They also have the rail at 3. Nice job for Bailey to get around on a horse who looked very impressed by this all. 

GIA GULINO has a few rubs and swaps off but otherwise a clean trip. CLAIRE FOLLMER and her lovely dark bay have a nice round with no major mistakes. She gets some good, bold distances.

CAROLINE WEAVER has a stop at 2. He briefly tries to run back to the barns, but she gets him over 3 before he stops at 4 and is eliminated. CARSON RUFF’s mount backs off at fence 2 and then has the rail at 3. Her horse is very zippy! GIAVANNA RINALDI’s horse is not sure about that fence 2. They have a few distance differences as well. ALEXANDRA MARACIC has the rail at 3 and then 4a of the double. Their last line is very nice. KATHERINE STRAUSS has a swap in her first line as her horse looks at fence 2, but the rest is very nice! SAMANTHA VALONE’s tries to back off fence 2, but she rides him very assertively to get it done. They do the rest nicely. 

SAMANTHA LOMBARDO has the rail at 3 with just the lightest touch. Her horse runs out at the triple. She jumps fence 5 before re-doing the triple, and she’s eliminated. ALEXANDRA LADOVE is in next with her very handsome chestnut horse. They have a swap off before the oxer at 8 and a few small rubs but are otherwise very clean. OLIVIA VENEZIO has a stop at the first fence twice, and she’s eliminated. CLAUDIA TARRANT’s horse stops at the second fence twice, and she is also eliminated.

MADISON DEREGIS’ horse ALSO stops at the first fence twice, and she is eliminated. MADISON DAY is in next, and she puts in a nicely forward trip until fence 7, when the horse stops and rears. She is also eliminated. THEA CHAFEE is in next, fun fact, she is the daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee. She has the rail at 3 but an otherwise professional round. LUCY DESLAURIERS puts in a very nice, bold and brilliant round with all good distances. She has a big fan club here! She cracks a smile at the end. MITCHELL ENDICOTT has a brick off the wall at fence 2. They chip into the double at fence 4. The second half is more polished. 

LAUREN MOORHEAD has a brick off the wall, and then they have a stop at the first element of the triple. He stops at B of the triple the second time around. ELIZABETH BAILEY has a little bit of a chip into the triple but otherwise a smooth round. KATHRYN KRAMER’s horse isn’t sure about fence 2, but she gets him over, and he also peeks at the triple, and she adds in there. He stops at 7, and she does an extra circle to regain control. Then she eliminates herself by jumping C of the triple again before attempting 7 again.

ALEX JOERG’s horse tries to stop at 2, and then he has the rail at 7. He’s not too excited about the triple or fence 7 either, but she finishes! JORDYN KATZ has a stop at fence 1. She also has a stop at fence 3. And she is eliminated. OLIVIA LAWTON has a big bold jump over the first and second. They get a little tight to 3. The rest is smooth with no major mistakes. 

MEREDITH DARST has the rail at 3, but her ride is really solid otherwise. We’ll have to see if they decide to bring her back on that. CARLY HOFT has a smooth round with just minor mistakes, a swap before the oxer in the triple and a couple of light rubs.

TYLER PETRIE is going out of order. Her horse tries to stop at 2, but she gets him over from nearly a standstill. She then picks up a stop at 5. They add up in the triple combination. She elects to retire on that. 

HALEY GIDDINGS who was called of course earlier was apparently NOT of course, and she’s now allowed to go again. She has a couple of rails and does a circle before 8. 

That was our last for today! We’ll be back as soon as possible with the call-back list. 



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