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    Default Blanket for the long, narrow horse

    I'm looking to buy a new turnout blanket for my mare. She is quite long poll-to-tail, with a very narrow chest, and I have never really found a blanket that seems to fit her well. If I get something that fits her length, it seems to be too wide. She gets rubs at the point of the shoulder, and hates being blanketed which I think is due to the poor fit (even with something on underneath to help prevent rubs). She currently uses a Rambo med. weight and a Riders International turnout sheet (the RI seems to fit slightly better).

    Any one know of a brand that fits this type of horse?

    Also, are there certain brands that seems to maintain waterproofing longer? That seems to be the limiting factor for the life of my Rambos.

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    Aug. 11, 2008


    Try the Rhino Wug. I've found that the Rambos and Amigos fit my deep chested horses, and the Rhinos seem to be better for my long backed smaller girthed horse. He also does better in the Rider's Northwind than the Supreme, and the deep chested one does better in the Supreme.
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    My belated gelding was that way. I had him for 27 good years, and the best fitting blanket was a Kensington turnout. I think the Schneiders V-free would be great for this type too. I did not like him in Rambos, not matter the neck cut. Plus, if I was between sizes, I sized down instead of up like with most horses because any chance a blanket could find to pull his shoulders and hang off his tail, it would take.

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    I found the original Rambo - green with red taping fit that way

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    I bet a Rhino would work, and you could also look at Smartpak's high neck model. I have one of the high necks, in midweight, and love where it hits my horse both on top and below his neck. I had a narrow Arab who did really, really well in Schneiders blankets with the adjustable necks. They were the only things that ever really fit him correctly, and we tried a LOT of blankets over the years.

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