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    As others have said, per OP's post, rules need to be posted and acknowledged by ship-ins. If there is dangerous behavior (out of control riders, etc), the BO/BM needs to ask them to leave. All jumps need to be returned to the way they were before the ship-ins got there. All manure needs to be picked up, both in the indoor and outside. Personal items need to be left outside the ring in a specified location. There is a limit of how many people can be in the ring at once. Etc., etc. Make rules, post them, inform people, and then ENFORCE them. People will figure out pretty quickly what they can and cannot do, and if it is worth more to them to have the use of the ring than it is to do all their crap, they will comply.

    As to the other comments: I have shipped in to multiple rings, indoor and outdoor, in multiple states over my life in order to ride. If I was not there to have a lesson (i.e., just schooling my own horse or with Mr. SSR), I have NEVER, with my fee, been given the privilege to use anything at the barn except the ring. Our horses arrive fully groomed and tacked up, so the halter is just taken off and in they go to the ring. When finished, I cool them down, and then get a scrim/cooler on, girth loosened or tack removed, bridle taken off, and back they go on the trailer for home. They get groomed and hosed off AT HOME. In the summer, when it is really hot, I always make sure I keep a jug of water, a bucket, sponge and scraper in the trailer so that I can sponge them off and cool them down before going home. It isn't that difficult to come prepared with what you need.

    Now, if I shipped into a place to take a lesson with a trainer (so I was a client), then yes, I have always been able to use the wash stall to hose my horse off if necessary in the summer. Otherwise, the same process of all grooming and tacking/untacking at home takes place.

    I am quite surprised by those of you who say you get full barn privileges (cross ties, wash stall, etc) when just shipping in to ride, as that is really not the normal "industry standard." The standard is ship-ins stay out of the barn, which is for boarders only, and solely are able to park and go to the ring.
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    In my area if you are a ship in to use the indoor that is all you get to use.
    If you ship in to take a lesson with the resident trainer then you get to use additional facilities such as wash stall, cross ties.

    At one point I boarded at Barn A. I moved Sonny out of there for a few years and then retired him. I was then boarding Finnegan at Barn B and would ship in to use the indoor at Barn A during the winter. Even though I had a previous relationship with Barn A it would never occur to me to go into the main barn to use the rest of the facilities.

    I generally ship over with my saddle on. Unload, tie to side of trailer, remove wraps, tighten girth, put on bridle and go to indoor and ride. After ride I loosen girth, put cooler on horse, hand walk until cool. Return to trailer, replace bridle with halter, tie to trailer, remove saddle from under cooler, load and go home. If necessary I will use a towel to give a quick rub down of any sweaty spot. I clip to keep Fin from getting too sweaty.

    Fox hunters can manage to hunt for hours, get a sweaty, muddy horse cleaned up and back on the trailer without the use of a wash stall or crossties. Sometimes the horses stand on the trailer for a bit after hunting while they socialize over hunt breakfast. It really isn't that hard and it isn't bad horsemanship. It is just good training of the horse so he stands tied and stands on the trailer.

    Maybe the use of washstalls and crossties as part of shipping in to use the ring is a regional thing. It just does not seem to be the norm in this area. Here you have use of the ring or XC course not the rest of the facility.
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