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    Default Premium membership special offer???

    About a year ago, I took advantage of the COTH "special offer" that if I renewed my COTH subscription for a year, I would get a "free" Premium membership for a year. And that if I renewed for TWO years, I would get TWO years of Premium membership.

    So I renewed for TWO years, even though my magazine subscription was no where near expiring.

    One of the MAIN reasons I did it this way is that the magazine renewal accepts a credit card. I do not have, and DO NOT INTEND TO GET, a Paypal account.

    So this week a got an email saying that my premimum membership is about to expire, and I need to renew.

    Did I mis-understand the bit that said that if I renewed for two years I get two years of Premium membership?

    And if so, how can I renew WITHOUT Paypal?

    (The reason I refuse to get Paypal is that my mailbox regularly gets Paypal (and eBay- won't sign up there for the same reason) phish. Because I KNOW I don't have a Paypal account, I can just delete them. If I HAD a Paypal account I would have to check each one individually to see if it is real or phish.)

    chief feeder and mucker for Music, Spy, Belle and Tiara. Someone else is now feeding and mucking for Chief and Brain (both foxhunting now).

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    According to what you sent me at the time, you only renewed for a year. I'll forward you the email.

    And yes, you can get a premium membership without Paypal. See the entry in the FAQ forum and there's a link to a PDF form to print out and mail in with a check or CC>

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    Erin, I too joined during the special deal. Since then I have renewed my subscription to the Chronicle and thought I would still be a premium member. Do I have to do something special? Or is this something different? Do I have to pay for both a subscription and premium membership?

    Rerider/Haydunker Clique

    RIP Barbaro, you were my hero!

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    The premium membership promotion was a one-time thing. You don't get another one when you renew your COTH subscription again. So yes, you have to buy one if you still want one.

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