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    I call my mini "monkey butt". She is black, but the hair closest to her fanny and the inside of her back legs is the reddish brown color so she reminds me of those crazy monkeys that have the colored butts. My dog wiggles so hard when I come home from work that she actually looks like a crab because she bends in a "C" shape. She lets you know when she has to go out by coming to you and poking you in the leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sobriska View Post
    If I had one complaint about COTH, it would be that one can not post pics directly to the posts.
    Be grateful for those of us too dumb to figure out how to post pics.
    I have taken a hundred or more since I got my Aussie
    You can pay $20 a year and become a premium member and so post pictures directly in your posts.

    Or, you can copy and paste a link to wherever you have your pictures stored on the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    You can pay $20 a year and become a premium member and so post pictures directly in your posts.

    Or, you can copy and paste a link to wherever you have your pictures stored on the internet.
    That's the trouble; being less than technically competent, I never quite got around to doing the "cloud" thing with pictures. So let's call her a "liver chestnut" with a perfect mask, tiny blaze, tan stripes on her legs and a LOT of energy! What a good girl--slept right through the night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJARAB View Post
    Welcome to the Wigglebutt posse!
    LOL! My son calls our Aussie "Butt-Butt" (shortened from "Wiggle Butt") because of how she wiggles her entire hind end. She can wiggle so much I am often surprised that she doesn't knock herself over.
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    Bluesy. THANKS!
    I\'m not crazy. I\'m just a little unwell.

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    My favorite breed. My first aussie moved in with my horses. Then into our house. I then started buying mine from Las Rocosa (they wrote several books about Aussies) and have had 5 Las Rocosa Aussies from the Hartnagles. I had one other aussie besides my first one that was also non- Las Rocosa. Total of 7 australian shepherds over many decades. They are too smart for some people. And they do well living in big cities as long as you exercise them in parks or long walks and find water for them to swim in. No one burglarizes your house when there is at least one aussie in it!

    Elaine Hartnagle, who along with her father and husband was instrumental in aussie development, died a few weeks ago out in Colorado. Her family still breeds and shows aussies. I recommend their dogs to everyone.

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