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    Default Polyglycan-Yes or No?

    My WB mare has mild navicular and some hock arthritis. She has special shoes that for the time are helping her front feet tremendously. She also gets her hocks injected. She will be showing 3' this year about 1-2x per month. Last show season she was on Chondroprotec since I could not get Adequan.

    This year I was thinking of trying Polyglycan but I have seen SO many different ways that it is given. Does anyone have experience with it in show horses? And how was it given? Should I stick to Adequan and Legend? Thanks :-)

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    We have used polyglycan many times over the years. I have always seen a positive difference in the horses. Our vet tends to push Pentosan over polyglycan, but honestly, I see better results for polyglycan.

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    If you do a search in CoTH, you will find five bajillion threads about adequan vs. legend vs. pentosan vs. polyglycan vs. pentaussie...

    I think what it boils down to is your horse is unique, your horse's joints and the damage to them is unique. Each horse's body is going to prefer something a bit different than the next and what works for 9/10 horses in one barn may not work for that 1/10. From all the research I've done wrestling with the same question, I've come up with the (somewhat annoying) answer that most of the evidence in all of the aforementioned drugs is anecdotal, which does jack for telling me what is better for my mare.

    What can help you decide, however, is what you are looking for the drug to do. Adequan and Pentosan/Pentaussie deal more with arthritic changes and issues with bone on bone/lack of cartilage. Legend is a heavy duty lube to "grease the hinges" and also help manage inflammation. Polyglycan and others like it are essentially concentrated versions of oral joint supplements, containing all the necessaries for supporting healthy joints, and may be better for horses who might need the extra support but don't necessarily have diagnosed arthritis.

    I would have gone for Adequan if it was available, but it isn't, so I started my girl on Legend. I have seen positive changes in her ROM in both hocks, but I'm also supporting her recovery with Back on Track hock boots. Most of her issue right now is weakness and lack of muscling, not joint problems, but she has diagnosed arthritic changes in both hocks, and at 7yo, I want to give her as much of a chance at a career as possible.

    If you've seen positive stuff with the Adequan alternative, stick with that. Not worth jumping to something that may or may not work if you have something that does.

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    I used weekly polyglycan and monthly Adequan with my older, slightly creaky event mare, and that was a nice, effective combination for us. We also used previcox at one point, to kill some inflammation so that the other two would work more effectively.
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    What Abbie said.

    I just started my gelding (15 this year) on it and he's a happy little camper now. He's had more soreness/inflammation than he has anything else. He's still loading in but the change has been quite significant in his warming up and his being agreeable to be on the bridle and step up from behind.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    I use polyglycan on my upper level horses before a show.

    I noticed a positive difference with my mare, I don't notice such a big difference with my gelding.

    What Abbie said is true, it really comes down to trying it and seeing if it works on your individual horse.
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