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    Nov. 16, 2004
    NE Indiana

    Default Old Owners looking for Previous Horse Friends:

    I hope this is ok...I thought I'd make an official "looking for" thread: everyone is welcome to post!

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    Oct. 8, 2002


    fine, make me copy all that... LOL:

    "Victoria's Secret" (Jockey Club reg'd name: "Wizard's Keepsake")

    Stats: Dark Bay, about 15.3 hands, small star, strip and snip. Rear left coronet with ermine spots.

    She'd be 17 years old now. When I had her she was 4, and had a big bucking problem (that in hindsight was likely saddle fit and me not being a good enough rider for a sensitive 4 yr old mare). She had a lovely jump and was very refined looking. She was sold through Hoopdance Hollow farm in CT in late summer of 1996, I believe to a home in Massachusetts, which is the last I heard.

    pretty mare, nerdy kid

    closer up on face
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    Nov. 16, 2004
    NE Indiana


    oops, sorry caff...

    I'll add my own:

    *Misty -large pony mare,
    Chestnut/sorrel, blaze, 4 white sox,
    would be in mid 30's if still alive, sold from SO. Ca in the 1980's.*

    In 1982/1983 I sold a small bright chestnut/sorrel mare named Misty to someone in the Mira Loma or Norco, CA area. At the time, we lived in Chino Hills. She was under 14hh if I recall, around 8 years old...I realize it would be a miracle if she is still alive, but ya never know . Last I heard (in around 1986) she'd had a foal or two and was still in the same area. She was Mustang but I liked to tell people she was Hackney (I was a kid...I did that kind of stuff...I'd had another Hackney and I loved all the interest her breed generated so I just made Misty one as well, heh). My mother actually sold her and knew NOTHING about horses so she may have told the new owners that she was a Hackney as well. The man we purchased her from was named Aubrey and appeared tobe 100 years old, although I understood her was in his late 30's! She was THE PERFECT pony...did anything we asked, and we didn't know any better. I have always hoped she's had a good life. I actually dream about her and suffer remorse still for not saying goodbye to her.

    Here's her pictures:
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    Jul. 4, 1999
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    In 1985, we sold my large pony, Irish Spring, as I had sadly outgrown him. He was a 14.1+ hand fleabitten grey Connemara (registered name Paddy Bond - but we never had his papers). He was about 15 at the time, so I doubt he is still alive...but we sold him to a girl in Holliston, MA named Tarn. She was a student of Arlyn DeCicco.

    I would love to know if anyone knew him. I know it was a very long time ago, but thought it may be worth a shot.

    Thanks for reading!
    In loving memory of Chutney (1977 - 2008)

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    Jan. 24, 2007
    small town, Ohio


    Okay, here's mine:
    In 1985 I sold my large pony, a very loud bay overo, through Karen Hielhe (sp?) of Stonegate Farm in Belpre, Ohio. I believe the girl who bought him was Lori Power of WV. She showed him very successfully in the large pony division under the name "Stay Tuned." His registered name with the APHA was Totem Mingo. I heard a couple of years later he had been donated to Ohio University as a school horse.
    I know it's a really long shot that he's even still alive, but, like hundredacres, I still DREAM about this pony. He was actually kind of a PITA with an occasional NASTY stop, but I loved him with all my teenaged heart. I would give anything to find him (and have actually tried thru USET and APHA registries, but he is still registered with both to Lori).
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    Sep. 4, 2005
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    Default I'll Add mine also

    Looking for in the Tampa, FL area, but could be anywhere now.

    OTTB: Jo's Lookin Better, barn name Gaston

    1994 Dark Bay Gelding, 16-16.1h, mild cribber, small star cresent shaped with 5 white dots on the inside right front.

    We bought him from a friend who got him from a bad place and we couldn't let him go back, we had him 3 years and had to sell him due to financial issues. We sold him to someone and she sold him the end of 2006, I want to make sure he's in a safe home, he had some undersaddle issues that could very well get him to a VERY bad place, that were fully disclosed upon selling him. All I want to know is if he's ok, he was an awesome horse as long as his saddle fit, if it didn't watch out. He also has a leg problem that without veterinary approval shouldn't be jumping. We miss him very much and he was such a character.

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    Aug. 23, 2005
    VT and MA


    Here's mine. I did know who his new owner was, but I'm forgetful and can't remember the name of the person or her farm.

    Keep the Change, aka Kacey
    -bay Thoroughbred gelding, star, socks
    -around 20-22, I think

    I leased him for a year and he was really special to me, I never got to say goodbye to him the day he left and would love to know how he's doing. I think he went to a pony breeding farm in Connecticut.

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    Jun. 21, 2006
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    Gonna be a long shot but why not...

