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    Quote Originally Posted by Reynard Ridge View Post
    I will say the Wee Spotted Drama Boy was the picture of Happy Ponyhood as we were trotting down the road yesterday and people stopped to take his picture. See camera, smile for camera!
    My ponies are the same way. They love attention. I put the bells on last night and they seemed to really pick it up. They love to make the bells ring. If we stand for very long talking to a nieghbor along the roadside, my mare gives a whole body shake to ring the bells. She then turns to look at the person with the horse grin equivalent as if to say, "ain't I cool."

    Where are the pictures of this wee spotted one with the 48 orphan puppy equivalents?


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    Nov. 9, 2005


    a falabella is a miniture horse ---

    a shetland is a shetland have to say one thats in phots looks a x shetland not a full shetland

    a full shetland is chunky and big about 10.2hh

    a miniture shetalnd is upto 40inches
    they are tiny --but not a falabella as they are different in looks and size

    a friend of a freind breeds minture shetlands of about 38inches
    and a matey in a local livery has leonardo hes a falabella and i can tell you he looks like a horse and not a pony for one thing his mane is sleek and tail sleek like a tbs -- andnot big puffy mane like a shetties is

    i did have a big sheland blue and white that stood at 10.2hhs

    i have got a welsh sec a at 11.2hh a welsh sec b at 12.2hhs and welsh x dales at 13.1hhs and a welsh cob sec d at 14.2hh

    also did have a welsh sec c x tb at 15.3 his mother was the welsh c at 13.3hh cob

    apony of unknown heriatage -- under 14.2hhs is a pony - above unkwown is a horse

    a mini is a falabella --- or a miniture shetland --

    we dont say mini -- we say pony - shetland -- a mini to us is a falabella

    otherwise its a pony -- as in pony

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    bear133 Guest


    Now I will probably horrify everyone by confessing that I drive miniature donkeys! I believe that they are also classed as VSE & are permitted to compete. So far I have only driven them for pleasure & once at a donkey show but they are a lot of fun & someday I may aspire to compete in a combined driving event if only to show what they can do!

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    My definitions are precisely the same as goeslikestinks which is hardly surprising as we're in the same country.

    Quote Originally Posted by bear133
    Now I will probably horrify everyone by confessing that I drive miniature donkeys!
    I'd call that a small ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyS View Post
    Here's a couple of pics of him in action:

    In the line-up at Garden State CDE in 2005:

    He was the smallest Prelim pony, but placed 3rd out of 17 in the marathon and 5th overall.
    Had to flip through all your pics - WOW! what a nice driving pony this one is! (I'm not a driver, but really enjoyed the pictures!!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Crayola posse ~ Lazer Lemon yellow
    Take time to is too short a day to be selfish. - Ben Franklin

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    malvern, PA, USA

    Default Thumbelinia is morbidly obese

    dear lord,

    i watched the video of Thumbelina and it made me ill. the horse is going to founder any second! and can they please learn how to put a halter on so it fits correctly! just punch a couple more holes in the crown piece!

    poor little horsie, pony, whatever.

    she's in need of rescue.

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    bear133 Guest


    Everyone here will probably horrified but I drive miniature donkeys! They are registered Miniature Meditteranean Donkeys & are allowed to be up to 36" tall. They are fairly stocky in build & are quite strong for their size. I drive them for pleasure & also have competed in donkey shows but I understand that they are allowed in the VSE division in combined driving events in this area so hopefully one day I will try that if only to show what they can do!

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    Snohomish, WA


    Sporthorselover, Thumbelina is a dwarf and NOT a good representative of the miniature horse breed. Part of dwarfism is a very large belly, roach back, etc. etc. I haven't seen her latest videos because honestly the dwarves make me too sad, but she wasn't overweight in the original one I did see.

    Hey look, I joined ANOTHER forum! And you thought horses were addictive.

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    maybe we dont call them mini as we ahve more natives around uk

    darkmoor exmoor, fell and dales and hackney
    shetland welsh A B C D -- new forest

    bigger ones which are drafts to usa
    are shire clysdale suffolk punch

    tb cleveland bay -- hunter --

    if you include ireland connimara and irish draft

    think thst its of the top of me head

    maybe becuase we have more ponies and native breeds
    we say shetland -- pony -- or horse -- or natives which relates to natives -- as they are cold blooded --

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    Quote Originally Posted by DairyQueen2049 View Post
    Had to flip through all your pics - WOW! what a nice driving pony this one is! (I'm not a driver, but really enjoyed the pictures!!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for the kind compliments! He is a very neat pony and has been officially dubbed the "wee spotted pony" by his new mom, our own Reynard Ridge. Gotta love the small, tough ponies who think they are 17 hands tall.

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