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    Jan. 22, 2014

    Default Educate me please

    Hey all,

    It's 0 degrees where I am today, and snowy, so since I can't ride today, I thought I'd try to learn!

    I've had a few trainers tell me that my horse has "a good jump", but I want to become more educated in what to look for to determine that. I get the obvious things...square knees, shoulder rotation, a nice bascule. But what else do you look at from, say, a picture to determine a horses potential over fences? What do you look for in regards to the hind end of the horse?

    And related to a horses jump, what can help me develop my eye for a good mover? When it's obvious (like an olympic caliber horse vs a backyard pony) I have no problem, but when watching a u/s class at an A show where all the horses appear to be decent movers, what sets them apart?


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    Jan. 20, 2014


    we had a hurricane lesson day where our trainer invited us all inside to watch videos of ourselves and others from hits, we all critiqued our rides and each others. it was a great learning experience. have you looked on amazon for jumping instructional videos? i remember renting some a few years ago- but they were in vhs so you know how old i am. I think author cherry hill has some good info on confirmation and qualities to look for, if im remembering correctly.

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    It's conFORmation. Sorry, pet peeve.

    For OP, watch and watch and watch some more. Tons of stuff on YouTube. Trying to explain it in writing is about impossible, pictures really are worth millions of words. Watch Hunter rounds from Indoors and the WEF Hunter Championship class under the lights from the past few years.

    There are a number of books written by judges and magazines like Practical Horseman, with lots of pictures, that are also helpful.

    Then you just watch at your barn and nearby shows and compare in your mind.
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    ...although I find that hunter rounds always look slower and smoother on video than in person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapple Dawn Farm View Post
    ...although I find that hunter rounds always look slower and smoother on video than in person.
    And look even MORE slow compared to how they feel when I'm riding the course!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParadoxFarm View Post
    And look even MORE slow compared to how they feel when I'm riding the course!!!!
    Oh yes this! As a kid I rode whole courses while forgetting to BREATHE. Although I have finally learned that lesson, thank goodness.

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