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    Mar. 18, 2012

    Default Fraxel Skin Resurfacing?

    I'll be honest, the idea of firing lasers at my face would have me running. Plus, I would rather spend the cash on laser treatment for an equine injury, rather than on myself! However, my mother is considering having this done, in hopes of improving wrinkles (she doesn't have any age spots or discolourations, but does have very fair skin with some broken blood vessels).

    Any reviews, has anyone had this done? Is there another type of treatment that is more proven?

    Blech. Sounds scary as heck to me, but to each their own!

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    Mar. 24, 2004
    Pottstown, PA (East Coventry)


    I have not had the Fraxel Skin Resurfacing but have had lasers fired at my face.
    I have had the laser hair removal done. It is like being snapped in the face with a fairly fat rubber band. Not that scary. But I was nowhere near my eyes. I had to keep them closed and had eye protection on top of that.
    Oh, well, clearly you're not thoroughly indoctrinated to COTH yet, because finger pointing and drawing conclusions are the cornerstones of this great online community. (Tidy Rabbit)

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    I haven't had it done for wrinkle purposes, but I did have it done a few years ago to remove a sun spot from my cheek. It worked great! It didn't remove the spot 100%, but it was significant enough to make a big least to me anyway. Other people told me that they never even noticed it was there, but it was something that bothered me so I just had it done. It wasn't obscenely expensive, either. I think it cost me around $240? Even though I always wear sunscreen, I'll probably have to have it done again at some point, but I don't mind. I will say, though, that it looked as though I got punched in the face or like I had some weird growth or something. Not from bruising, but just from the way the skin looked after it was done.

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    I know someone who did Fraxel for acne scarring (had cystic acne as a teen/20 something). It did help smooth out her complexion quite a bit, but it took a few treatments and according to her was quite painful.

    Another friend had a really bad reaction to being lasered and swelled up pretty significantly.

    I've had moles on my face lasered so it was a targeted process but again...took a lot of treatments (I think I did 3-4) and you look not so hot for a couple days. The laser itself doesn't hurt much, feeling like you're getting snapped with a big rubber band is a pretty accurate description. I think I spent around $1200 when all was said and done.

    Retin A is pretty proven to help reduce signs of aging. I think if she consults a plastic surgeon or dermatologist they can go over a lot of options with her.

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    Mar. 5, 2013


    I had one fraxel treatment for age spots and would have considered more but they had a pretty significant price increase so I put it on hold. While the getting snapped with a rubber band description is fairly accurate, it does hurt and having multiple spots done in a session is a little nerve wracking as you're anticipating the sting. I'd do it again as it does work but I wouldn't be looking forward to the process.

    I think there are better choices for wrinkles.

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