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    Jul. 30, 2005

    Default What puts you off sale ads?

    For me it's:

    • Bad spelling and grammar
    • Poor quality pics
    • Silly claims by the seller
    • Over priced horses
    So, what do you hate?
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    Dec. 12, 2004


    No prices!! I don't care if your horse is 3 million dollars or three dollars...I want to know! Don't make me type out a whole email (which can go slloooowwww...depending on where I am) just to find out that the horse is priced higher than I want.

    It also makes me nervous that someone will raise the price for me, and give someone else a signifigant discount. Set the price, and then, if you like the person, offer to lower it.

    I also don't like seeing nothing but "bay mare, 14 hands, good with kids." as the entire ad. I want some description...they're not making you pay by the word! Be a little descriptive..."Lovely 14 hand bay pony mare. LOVES kids, and will pony them around for days. Trailers well, good for vet, farrier....currently outgrown by her heartbroken owner." Ta dah! And I think it only took me half a second longer than the first.

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    Nov. 1, 2005
    The Prairie


    No prices. Give a ball park so we at least know whether to bother the owner with a phone call or not.

    Use of the word "stunning". That is just a personal pet peeve, but whever I see it I am reminded that it can mean many things.

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    Jan. 15, 2006
    somewhere out on the dusty trail ;)

    Default i agree,

    having no price, drives me nuts, also, if it doesnt at least have the state...
    and finally, i know you didn't list it, but ANY mention of navicular issues, as i've had a horse with it before and it was such a sad experience
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    Oct. 1, 2004
    Magnolia, TX


    - Lack of price is #1 on my peeve list.
    - Multiple horses per ad with no specific description for any of them. These are the ads that, for example, state the horse is a 4 yr old, AQHA reg. gelding for $1k, but the description says, "3 mares, some bred, 2-for-1 pkgs available, call for price." Can you really be more lazy about advertising?
    - Lack of any description.
    - Lack of photos. Bad photos are preferable to none. If nothing else, provide a website link to some photos.
    - Odd draft crosses showing up in a search as WBs.
    - Odd WB crosses showing as WBs (i.e. Qh x Han advertised as Han).

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    Bad grammar or spelling doesn't bother me overly much. I'm not purchasing the horse for it's speaking ability and bad spelling is sometimes a typo and nothing else.
    Things that will definitely make me completely ignore a sales ad:

    1) No pictures at all. Or a photo of it's face. If all goes correctly, I won't be riding it's face.
    And this is a major help....GOOD photos. People put better photos on Ebay of a $100 used bridle than they will put up of a horse for sale for a couple thousand or more. Makes. No. Freaking. Sense. to me. I'm not looking for glamour shots, but a well lit, nicely angled confo photo at the very least please...and not taken with broken lawn chairs, half naked toddlers or an abadnoned car as a background.

    2) No price. I don't care how important you think you or the horse is...if I'm shopping for anything...the price is listed. Houses aren't private treaty, cars aren't private treaty, yachts aren't private treaty. List the d*mn price and get over yourselves. We're not fooled into thinking the horse is spectacular enough to have a secret price...we know it's because you don't want competition knowing what the price is or that you're going to see what price we're looking for and tailor the price to that range or slightly above. Horse that do xyz, bred by xyz and competing at xyz are worth abc or there-abouts in each area. If you want to weed out the lookie-loos...state so in the ad.

    3) Ridiculous claims. I'm not looking for a yearling who is a great prospect for everything from vaulting to FEi to GP to Congress. It was bred and/or trained for something. State what that is...if you don't know what it will do well in (even if as a trail horse or low level anything) then I'm going to assume you don't know bupkis about the animal or you're lying through your teeth.
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    Apr. 28, 2005
    Crawling out of the mud in NH


