Computer geeks, help!!!! This has been going on just since we've moved to this new board.

When the prompt comes up everything stops loading unless I hit the "cancel" button, repeatedly, so I keep doing that until the thread loads and then if I move over to the scroll on the right the prompt stops and I can read the thread, but the minute I move the cursor the prompt pops up again! We have a "popup stopper" on the computer and it's almost at the 5,000 hit mark!

Really, this is driving me nuts!!!!! Is anyone else experiencing this??? What is the problem??? Sorry, I'm really a computer illiterate.... We have spyware and anti-virus programs on board--is the problem with our computer????

I'd call MSN but everytime I call them with a problem they manage to make it worse.

Thank you to anyone who can shed any light on this situation!!!!