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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah616 View Post
    Definitely the cowboy magic detangler for manes and tails. The vetrolin detangler is also EXCELLENT (the gel that is similar to cowboy magic) but it seems to be difficult to find. Last time I looked, Dover was the only place I could find it (ie not at Judy's or Champions etc at the horse show)

    The healthy hair care pink stuff, diluted way down and rubbed into the coat with a towel is nice. It can attract dust so make sure not too much pink stuff to water ratio.

    If youre one that likes to put stuff on the feet before a bath, effol is good. For the show ring, fiebings.

    For tack cleaner we mix small parts murphey's oil soap, leather conditioner, and the rest water to make a spray. For conditioning, I like the Devoucoux and Antares conditioners.
    Yes I also found that the trick is that you HAVE to rub it in, you can't just spray it on and let it sit.
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    Favorite coat/tail conditioner?
    (Other than Show Sheen) Hmm, don't often use a conditioner as such, but if we're talking shine products/detangler, I like Supreme Products Sparkle.

    Favorite Hoof oil? Again, rarely use it apart from a show situation, when I use Absorbine Supershine.

    Though I've recently won a boxful of other Absorbine products including various oils so I will break that out this summer for a try.

    Favorite tack soap?

    Favourites tack products are Stubben Hammanol, Grand Prix Leather Gloss, and Effax Lederbalsam (although the stuff stinks rotten, I hate the smell of it).

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    I'm going to guess this is going to be some kind of Ecolicious advertisement because you are the brand ambassador for them too?
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    Favourite Coat conditioner: None. I just use lucky braids shampoo
    Favourite hool oil: Argent hoof - all natural and works wonders on preventing thrush
    Favourite tack soap: Regular ol' glycerin soap and Antares tack conditioner to finish (smells uh-mazing and doesn't leave tack tacky...)

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    Oops forgot - aussie conditioner for the mane and tail when bathing. Works wonders and smells great

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    Favorite coat/tail conditioner?
    At shows: Vetrolin Shine
    Daily: Healthy HairCare "Hair Moisturizer" - This

    Favorite hoof oil?
    "Hoof Heal" (This) Although I only use this at shows, or sparsly after Keratex has been applied and dried. I like to use Keratex twice a week on the nail hole area.

    Favorite tack soap?
    Clean: Kirk's Castile Soap (This)
    Condition: Voltaire Hercules Leather Balsam (the best conditioner/balsam I've ever used on any leather product)
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    Favorite Tail Conditioner - Cowboy Magic!

    Favorite Hoof Oil - Absorbine Hooflex. Great at repelling water during baths and is anti-bacterial.

    Favorite Tack Soap - Belvoir, hands-down. It gets all of the gunk off and doesn't leave your tack feeling sticky.
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    Tail cond. - Cowboy Magic (another vote)
    Hoof Oil - Farriers Fix (another vote)
    Tack Soap - Devoucoux, but what's with the cherry smell????

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