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    Jun. 15, 2005
    New Zealand

    Thumbs down

    WTF? Laurie , what the hell has your post got to do with anything?Are you sticking up for the OP whos saying the place looks run down by taking it a step further to include horse neglect?What a nice person you must be to post that on the internet.Second hand as well with bits missed out I bet.Get a shrink!!!

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    Oct. 6, 2003
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    You know, I live by the adage that there are three sides to every story...your's, mine and the truth. I am sure there are other parts to Laurie's story that might be missing (like Liz's side of the story).

    I sold an aged Elite Hanoverian mare to Liz several years ago, she got 3 beautiful fillies out of her, each by a different stallion. After her filly was born last year, the mare ended up with a huge cyst that the vets thought might burst and kill her. Liz spent many days/nights nursing this mare and giving her the needed drugs to keep her fighting any infection. Two vets told her she should stop paying for all of the meds and just put the mare down.

    I am happy to report that the mare is still alive, happily retired and fat. Does this sound like someone that starves her horses? After two vets told her to put the mare down, she perservered to keep her alive for retirement, it would have been easy to just get rid of the extra expense but she chose not to. When you have an ax to grind, many important details tend to be forgotten.

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    Aug. 7, 2005
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    What a sick thread- it reminds me of one of those horrible drive-by shootings here in Southern California...but it had one really great rewarding aspect to it- after weeding thru 5 plus pages- it was nice to get to know the 'Virginia gang' and those lovely ladies that live in romantic farmhouses, breed great horses, stick up for each other and will hunt a drive by dumbo matter what...

    Still not decided if Moho is incredibly infantile or rather advanced- but then it's not really important anymore after finding all this power on this board...
    nice to hear more about all of you breeders and the Virginia folks!!! must come out and check it out- I promise I will make appointments first and I love muddy babies...) and the land and the way things used to be...not so friggin' perfect...we're all stressing each other out with this crazy perfection obsession...any shrinks on this board...??? Comments??

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    Aug. 10, 1999
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    All right. That's enough. I know there is a full moon, but that is no reason to go back to sniping at each other. This is closed until Erin checks it - then SHE can decide if there is a need for further action.
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