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    Nov. 25, 2012

    Question Spring cleaning time, what's in your grooming box?

    Getting ready to put away winter blankets and putting the 'bath bucket' together. Cleaned my grooming box out, and bought some new triple antibiotic.... What do you keep in your box/bag/bucket to use everyday? Any secrets you want to share?
    • Sore-No-More
    • Triple antibiotic
    • Diaper Cream
    • Witch Hazel (gonna try in place of old standby Peroxide...)

    Brushes etc.
    • Curry & Face/Leg Curry
    • Long 'Flick' brush
    • Shorter hard 'mud' brush
    • Finish Brush
    • Face Brush
    • Mane\tail brush
    • Hoof Pick
    • Cactus Cloth
    • Slicker Block

    • Thermometer
    • Swiss Army Knife
    • Scissors
    • Sharpie
    • Gardening gloves (for picking out muddy feet)

    I have to say, the tip about the gardening gloves was something I picked up from my old trainer and is so much better than needing to a) wash my hands b) get expensive riding gloves dirty. New trainer says regular old triple antibiotic is easier and cheaper than all the expensive stuff at the tack store and I agree.

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    Oct. 17, 2012


    I always have rubbing alcohol on hand for disinefecting, rub downs after hard work (it evaportates quicker than water so quicker cooling down) and if you mix it with the purple shampoo, you get a cheap green spot remover.

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    Sep. 19, 2003
    Brentwood, NH


    Grooming kit = soft curry (rubber mitt or jelly scrubber,) hoof pick w/brush, metal curry (for cleaning brushes,) stiff brush (prefer rice root,) medium brush (mixed natural fibers,) body brush (soft natural fibers with round back and strap,) rub rag, scissors, solo comb, pulling comb, hair brush (for mane and tail,) boots. The lotions and potions are kept on the shelf rather than in individual boxes, but the things we have handy would be rubbing alcohol, absorbine liniment, preparation H (for bald spots,) diaper rash ointment and bag balm. Sweat scrapers have their own hooks near the hydrant, and the sponges all live in a hanging basket near the hydrant.

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    Jun. 7, 2002


    My basic "grooming box" (it's actually a tool box) contains few items:

    - metal hoof pick with brush
    -"gel" curry mitt
    - soft body brush
    - stiff brush (which I never use - Tb mare hates it, even on her legs)
    - scissors
    - horse shaver thingies
    - Solo Comb
    - tube of triple antibiotic ointment
    - sunscreen for my face
    - various clips and eye hooks
    - a pen

    Most of the time tho, my "grooming box is a small bucket that holds the first 3 items and a set of 4 brushing boots (the hair dryer was just put back into the Big Box because it's finally SPRING!)

    I keep a towel on the stall door, and haven't yet used the shedding blade...

    Meds and ointments / liniments and wraps are all in the Big Box along with other "stuff" (xtra halters, leads, reins and saddle pads, galloping boots, a lamp, etc.
    Ottbs - The finish line is only the beginning!

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    Nov. 25, 2012


    Thanks guys. I think the hair dryer got put up around here too. Nice for warming bits, and fingers too!

    I see several Solo Combs, do they work? Do you like the results? Considered it but have never seen an actual one in use.

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    Feb. 21, 2007


    Plastic curry
    Hoof pick
    Medium-stiff brush
    Flick brush
    Mane/tail brush
    Epona Ultra Mitt (my favorite for face and head)

    Wash bucket:
    Cowboy Magic Rosewater shampoo
    Sweat scraper
    Wintergreen alcohol (used as a body brace, in lieu of Vetrolin/linament)
    Healthy Hair Care Moisturizer
    (Another) Epona Ultra Mitt (love for sweat marks and bathing)

    On a rack on the wall:
    Hoof pick
    Plastic curry
    Utility knife
    Fly spray
    Bucket brush
    Dish detergent
    "We need a pinned ears icon." -MysticOakRanch

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    Apr. 5, 2012


    *Sore no more liniment
    *Cowboy magic detangler
    *"Pink spray" the hair moisturizer stuff

    *Shed flower! My new favorite tool, horses enjoy it too.
    * soft rubber curry for legs and faces
    * curry
    * shedding blade
    * boomerang shaped hard brush (love!)
    * long bristled medium brush
    * soft brush
    * hoof pick, tail comb and bristle brush for manes/tails

    * thermometer
    * bandage sheers
    * rubber bands
    * hand sanitizer
    * thinning comb
    *pulling comb
    * electrical tape

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    Mar. 19, 2008


    Grooming bag (it's pretty big):
    Baby wipes
    Hoof pick with brush
    Hoof dressing (Hooflex, Horseshoer's Secret or Farrier's Formula), Thrushbuster
    Cactus cloth
    Rubber curry
    Rubber curry mitt
    Shed Flower
    Sleekez (this is amazing)
    Round metal curry
    Stiff brush
    Large natural bristle body brush with short bristles
    Mane/tail comb, aluminum pulling combs, Vetrolin detangler
    Aloe vera veterinary cream
    Various horse boots and treats

    First aid/miscellaneous box:
    Bandaging supplies, including maybe 15 rolls of vetwrap
    Bandage scissors
    Braiding kit with bands and yarn
    Sewing kit
    Baby shampoo
    Healthy Hair Care
    Megatek Rebuilder for conditioning tails
    Ivory soap for cleaning sheaths
    Plastic gloves
    Wonder Dust and blue dab wound ointments
    Hoof nippers, hoof knife, rasp (I trim my own)
    Gorilla tape
    Extra hoof picks
    Vetrolin liniment and Absorbine gel (gel is mostly for me )

    Sometimes I feel like I'm ready for the apocalypse..........

