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    Please do write up a review on the doctor detailing your experience. I just researched finding a doctor in my area and found several sites that included customer reviews which were very helpful to me in making my choice. Just Google search the doctor's name and those reviews sites will pop up. There are many of them.

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    This is similar to what prompted my earlier OT thread on professionalism and accountability. It wasn't an overbooking error though; it was a nurse's error and lying to cover her ass that set me off.

    My 37-week OB appointment took almost 3 hours. I arrived on time for a 10:20 to a super crowded waiting room and didn't get called back until 11:45. Very unusual for that practice. The nurse that called me back was a younger girl and I think fairly new. She had checked me out of the system and kept pushing my file back, something I learned because she casually admitted, "You were accidentally checked out," and I also heard the other nurse lecturing her on procedure while I waiting to use the restroom. Annoying, yes, but an apparent honest mistake. I can live with that.

    Once I was in a room, the same young nurse did my vitals and left, only to pop in a few minutes after that to say it would be a while longer because the doctor had walked across to the hospital to make a delivery. I asked what the meant wait-wise, and she didn't have any type of answer. By that time, it was 12:20, and I decided to cut my losses. It was the day before Thanksgiving, I was still working, and I had deliverables to get out before close of business that day.

    On my way out, I stopped at the registration desk to let them know that I'd been there for two hours and hadn't been seen. I told the receptionist my understanding was that the doctor had left to attend a delivery but that I couldn't wait indefinitely and needed to return to work. Well... they don't let waddling pregnant women just leave. She called back to the nurse and promptly informed me that doctor was in the office. The usual nurse (not the young girl) stepped out to walk me back in and seemed confused that 1) I still hadn't been seen yet and 2) that I'd been told the doctor was out. She was very apologetic, very frustrated at what had occurred, and ensured that the doctor would see me ASAP. And at that point, yes, I got ticked off.

    My doctor was not aware of the scenario or the wait. It's his job to see patients and his nurses' jobs to keep the schedule, keep the files up, etc. The younger nurse had been instructed by the other nurse to get it together. She didn't. She didn't let the doctor know of her error, nor did she let on that she wasn't making any effort whatsoever to remedy the situation. I haven't seen her since... not at the 38wk or 1wk post-op appointments. I'm hoping she was let go because her actions weren't just an inconvenience to me, they made her supervising nurse and her boss look bad. And there was no excuse for lying to me when she should have simply informed the doctor, "I messed up. This patient has been waiting, and you need to see her next." That was all she had to do to mitigate the earlier error.
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    I would think that if a physician was running that far behind, that his staff would simply apologize to the patients and offer to reschedule them.

    Emergencies happen, and all kinds of innocent things can result in a packed waiting room.

    I'd not be upset by arriving and having to reschedule, but I would be upset if the staff ignored the fact that 40 people had been waiting for hours. With no explanation. We're not toasters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clanter View Post
    I believe most of you are in for a surprise as we enter into this new era of health care.
    You beat me to it Clanter, if they are pissed now, it is all down hill once that fiasco starts!
    "you can only ride the drama llama so hard before it decides to spit in your face." Caffeinated.

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    My mothers eye surgeons' practice routinely books the patients in 1.5 hour blocks, and has them all report in at the same time, say at 10 am. Then they start fishing them out of the waiting room, one at a time, until the last one goes in at 11:15. All appointments are out by 11:30 in time for office lunch, and then at 1 pm the cattle calls begin again. The trick is to arrive 30 minutes earlier than the appointment time on your card so you get at the head of the line. Then you usually get in for the actual time on your card.

    I will also tell you that if you show up 15 minutes late for the check in time, the receptionists either turn you away or allow you in if you ask nicely. It is completely their call. It takes 3 to 4 months to get another appointment booking in this office. The place drives me nuts.
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    We no longer see the physician whose office gave EVERYONE they wanted to see in the morning a 9am appointment, and EVERYONE they wanted to see in the afternoon a 1pm appointment.
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