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    Wink Things I have learned from this forum.

    • Invisbles are really cool
    • Watching a thread derail is fun
    • On that note, Gypsy Vanners are magical
    • ...and they don't spook
    • ...but ALL TB's are highstung and not trustworthy
    • Linda is cheating on Pat with David C. and a kohlrabi stick
    • To achieve a post with lots of replies in the Dressage forum, mention Rollkur
    • Photoshopped foals constitute abuse
    • To get lots of replies in Off Course, post about New Hampshire
    Add your own!
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    Dec. 3, 2002
    stuck between the DQs and Hunter Hell


    • To become an instant pariah, post a pic of yourself on the Hunter forum with rust breeches and hair tucked behind your ears.
    • When your eventing days are through, if you want to continue having fun, don't stick with dressage - take up hunting!
    Founder of the Olde Farte Clique

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    Feb. 5, 2006


    Marshmallow-y things are an appropriate food group for your horses.
    Incredible Invisible

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    Oct. 24, 2005
    Pullman, Washington


    There is a way to complain and not get ripped by everyone and their brothers.

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    Dec. 24, 2005
    Mid Coast, ME


    If you want to start a thread on something really bizarre, use an anonymous alter.
    There's a 98% chance that anything you post can be taken the wrong way.

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    Nov. 29, 2005


    Based on the information passed between members of the board through threads on the board, you'll end up getting the same advice back that you gave someone else in another thread on the board.

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    Mar. 14, 2004
    Left coast, left wing, left field


    1) When you are trying to decide between A and B and post asking for opinions, unless one of the two options is totally absurd, you will get exactly the same number of votes for A as for B

    2) If topic that you are asking about is volatile, the people voting for A may start insulting the ones voting for B or vice versa, resulting in a derailment and wreck

    3) No matter how carefully you write your story/saga/novel, you will inevitably leave out something critical that will cause most of the initial answers to be inappropriate. When you clarify, the new info will be met with disbelief.

    But on the other hand...

    4) if a horse or a person needs ANYTHING, from jingles to transportation to rescue, some wonderful CotHer will go the extra mile

    5) Jingles have a success rate above statistical probability

    6) Many CotHers canter whenever possible, count strides on the sidewalk, think golf courses are a waste of good pasture, and still crane their necks to look in every passing horse trailer!
    Proudly with HRC -- "SJW" isn't an insult where *I* come from.

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    Nov. 9, 2005


    to learn the true meaning - of the

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    Jul. 5, 2002

    Default e-world

    I got the first leads to my new horse from here.
    the horse was only 25 mi away, but not actively for sale.
    in retrospect, I knew of the 2nd owner I did not know the third.
    contact e-mail address came from the bb.
    non bb contacts had also mentioned the horse as a good fit but never had a phone number.
    the first contact was when I e-mailed the owner.
    great horse, we just finished our third trail ride in the new hunt country.
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    more hay, less grain

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    I was amazed to find out *all* horses had bone marrow.
    You jump in the saddle,
    Hold onto the bridle!
    Jump in the line!

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    Sep. 13, 2000

    Thumbs up What I have learned..

    Above everything, it has simply amazed me the vast amount of people from all over, who come on here and support those in need, be it a heartfelt reply when a horse is lost to, Kudos for someone triumph or little personal victory! Even though there are wars aplenty.. See Dressage board By and large its an amazing community, and one I feel honored to be apart of!

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    Nov. 9, 2005
    Northern New Jersey


    Watching threads derail can be fun!

    I never cease to be amazed by the good advice, the excellent Reynard Ridge stories or how far CoTHers will go to help a horse in trouble!

    Sometimes, If I get negative replys to a post, it is because my original post may sound, well, bitchy (and I probably didn't even realize) !!!

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    May. 8, 2004


    - Support and friendship can come from people you've never met.

    - No matter how bizarre your situation is, there is someone who can relate - case in point: the hag Swan Lake Barbie.

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    Jan. 18, 2004
    Cloud Nine in Seventh Heaven


    Ditto the support and friendship.

    When I brought my mare home, I hadn't kept a horse at home in 30 years. Alot has changed! I made some mistakes.

    I read horse care religiously, did searches, asked questions, and learned a great deal. The mare and I are happy and healthy.

    I love watching the train wrecks, too.
    Freaky Farm Hermit Clique
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    Aug. 27, 2005
    Grand Rapids, MI


    That even if you don't own your own horse, but ride and love horses, there is SO much to be learned from CoTHers.

    That people who don't even know each other aside from this board will jingle and/or help out in any way possible any person or horse in trouble connected with this board - no question.

    That there is so much about horses I don't have a clue about, but can enjoy learning from this board!

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    Apr. 22, 2003
    Chesterfield, MO


    *pretty much any thread I start will die before it reachs 2 pages

    *the only threads that go into double digit pages are 98% negative

    *if I post on a thread, it will usually die quickly!

    *I've gained an entire new family to laugh with, cry with, fight with, and celebrate with in good and bad times

    *Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    Tulsa-QH; Schnickelfritz-Holsteiner; Atikus-Danish Warmblood; Buddy-QH/TB; Winston-Shire; Thomas-Percheron/TB; Mac-Belgian Draft, gone but never forgotten

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    Jan. 9, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by Sannois
    Above everything, it has simply amazed me the vast amount of people from all over, who come on here and support those in need, be it a heartfelt reply when a horse is lost to, Kudos for someone triumph or little personal victory! Even though there are wars aplenty.. See Dressage board By and large its an amazing community, and one I feel honored to be apart of!

    AMEN. We b---ch and moan, and gripe at each others, but in the end, the same ones that gripe and carry on, support each other with jingles. prayers, and good advice. Sounds kind of like having a bunch of sisters around, i.e. IIII can pound the puddin' out of her, but YOU better leave her alone, kinda thing.

    I have learned alot from this board, seeing as I don't ride dressage, hunt seat, or jump or event, but I still have gotten great gobs of information and made some good friends that I treasure, even if I have never met them in person. Some are close, some are far far away....Thank you.[/url]

    She may not have changed the stars from their courses, but she loved a good man, and she rode good horses….author unknown

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    Nov. 11, 2002
    The Cliffs of Insanity


    * There is always going to be an "expert" on a breed, discipline etc, who really has no idea or no business getting involved .

    * Asking if you should geld a horse will usually result in a resounding YES! (and most often rightfully so) .

    * If someone can't really find any other way to pin you they will pick on your spelling and/or grammar .

    * Madonna can take bizzar photos with horses and half of the readers will consider it trash the other half will think it is art .

    * Some folks just never learn to do a search before posting a topic that has been hashed over a million times already .

    \"For all those men who say, \"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,\" here\'s an update for you: Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it\'s not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage.\"-

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    Oct. 20, 2005


    Prarie dogs can derail a topic
    Dressage, and barefooters are a very opinionated bunch
    I can cause an uproar in 3-4 sentences
    This is the most knowledgable board I have been on, even if sometimes I don't like the answers
    I am invisible to the invisibles

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    Dec. 13, 2004


    Never suggest a foul dispositioned worthless home needs to go visit a fine French family for dinner.

    Never show photos of horses actually being used. It is better to over feed and brush like My Little Pony.

    Never mention Trak or Country as your heros even though they know their stuff.

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