    I used to ride a horse by the name Karthago (barn and show) in 2003 that I feel absolutely head over heels in love with. I thought he'd end up mine and then he went back to Michigan to live with his owner in 2004. In late 2005/2006 she sold him to someone else in Michigan and now I assume he is still there. He used to show in the Jr. Hunters in Michigan and he would be about 15 now, I think. He's a grey Holsteiner with a black mane/tail and a completely black back left leg. I would make my world to know where he is!

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    Apr. 1, 2004
    Originally from Greensboro, NC --- Now in Bristol, VA

    Default Me too

    I've done this before, maybe it will work this time!

    Cody, 15.1 or 2 hand, red dun gelding. He's... mostly QH with a little of god knows what thrown in. He has a star, snip and a hind sock (though I don't remember which leg), along with a dorsel stripe and some leg stripes in the summer. He should be around 10-12 years old.

    I sold him several (I think 6-7) years ago to Five Star Farm in Apex, North Carolina as a lesson horse. Since then, I know he was sold, but I'm not sure where he went. I've found a few people, through here, that remember him from Five Star, but no one that knows who owns him now.

    Attached are a few photos. They are pictures of pictures so excuse the quality. Thanks ahead of time for any info!

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    Jul. 14, 2006


    AQHA sorrel mare with blaze, registered name was My Spanish Eyes, barn name Spanky or Spicey. She was around 10ish when I was 13 (1994).

    I leased Spicey from a dealer for 4-H one summer. It was supposed to evolve into buying, but it turned out that she had something wrong with her back. Poor horse got progressively nastier in attitude (for good reason) the more she was ridden, and my parents returned her to the dealer after the county fair was over. At the time, we were still newbies to the horse world and weren't aware of chiropracters, acupuncture etc.

    This was the first horse that was really mine and I was crushed when things didn't work out, nevermind that she was probably the least suitable horse for me. Of course, it didn't help that one of the 4H leaders told me (at 13!) that the dealer would probably take her to the nearest auction where she'd go to the killers--and then told me to "toughen up" when I started crying. OK, it was true, but it's cruel to tell a horse-loving teenage girl that. I begged my parents to buy her just to save her, but they weren't going to buy a horse I couldn't ride.

    At one point, I heard through the grapevine that she had been sold to a lesson barn. Who knows, maybe the dealer put her in the pasture long enough to get her to appear sound and then sold her. Before her back issues surfaced, she was certainly quiet enough for lessons.

    It's funny, if we had bought Spicey, I'd never have met Missy, but I still think about her. Knowing what I know now, I don't think she was beyond repair and she deserved so much better than the hand she was dealt. It's a fantasy, but I still have this hope that someone rescued her.


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    Mar. 28, 2006


    I'll add my horse- I currently own him. he is 27 and was shown in FL for years so maybe someone knows him? I have only known him since he was 17 and would love to hear from anyone that knew him when he was younger.

    Mein Federspiel barn name "Feder"
    Born March 1980
    Breed in KY, mare in foal moved to north FL
    Sire: Antritt (TRK)
    Dame: Matilda Jane (TB)
    Owned by Evensong Farm in Alachua, FL but leased out at times (I think always in FL)
    Show record through second level in FL shows in Gainesville and Orlando that I could track down

    Anyone know him?

    I would also like to hear if anyone purchased a horse breed by Evensong from 1996-2000. I worked on the those years and would like to know what happened to the foals. Eligus was the sire and they were out of various TRK and TB mares.

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    Default Great thread

    I wish this could evolve into an easy to manage website. Such as being able to search by tattoo, brand, etc

    Those of us that frequent feedlots and such could then have an easy way to look up horses we find, and possibly locate old owners.

    Please remember to keep photos of horses, esp. their distinctive markings, and don't assume everyone know's the horses registered name. Papers often get lost.

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    Oh, there are a few I'd like to track down but first among them is Dor - we called him Duracell, Dor for short, but his registered name was Chippewa Dancer. 16.3 hh red roan appaloosa, sold as an eventer in the mid 90s (he would have been about 20+ by now, as I think he was 8 when we bought him in 1994) in the Pacific Northwest. He was a fabulous jumper with some mental issues and was my Pony Club horse before I got stupid and decided that a boyfriend was more important than riding. I'd love to know if he ended up having a happy life.

    I'd also like to hear about the whereabouts of registered nameNautical Run, called Evan or Everready when we sold him in the late 90s. He was a huge blood bay TB out of my mom's mare Jill's Choice. He sold as a four year old, started under saddle, and was as far as I know destined for an eventing career.

    Then there's Farallon, foaled in 1997 if I recall correctly: a seal brown Swedish Warmblood gelding (also out of Jill's Choice, by Flaminko) sold on Whidbey Island to a dressage home.

