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    Default Lesson Horses from APS Stable (Aiken, SC) sold after Walter Newman fell ill (1974...)

    Would love any info on where any of these horses ended up after they left APS Stable. I took lessons there and when Mr Newman died the stable changed hands and most of the horses were sold. I took home Buddy, a paint packer who taught me a lot over the next several years.

    PADRE - "white" (cremello) gelding w. blue eyes; might have been around 12 yrs in 1974 or 1975. Very dependable hunter over fences, wore some kind of protection boots in front to keep from hitting. Rode him in my very first show.

    TIM TAM - white pony gelding with tan spot on top of rump. Cool pony who could do it all. Was sorry that I was too tall for him pretty quickly.

    "SNOWFLAKE" (may have only been her stable name) - 'black' TB mare with one little wispy white marking.

    GIGI TOY (sp?) - bay TB gelding who I only rode a couple of times but lusted after. I believe he had an ankle.

    ROULETTE - buckskin QH mare - fabulous lesson/show/field hunter mare who was a favorite of many.

    SMOKY JOE - dark (blue-black roan?) smallish gelding, good all-round

    JOLLY ROGER or JOKER - Can't remember which was which - but one was a chestnut gelding with a blaze & the other was an appy gelding sorrel/blanket

    RINGO - black & white paint pony with blue eyes (Margie Goodyear often showed him), wonderful little jumper.

    I'm sure I'll think of others later (oldtimers, sigh...)

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    APHA breeding stock stallion Jet White Stockins- we called him Toby- fading black with a big white blaze. When i owned him he was 4 and I was 10 - sold on after we ran out of people willing to feed him. I know he was bred by the new owners a couple times- always wondered where he landed. Hillsoboro Ohio area.

    Appaloosa ?registered? Blanket with rat tail. He was slight of build, tb looking- hot and a bold jumper. Denny's Snowy River - we called him Denny. He was a school horse I lessoned on in 2001-2002. He was sold at auction from the lesson barn in Bellbrook Ohio. I'd have sold my soul for that horse-and I'd still buy him in an instant for almost any price.
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    Default Looking for info on bay TB "Jester" eventer

    I have a huge (about 17hh) bay Thoroughbred gelding, estimated to have been born in 1987. Barn name Jester. Small star, right hind sock, white scar on left shoulder. He was given to me in 2005 when his former owner could no longer keep him. She had bought him a year or two earlier from someone in Pilot Point, Texas. That owner couldn't find his registration papers but said she would mail them (but never did). Jester's story, as passed down through the previous owners, is that he was a high level 3Day Event horse in the 1990s. He slipped on a wet course and hit a stationary fence, knocking out several teeth and blowing out his hocks. He had to have surgery on his hocks. He was then retired to work at a therapeutic riding facility in Texas, but was eventually sold to my former neighbor as a pleasure horse. I have been unable to locate any information on my horse. I would love to know his registered name and what events he participated in. Even with his injuries and age, he performs dressage like no other horse I've ever known! It is apparent that someone put thousands of hours of training into this horse, so I am hoping someone will remember him. I will send pics to anyone who might know him.

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    I'm trying to locate the old owner or owners of a mare I was given in the early 2000s. I'd love any further information about her such as pedigree, or stories from life with other owners.

    Her name was either Rowdies Fancy Lacey, or Rowdies Fancy Lace Lacey, or possibly Rowdy's Fancy Lacey, or Rowdy's Fancy Lace Lacey. She was an approximately 14 hand Flaxen sorrel mare with a white blaze on her face and two white socks on her hind legs.

    Lacey was from the state of New Jersey and had been used in 4-H at some point. She had been given to the person that gave her to my family on condition that she never be sold, because the owner who used her in 4-H unfortunately had to divorce. As I understand it, Lacey was in a pasture for 10 years with a belgian draft horse named Stormin' Norman. She had been retired at 10. We were given her at 20, but while we were shown her papers, they stayed with the previous owner to insure that she wouldn't be sold.

    If you knew and loved Lacey, I'd like to let any previous owners know that we adored that little mare. She moved with us from New Jersey to Oklahoma in 2005 and lost her battle with cancer in 2007. She had a gentle death at the hands of a vet and the last thing she heard was the voices of the two girls who loved her, telling her how much she was loved and how much we were going to miss her. She's buried at the foot of a tree in a green pasture on a 10 acre farm in Oklahoma.

    If I believed in reincarnation, I'd swear that the big sorrel mare that came home with me 3 months later, was her. I've often wondered if I inadvertently brought home a relative of her's.

    If you knew Lacey or know anything about her, please do contact me. I've checked with both AQHA and APHA. Neither have heard of her, but I know she had papers. I saw those with my own eyes.

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    Well, why not! I'm feeling lucky today. : )

    I am the proud owner of a former kill pen horse...would love to know if he is known to anyone.

    Blood bay QH with black mane and tail, 2 white socks. White crooked blaze. About 15.1 hands, probably 12-14 years old.

    Unusual markings include 2 whorls on his right side, and a white spot on his lip on the right side that makes him look like he has a tooth there. : )

    Sweetest horse in the whole world. Came from the kill pen with tail trimmed, mane pulled, teeth and feet regularly done. Can't believe he wasn't somebody's love that would like to know where he is.

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