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    slc, I am finding ground driving (and any ground work at all for that matter) exciting too. I have actually felt *some days* that i don't care if I ever ride again. I wish that I'd learned this as a younger person...but then again I wish I'd learned a lot of what I know now when I was younger. Maybe it's only now that I can take my time and try to get it right.

    The African Queen analogy cracked me up, BTW . As I am picturing me driving the big black Percheron in my barn...and well, never mind. It's probably totally inapprropriate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slc2 View Post
    i was planning on doing that long before I was given The Gospel of Thomas, as it was what common sense, the local instructor, most other driving instructors, most likely, and 'nearly all books and magazines on teaching driving advise' (according to another driving friend).
    Looks like Thomas is finally reading the same right books you are.

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    You think? I was thinking she just can't help herself with the smart ass comments but I'd least she was catching up and nearly on the same page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slc2 View Post

    i gotta tell you, war admiral, perhaps i am a senile old bat or my brain cells are completely deteriorated, but i am finding this whole process extremely exciting. there is something REALLY cool about working the horse out in front of me that know that scene where katherine hepburn pilots the boat over the rapids in the African Queen? it's like that.
    That made me laugh out loud! That movie is great!! Katherine H. is hilarious.

    Great to hear things are going well. I also love ground driving. I used to drive a team of Haflinger ponies for my boss at the dairy farm every Saturday and it was just exhilerating. He did pulling competitions with them also and a couple of times we hooked them to the sled loaded with lord knows how many tons of weight. It was the coolest thing to see them set down in the harness and pull their little hearts out. And THAT reminded me of Dances with Wolves when Cisco helps him clear out all the rubbish by pulling it to the top of the hill for burning!

    I'm big on diversity, and find that anything I've done with a horse is exhilerating. I'll try anything, and I do wish I had a cart. My late mare was great at ground driving and we tried her in training shafts and she had no objection. My goal was to get her going in cart, but her sudden death snuffed that out.

    My fancy little foo foo princess Arab would look great in cart. She's the queen of the high steppin' look at me I'm so pretty club. When I get her in the lines she just struts. I work hard to remind her that endurance horses shouldn't give a damn about looking sexy.

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