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    Took her with me. I couldn't afford to keep her at my school's barn (where I also took lessons and rode on the team), so I found a great local trainer who let me work off some of my board at her smallish barn.

    Luckily it was very close to school and I managed to ride at least 5 days a week and keep up with my schoolwork and social life. I actually think it was a great experience that taught me how to really manage my time.

    I also realize that I was very fortunate that my parents paid for college and were willing to let me keep the horse. I still thank them frequently!

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    Luckily my horse when I left for college was NOT quirky and was quite easy.

    My first year I free leased him to my first instructor and she used him as a school horse. I was going to take him with me the next year but had him vet checked before shipping him across the country to a cold climate. This was before hock injections were common and he showed signs of developing arthritis in his hocks, so I didn't want him to have to suffer the cross-country trailer ride or the colder, wetter weather. Instead I found a family whose daughter had been injured by a green horse being a green horse, let them talk to the vet and see x-rays, and sold him for well under market price to a home which was a great fit. I think he was 14 at the time, and had shown extensively his whole life. He loved not working, and it ended up that he was basically retired, ridden about once a month and the same every ride no matter how long it had been, and the family's toddlers would wander into his 1 acre pen and he would stand with his nose down as they sat in the dirt and petted it for hours. I hate selling horses, but it was the absolutely perfect home for him.
    My horse is a dressage diva so I don't have to be.

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    I wanted to take mine with me in the worse way, but finances didn't allow it. Instead, I got extremely lucky - a gal from the barn I worked at home took him for a year lease, kept him in shape (and in line!) for me and he got a little training on the side from her. It was a free lease situation, but she was in charge of his finances and it really worked out well.

    If you are worried, find a trainer and trainee pair you trust. Someone that you know either won't be unfair to him or won't push him past his limit.

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    Nov. 7, 2013
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    I was lucky; I went to school in New York City and my mom lived close, so she took care of my horses and rode them for me and I would get out on evenings/weekends.

    I think it would be great if you could ask around and find either a reputable trainer or a skilled rider to lease him from you so he gets that consistency! Not sure what part of Texas you're in but I'm in Houston and know some great trainers here

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    I kept my mare going all through college. Sure it wasn't easy, it was tough and I was tired ALOT as I carried 17-18 hrs a semester, worked full time, and was in school for a paramedic which required clinical time. It was more than hard, but I still managed to do it. The only time she really sat was right before national registry for about two weeks as it was complete craziness. I even managed to continue showing. My mornings were classes, and afternoons were sleep, nights were foal watch and I rode just before I went to work. I could never have leased her out as she wasn't an easy horse by any means.

    I hate to say this, but it is a matter of priorities. I didn't get involved in alot of the school stuff for that reason. My school and horse were what mattered. I put them first and made it work. It can be done, but there are some tough choices and serious sacrifice that need to go on.

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