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    Jul. 19, 2001


    Perhaps this thread should be renamed

    Auditor from Hell.

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    Nov. 10, 2006
    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


    Quote Originally Posted by siegi b. View Post
    To Brady's Mom - In my mind, belittling the current system in order to get changes started usually doesn't get results. Changes that are worth instituting should be able to stand on their own merit.

    RK is a term that has many definitions judging from the numerous discussions on this BB alone. I don't think anybody has been able to quantify what constitutes an RK method that everybody agrees with, therefore, we're left with the long/deep description and as such, a concept that has been around for ages. What doesn't help is that this method has most recently been associated with a rider that consistently wins the BIG competitions, so there has been lots of exposure and press. Add a few fanatics that will try to incite the unsuspecting public with websites showing horses with their mouths wide open and close to their chests, and you have a perfect example of what today's internet/media can "accomplish" in very little time.

    It now looks like the big RK debate is about to run its course and discussions are not nearly as prolific or heated anymore. Give it another six months and a lot of the more excitable folks will have found another cause to dissect via the internet.

    Given the above, my question to you is as follows.... do you want to effect change in the way today's dressage horses are trained and subsequently judged, OR is this merely another exercise in RK bashing?



    CRAP, no emoticon for 'what crack are you smoking??'

    Where did I bash RK in ANY way in this thread??

    My comment was "Today's superstars were unknown folks with what may have been offbeat methods 10-15 years ago. Who heard of RK back then? Not many. It was certainly not mainstream, but now anky is the madonna of dressage for many - she can do no wrong in their eyes."

    That is not saying what anky is doing is wrong, or that her methods are wrong. (Personally I have never seen a video of RK where the horse's mouth is wide open, I have seen them with their lips glued to their chests.
    It does NOT take a genius to realize that this makes it harder to breathe and is not anywhere near where a horse would naturally carry it.)

    I DID say that some people follow anky's every move without question, which has been ALSO been demonstrated on this BB by those who take umbrage when anyone DARES to wonder at the method, or comment on it without the most glowing praise.

    NEXT - where have I belittled anything? To belittle is to make small or insult someone's belief or way of doing things. I have not done this. I have said what I'd like to see, and WHAT IF....

    God almighty, if a person says 'boy someday I wish we could all be happy without poverty and sickness' then I am thrashing present day society?

    Get a grip.

    To wish for something I and others believe is possible, and hope that it happens someday in the near or distant future, is not belittling what we have now. Recognizing something is not ideal is not calling it trash.

    Throw any babies out with the bathwater lately?

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    to Brady's Mom.... WOW!! All I can say after this is "when the shoe fits...."

    I just didn't realize that you were doing any trying on....
    Siegi Belz
    2007 KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year
    Dutch Warmbloods Made in the U. S. A.

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    Nov. 10, 2006
    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


    I actually wasn't trying any shoes on.

    I was asking what people thought about going barefoot, what the benefits were, if anyone else liked the feeling of freedom that comes without footwear.

    Then someone jumped me, rammed a left-footed seven-inch jimmy choo spike on my right, and then condescendingly advised me that was what I'd demanded.

    Huh? What car accident?

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    Jul. 19, 2001


    Off to google jimmy choo spike.

    Down with the causeway!

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    Giorls- or better Ladies- I am a immigrant- so is Siegi- and let me tell you- as nice as this reads- it went straight over my head- like a 747 on take-off....I share your presumed feeling of confusion...(at least I am confused) but don't understand the half of it...sorry- anyone wanna give me some help...

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