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    Nov. 25, 2012


    Ahh flashlight! I need to get one of those.

    You can use Ivory for sheath cleaning? Interesting... Since I tend to keep a stock of it.

    ETA: The 'blue dab' is Blue Kot with the dabber brush? Found that in TSC last fall and love it. Just tossed out the spray can, dabber is so much easier. Like it for wet/mud season, especially on legs.

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    Jun. 22, 2012


    All of the below fits in the best grooming bag ever:
    - Baby wipes
    - Baby oil (poor man's Cowboy Magic detangler!)
    - Pink spray (poor man's Show Sheen!)
    - Cowboy Magic green spot remover
    - My favorite grooming tool ever - a cactus cloth mitt
    - Shedding flower (best shedding tool ever)
    - Shedding block (yep, it's spring!)
    - Flexible curry with rounded nubs
    - Hard bristled brush
    - Softish brush
    - Tiny soft face curry
    - Mane/tail brush
    - Pulling combs
    - Hoof pick (or five...)
    - Corona ointment
    - Thrusbuster
    - Rainmaker
    - Ear pom poms (always an odd number - 3, 5, 11...)
    - Scissors
    - A grimy roll of Vetrap
    - Treats
    - Usually a pair of Roeckels

    I haven't taken inventory of my bathing stuff since last fall and most of my first aid stuff and other less frequently used items are scattered in my tack box.

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    Jul. 13, 2011
    East Longmeadow, MA


    Preparation H for bald spots?? Genius!! Who knew?
    I was going to add hair. Lots and lots of long white winter coat hair.
    What's wrong with you?? Your cheese done slid off its cracker?!?!

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Gardening gloves -- what a great idea! I'm going to have to get some of those.

    My grooming box includes:
    - Eqyss Permier Rehydrant Spray for dry winter coat, which will be switched out for fly spray when the time comes
    - Eqyss Survivor for her tail
    - Absorbine liniment gel
    - Absorbine Hooflex Conditioner
    - Green spot remover
    - Really stiff brush with a handle for brushing muck off hooves, or boots post-riding
    - Hoof pick (industrial strength type)
    - Other hoof pick (cheap kind with brush on alternate side)
    - Jelly two-sided curry mitt thingy
    - Rubber massagey-type curry
    - Gentle curry for Her Majesty's face and legs
    - Shedding comb, the three-ring kind
    - Medium body brush that I bought because it says "Lipizzaner"
    - Flick brush
    - Medium body brush that I actually use
    - Super soft brush
    - Wooden mane and tail comb that I bought in Russia when i was 12 and don't actually use, but it's in there as a sort of good luck charm

    What needs to be in there but currently I'm out of:
    - baby wipes
    - thrush buster

    What lives in my tack box but occasionally migrates into grooming box as needed:
    - Scissors
    - Swat
    - Triple antibiotic ointment for cuts
    - Washcloths

    Wash bucket:
    - Purple shampoo
    - Regular shampoo
    - Dove dish-soap for gray mare tail issues
    - Conditioner
    - Betadine scrub
    - Scrubby mitt

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    Mar. 19, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by dude.does.dressage View Post
    Ahh flashlight! I need to get one of those.

    You can use Ivory for sheath cleaning? Interesting... Since I tend to keep a stock of it.

    ETA: The 'blue dab' is Blue Kot with the dabber brush? Found that in TSC last fall and love it. Just tossed out the spray can, dabber is so much easier. Like it for wet/mud season, especially on legs.
    Yes and yes. I got the tip about Ivory soap from my equine dentist. Blue dabby stuff is also useful for thrush if your horse steps on your Thrushbuster bottle and you really, really want to treat his just-shod feet before he gets turned back out. I speak from experience.

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    Mar. 3, 2007
    North-Central IL


    My favorite is to keep a big box of surgical gloves handy, if they're out there it's so much nicer not to get grungy stuff on your hands!
    It's a small world -- unless you gotta walk home.

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    Nov. 25, 2012


    Good idea Mosey, as someone who owns a 'play harder' horse I seem to be always wiping goop on him. I will be happy when the grass arrives and he's got something other than halter tag to keep him occupied

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    May. 10, 2013
    Washington State


    In mine:

    Rubber curry,
    Hard brush,
    Bot knife,
    Shed blade,
    Hair brush,
    Hoof pick,
    No braid hair wrap,
    Pink Ethnic hair care,
    Aloe crème,
    Baby wipes (for horses, leather, etc...)
    Apple cider vinegar,
    who knows what else.

    On a side note, this is my grooming box:
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    Jun. 10, 2012


    I don't have much in mine:

    -Plastic curry
    -Stiff body brush
    -Bottle of Kopertox
    -Brush for Kopertox
    -Baggy of mane & tail bands
    -Hoof pick
    -Liniment (I think? Sometimes I just stick it in my tack box)
    -Mane & tail brush
    -Bottle of detangler spray

    And I think that's it. I actually need to stop at the farm store tomorrow and pick up a face brush and a metal curry comb. My grooming tote is just something I picked up at the Dollar Store, so it's not very big and I have to kind of cram things in it. I'm too frugal to buy an actual grooming tote.

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    Nov. 18, 2004
    Catonsville, MD


    Right now?

    Hair. Lots of hair. Other things under the hair, but I can't see them.
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