    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie4Bar
    - Multiple horses per ad with no specific description for any of them. These are the ads that, for example, state the horse is a 4 yr old, AQHA reg. gelding for $1k, but the description says, "3 mares, some bred, 2-for-1 pkgs available, call for price." Can you really be more lazy about advertising?
    Amen! Frustates the heck out of me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie4Bar
    - Lack of photos. Bad photos are preferable to none. If nothing else, provide a website link to some photos.
    I have to disagree. Bad photos annoy the stink out of me. Honestly, if you can't be arsed to spend an hour and maybe $20 to get a good photo of your horse, why do you expect me to spend thousands (and probably many hours just trying out) on the animal? I sound dangerously like George Morris, but good turnout (and a good photo) shows you care about the beastie. I want to buy a horse that was cared for! Give the horse a show grooming, then turn yourself out at LEAST to clinic level dress, if not full show regalia, set your ring up nicely or pay to truck somewhere (or, if that fails, find a spot with a NICE background!), and click away until you get one that works. If you do it right, you will never be able to tell that it wasn't at a show (decorate the jumps, or use the fancier ones, set up the letters on the dressage arena, etc.). You will go to GREAT lengths to impress some random stranger for two minutes and pay scads of money for some little bit of colored ribbon, yet you won't put yourself out to sell the critter??

    Sorry, rant over.

    Edit: MistyBlue, sounds like you and I are on the same page at the same time! /Edit

    Oh, and no price. But I think that's been covered. I, too, assume that deception is going on.

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    Mar. 14, 2006


    People who use little children as selling points. I do not want to see you toddler sitting on/under/beside the horse to show how good it is with children. I dont want to see your 3 year old leading it either. Infact I don't want to see your toddler at all. At that point you are just bragging about the kid, not trying to sell the horse.

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    Jan. 19, 2006


    Granted I'm only window shopping but, from a marketing standpoint, I have to agree with all of the above.

    I cannot believe some of the terribly unflattering photos coupled with (what might come off to a potential buyer as) "extreme optimism."

    "Dressage prospect" under saddle thoroughly inverted and mouth gagging open or a "jumper" that's falling over crossrails or swimming over a tiny vertical from a grotesquely long spot. This really gets me when the seller does list the price and it's five figures.

    I'd guess a lot of this stems more from a plain ol' lack of awareness or education or experience. Somebody ought to do a "horse marketing tips" webpage or article... a lot of it seems common sense but you only have to take a tour through Dreamhorse to see cries for help. To these people I say:

    Clean the horse up! Stand him up so the potential buyer can see him. So many photos make an otherwise fine horse look as though he toes in or out or perhaps even has a bowed tendon.

    I know taking photos can be a pain but please, please don't use a photo just because you have it or it's the only one you've got. If your pony looks like an uncoordinated giraffe or a recent rescue, don't use it!! If the photo is too dark, too light, too contrast-y, not enough contrast-y, either take the time to fix it or don't use it.

    Now I know horsefolk (or at least the ones I grew up with) are notoriously bad in the spelling department... But... While no one says you have to have the skills of an AP journalist, typos, spelling and so forth do matter. I'm sure I've got them aplenty in this screed but I'll toss stones anyway... "Philly" and "foul" are barely, marginally acceptable in a newspaper ad because chances are it's the paper's fault (to avoid this, spell your sh*t out when placing an ad over the phone)... but when I see this in an ad in a horse pub or on an industry site, it tends to raise red flags. Either fruitcake alert or, "maybe this horse can be had cheap because his owner (or worse, breeder) can't spell 'foal'." ... or, "god in heaven, what makes them think they can get $15k for this horse?"

    If your ad lacks useful info about the horse (height, age, training, show exp.) but does contain statements like "as seen in Hildago," it will draw fruitloop buyers and also leaves me with the suspicion that you might actually WANT to draw the inexperienced and ignorant. Red flag again.

    Doublecheck to make sure your phone number is correct as are links and email addresses. If you're posting hyperlinks on a site, make sure your spelling's good and you have the necessaries like the dot-com part. I've also seen people accidentally double up on the "https" and so forth. Test your links! Should your link not work, most shoppers won't take the time to see what the problem is and assume it's "just bad."

    When in doubt, see what other people are doing in their ads and how they're doing it.

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    Jan. 29, 2003


    The word "mare"..jk ...sort of!

    Seriously though, I always find it amusing when people have pictures of apparently *broke* horses all tacked up but with no rider? If you're going for a confo shot...lose the saddle!

    I've learned never to discount uneducated sellers...that's where you find the diamonds in the rough...and it's good for a laugh if the horse turns out to be a putz!
    \"Don\'t go throwing effort after foolishness\" >>>Spur, Man From Snowy River

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    Dec. 26, 2005
    Nova Scotia


    My biggest pet peeve is when I see an ad for a two or three year old horse that says "started over jumps". I don't want to start that whole when to start a horse debate, but for heaven's sake let the poor thing grow up a bit before you start jumping it!

