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    I have pulled three different GNs extensively with two different F250s with absolutely no issues. Had a 2001 F250 that pulled a 2001 Merhow 2H GN and a 2005 3H GN 4-Star. Now have a 2012 F250 and pull a 2013 Lakota 3H GN with small LQ. Since Ford took a leaf spring out for a cushier ride, we installed air bags so we could level the ride, but despite the 20" rims, it is not too tall. Completely stock other than the air bags. Wish I could post a pic of my rig to show how it is properly leveled.

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    Apr. 1, 2003
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    On our we installed a hitch BELOW the surface of the bed - do had to have a welder cut bed, install recessed hitch (ball). Also - pull with tailgate down.
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    I read the question as asking about the actual bed being too high so either the gooseneck isnt' sitting level, or having to jack it around to be able to back it into the hitch.

    I've never had any issues with my bedrails or the tailgate being too tall and I actually have to pull up a hill and turn around unevenly at my barn.

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    Jul. 28, 2004


    Yes, that was my original intent -- to ask about the actual bed being too high. I see now that my gooseneck can be adjusted, but seems like I still want the unloaded trailer to be relatively level, not tipped up too much.

    I had not even thought about the other issue, that of the bed sidewalls being high. So even once I get the trailer at the right height, am I going to have to worry about the bed sidewalls? A related, but separate, issue!

    I have gotten really good info here, thank you everyone! And of course I welcome further comments!
    Rest in peace Claudius, we will miss you.

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    Way too common. I had to sell my 4-horse head-to-head Trail-et trailer due to my 1 ton truck's bed being way too high. It's gotten pretty ridiculous how tall the beds are now.

    I bought an problems...but get out the measuring tape and figure out high the gooseneck needs to be to have a safe space so you aren't grooving the sidewalls.
    "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"

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    Sep. 8, 2011


    Had this same problem with my F350 and Kieferbuilt GN 3H. Ended up taking the trailer to a welding company that essentially raised the trailer off it's frame a few inches and rewelded it. IIRC it wasn't super expensive.

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