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2013 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals Order Of Go And Course

Here you can find a link to the order of go, a course map, and a description of the course and its challenges.


The 2013 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals order of go. The judges are Ralph Caristo and Leo Conroy.

The first oxer of the course is set right out of the corner by the in-gate (there’s a dotted line set generously at about the middle of the ring). From Fence 1 to the vertical at 2, straight up the long side of the ring, is five longish strides.

Riders then ride five quieter strides around the corner of ring to a stone wall oxer. They then turn out of the next corner of the ring to go across the ring in a two-stride vertical-oxer combination at 4AB. Then, in a bending seven strides, they go to a wall fence with no wings.

They then come out of the corner to a red plank vertical, then decide on an inside or outside turn to rollback to a Swedish oxer at fence 7. They then have a sharp turn back and out of the corner to line up the long side of the ring right in front of the judges, a vertical at fence 8 four long strides to an oxer-vertical one-stride.

They then turn the corner and jump a vertical at fence 10. Fence 11 is a brush-filled triple-bar set right out of the corner of the ring.


A bending line of seven strides to 12AB, a one-stride combination of wingless split-rail vertical follows, heading right to the ingate.

The final jump is a narrow orange oxer filled with straw bales set on the diagonal at fence 13.

The jumps are sparsely decorated, and the course is a flowing track. It encourages a bold, forward ride, especially up the first line. 



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