The primary purpose of these forums is discussion -- advertising is not allowed, except in a very limited capacity in our classified forums.

What constitutes advertising? Generally, if a post is soliciting money for something, or offering to pay money for something, it is considered an advertisement and will be deleted. Advertising specifically includes the following:

Horses for sale/horses wanted
Horses for lease/horses wanted for lease
Tack, trailers, trucks, or equipment for sale/wanted
Positions available/wanted
Services available/wanted

Specifics about discussing the buying and selling of horses

We are very, VERY strict as far as what we allow to be posted about horses for sale, or horses wanted. If you want to discuss issues related to the buying/selling of horses in GENERAL, you may only do so if you leave out all the specifics about horses you are trying to buy/sell.

You are allowed to ask for general recommendations about sales barns for specific disciplines, i.e. hunters, dressage, eventing, etc. But you cannot post any specific details about the horse you are trying to sell/buy. (Example: asking for sales barns that specialize in young hunters or A/A dressage horses is OK; asking for sales barns that might have a young hunter priced under $35,000 who is jumping 3' and has its changes is NOT OK.)

We also do not allow pricing topics ("how much would you pay for this horse?", etc.), because in the past, people have used such threads as ways to sneakily advertise horses they have for sale. You may discuss pricing only in very general terms.

Specifics about discussing stallions

It is OK to ask for suggestions on stallions for breeding. It is OK for stallion owners to respond to such queries by mentioning their own stallions, IF their stallion matches the criteria given by the original poster. If the OP is asking for DWBs and you post to tout your Sec. B Welsh, it will be deleted.

It is NOT OK for stallion owners to post solicitations for breedings for their own stallions unless it is in response to a query. We also discourage stallion owners from excessively promoting their own stallions' achievements. Remember -- the forum is for discussion, not self-promotion.

Please see the Sport Horse Breeding forum for a more detailed explanation of what is and is not OK in that forum.

Other advertising-esque topics

It is OK to ask for suggestions/recommendations on boarding barns, trainers, shippers, braiders, vets, farriers, and other services.

It is NOT OK to solicit other BB members for business if you happen to be a boarding barn, trainer, shipper, braider, vet, farrier, etc.

It is OK to ask for opinions/recommendations on specific brands of equipment, trucks, trailers, etc. It is NOT OK to list the specific attributes of the equipment/truck/trailer you are looking for and asking where you can find one. We consider that a wanted ad.

It is OK to post ONE announcement of an upcoming event (such as a clinic), in order to spread the word to other members who might be interested, as long as the person posting about the event does not benefit financially. We ask that it be confined to ONE thread, and that it not be a hard-sell or "bumped" excessively.

It is OK to post announcements for charitable horse-related (or BB-related) causes, within reason. If donations are being solicited, the recipient organization MUST be a registered charity with the IRS. Again, please post only in the forum that is most appropriate, and please don't abuse this privilege by posting more than a "reasonable" number of times. (The definition of "reasonable" is up to the moderator.)

Remember -- the forum is for discussion; not self-promotion, not buying/selling.

If you’d like to post something, but aren’t sure if it’s advertising or not, please feel free to email or PM one of the moderators and ask. We’d much prefer you do that, rather than just post the topic and hope it doesn’t get deleted!

If you see a post that you feel is advertising, please use the post alert function to let us know. Thank you!