    Finally, I'd like an update on Painter, registered name Cesear's Pride, a 9 or 10 year old black and white tobiano Spotted Draft Horse. We bought him in 2003 as a green stallion, put him in training, had him gelded, realized we couldn't afford him and sold him to a girl in the Worcester, MA area as a dressage horse. He was sold out of a boarding barn called Canterberry Acres.

    Here's hoping!
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    Black 13 hand pony with snip and 43 white hairs on forehead and at least one white foot, born 1960 or earlier, bought in Vienna, Virginia, from a woman with a good-sized farm, was told he was an open jumper named Highlight. HECk of a jumper, NEVER stopped or was overfaced. LOVED LOVED LOVED that pony. If I had ANY IDEA that ALL horses weren't that good, would NEVER have let adults tell me I was too big for him (5'4" and 112 pounds. Yeah right!!!) and sell him. He WOULDN'T GO (was God keeping him with me ?) and we FINALLY had to TRADE him to a dealer because NOBODY WOULD BUY *MY PONY.

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    Nov. 16, 2004
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    Default I actually want to find a couple people too!

    Wendy Banbury or Bradbury- in the late 1970's I met her riding my pony down her road in Ontario, CA. She had a dark bay mare and we spent the summer jumping irrigation pipes in the fields and generally having a great time. I'd love to know whatever happened to her!

    Debbie Edwards or Elliot - knew her in O.C., Ca. in the early 1970's through the Big Brother/Sister Program. She boarded horses in the Laguna Canyon area I think...I think in the mid 80's she got married on horseback (I had the newspaper article for years...she was in Hunt attire, he was in 10 gallon hat and duster )) in CT or somewhere in New England. If I remember right she also raised AKC pit bulls (whatever they are called...sorry). She had a riding injury early in her 20's and broke her pelvis when the saddle slipped and she fell under the horse...I'd love to know where she is in life now. She'd be in her mid/early 50's now I think .

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    Aug. 12, 2003


    I'm going to go the opposite way - I wonder if anyone knows the history of my friend's horse.

    Barn name: Marvin. Marvin the plain bay, roman nosed Thoroughbred hunter/jumper. There's probably five billion of them out there. Originally from the East Coast, came West maybe 15 (?) years ago. The best guess on his age is early 30s, so he's been around the block a time or two! If recent behavior is any indication, he had a good bolt on him, and his favorite gait is jig.

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    Default Blue's Accident

    My aunt and uncle owned this AQHA gelding. I only rode him for the summer but I loved that horse. He was very kind with a doglke personality. I rode him everywhere with just a halter and leadrope. He was only 3. I was 12. He was a grey and pretty short at the time. I was very sad when I came again and they had sold him. I would love to know what happened to him. It was in North Dakota. He would be around 24 ish I guess. He had a white face if i remember correctly and a few white socks. He would probably be white now but at the time he was a lovely bluish lavender color. He had a divot about an inch or 2 long on the lower part of his neck un the underside. His registered name was Blues Accident. AQHA, Lovely name. He really liked working cows and boy he gave me some fun rides sorting cows.

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    Default Looking for Old Owner

    I am actually a reverse here. I am looking to find the old owner of my now 28 year old Hanno.
    I bought him from Ruth Yamada. Horse's name is Damascus, aka Danny. I lost contact with her shortly after buying Danny. I know she loved him and maybe she worried he didnt last because of his age or maybe worried he was passed on again. I would love for her to know he is still with me and looks wonderful. He certainly does not look 28!
    I would also love to know the whereabouts of Sputniks Choice. He was my first horse as an adult. He went to a family with 2 young girls. Quit Likely Nicky has crossed over The Bridge. But I would like to know if anyone knows him.
    I would also like to know about a Standardbred colt that was my favorite at the farm I managed. His registered name is Baltic Chill. I called him Tucker and the trainers called him Chilly. I had a very special relationship with that boy and was heartbroken to let him go.
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    Default Looking for Dan/Dunhill

    My daughter's 16.2 bay 1989 OTTB (they were born the same year ). White star, white rear pastern (can't remember which side now). She outgrew him and we traded him in for our current horse through Chuck Waters in Ocala in February of 2005. He had an attitude and wasn't afraid to share it but was a lovely classic TB. Chuck and Dana said they had an adult in Tampa in mind for him but I never heard anything about where he ended up. I miss him and hope that his new person is treating him well - he loves pumpkins.

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    Default A Chance Taken

    17.2h light bay hessien warmblood gelding in his middle teens
    USEF registered name: A CHANCE TAKEN
    Was sold to a girl named Sophie Klien in NY/CT area in late 2002-early 2003
    He was the sweetest gentle giant of a horse & we all loved him, we had him for about 8 months on a free lease & did so well with him he got sold. Would love to know where he ended up. I believe the girl who bought him went to Stonleigh-Burnam. We lost track of her, I think his barn name was KYLE.

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