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    Jan. 20, 2004
    La Habra Heights, CA


    Anything older than 10 with the word "prospect" in the ad. I'm sorry, but by age 10, he should be pretty good at doing what he is intended to do!

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    Sep. 20, 2005


    • No descriptions of the horse except "make an offer"
    • discrepancies within the ad (horse is listed as age 6 but they talk about it as age 3, etc)
    • want ads disguised as real ads
    • non-current photos (ie, "This is a picture of him as a weanling. He's 12 now")
    • pictures of the horse doing something unrelated to the focus of the ad ("Stellar dressage horse!" shown in western tack with a halter and a kid wearing shorts on its back)
    • Ads that have neither pictures nor video, and refuse to take either, but ensure you that it will be worth the drive to see the horse
    • pictures that aren't of the horse for sale, but of another horse that the owner sold or some such nonsense
    • descriptions "written by the horse" ("I'm a good boy and love to jump! My mommy thinks I'll be a good eventer. I'm very sweet and lovable, and looking for a special person to take me home!") I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it really does. I always wonder if the seller is going to answer e-mails from the horse's perspective

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    Aug. 31, 2004


    Heh. I hate eeing a thumbnail photo of a stellar horse, going EHMAGOD! and then reading the description-sounds perfect! Then "Photo pictured is of POOCHIE's sire" WTF. I am not buying his sire!

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    Dec. 17, 2004


    I can't understand why there are ads with NO pictures at all.

    If the seller can't be bothered to include a photo with the ad, then I can't be bothered to contact them.

    I can't think of another "product" that the buyer has to go to so much trouble to just get preliminary information.

    A friend has a pony for sale at the moment and her ad has 3 or 4 pictures (confo. and action), a full description of the pony's qualities and temperament, and results of all the shows that the pony has attended. Every ad should be so thorough.

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    Feb. 10, 2006
    Middle of Nowhere, take a right, FL


    No prices, I want to KNOW right away if the horse is in my price range or not.

    NO location (I'm sorry but there is no point in me looking at a horse in San Diego... and I don't want to waste my time emailing or phoning to find out the price OR location)

    BAD photos. In fact I skip right over those. How can I know if I am interested if I can't see the horse's legs? Or anything else?

    Oh yeah and HEIGHT. Measured, not a guesstimate.
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    Aug. 30, 2005
    Up and down the west coast!


    Quote Originally Posted by **stellar**
    People who use little children as selling points. I do not want to see you toddler sitting on/under/beside the horse to show how good it is with children. I dont want to see your 3 year old leading it either. Infact I don't want to see your toddler at all. At that point you are just bragging about the kid, not trying to sell the horse.
    And in many cases, showing your poor parenting skills! I don't want to see anybody UNDER a horse, and I've seen those pictures too. Don't use your kid as a tool to show how quiet your horse is. YOU crawl under the horse if you think it's that safe.

    Personal peeves:

    1. Description as "intermediate rider" or "experienced rider" with no clue given as to what makes him not a beginner horse. Is he just light sided and sensitive? Or is he a bronc? I know you're trying to sell him but still...

    2. Pictures are only of the horse free jumping, and he's 10 years old. Does he jump WITH a rider or not? Lots of them look real pretty free jumping in the arena. Doesn't mean much.

    3. 15.5 hands high. That just drives me NUTS!

    4. Saddle obviously sitting on the horse's withers in the pictures. Makes me want to buy the horse just to rescue him.

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    Feb. 14, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by summerhorse

    Oh yeah and HEIGHT. Measured, not a guesstimate.
    Yes!! I'm a tall one myself, so at first I was looking for ads with horses over 16hh. It only took me a few minutes to realize that many of these "16hh" horses were practically ponies. Gaaah.

    Rudeness also puts me off. I contacted one seller last fall when I was looking. She was definitely frustrated by many tirekickers coming her way, and so she treated me like one. I was serious about coming to see her horse, but after she was rude to me I decided to move along. Her loss!

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    May. 28, 2003


    *buy him NOW or get beat by him in the ring later*

    *price will increase with training* (well DUH!!)

    *inaccuracies in height (15.5 hh)*

    *no price*

    *no pics or bad pics*

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    Oct. 19, 2005


    Inconsistencies and over-representations and advertising a horse as a Hanoverian (or other breed) when clearly he/she's not (not even registered)

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